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September/October 2014
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Coming Attractions

OUR NEXT ISSUE has a good number of stories that address sociopolitical and religious issues—it may well have something to offend everyone. Cat lovers might not like it, Native Americans may well take exception to one of the stories, folks of one religion or another might not care for the Shaggy God story in its pages, and if anyone is left unoffended, Paul Di Filippo's tale is liable to ruffle their feathers. Scott Baker, Alan Dean Foster, Michael Libling, and Tim Sullivan are some of the writers whose muses led them down these dark paths in search of deep truths….

Twenty-fifteen is right around the corner and we have lots of goodies in store, including tales by Eleanor Arnason, Dale Bailey, Amy Sterling Casil, Robert Grossbach, and Bud Webster. We also plan to have more issues edited by C. C. Finlay for you, so if you don't subscribe already, take a moment to use the card in this issue or to point your browser to and subscribe now!

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