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February 2007
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Coming Attractions

WHAT DO YOU THINK will happen to Guth Bandar? We're not giving away any hints, but come back next month and we'll give you the whole shebang. We think you're going to like it.

Next month we'll also bring you a new fantasy story by Fred Chappell. The great Mr. Chappell, North Carolina's Poet Laureate, regales us with the story of a master of the shadow trade and his apprentice in "Dance of Shadows."

We've got plenty of other good stories awaiting you in months ahead—fun ones from Esther Friesner and Ron Goulart, a lovely novella by Ian R. MacLeod, science fiction stories by David D. Levine and Charles Coleman Finlay, and perhaps the recently-disappeared David Gerrold will get in touch with us again. We hope.

Two thousand and seven looks to be a very good year. Give a friend a subscription and she or he will thank you all year long.

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