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In Lands That Never Were—Tales of Swords & Sorcery from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

$17.95 | Trade Paperback | 320 Pages

United States and U.S. possessions Canada and elsewhere

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Tales of Swords & Sorcery from
The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Edited by Gordon Van Gelder

Long before Arnold attempted a pale copy, Conan the Barbarian held sway over the land, and all was swell. Neither man nor woman, beast nor spirit could rival him. Then, for many a day, he disappeared ... but lo, now he's back! Conan is featured, together with some of fantasy's favorite characters, in this compendium of swordplay and wizardry, fleet-footed thieves and flat-footed palace guards, witches and man-eating leopards, giants and giant slugs.

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Table of Contents
The Hall of the Dead  – Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp
A Hedge Against Alchemy  – John Morressy
Ill Met in Lankhmar  – Fritz Leiber
Counting the Shapes  – Yoon Ha Lee
The Iron Wood  – R. Garcia y Robertson
Dragon's Gate  – Pat Murphy
After the Gaud Chrysalis  – Charles Coleman Finlay
The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not Death – Ellen Kushner
The Island in the Lake  – Phyllis Eisenstein
Darkrose and Diamond  – Ursula K. Le Guin
King Rainjoy's Tears  – Chris Willrich
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant  – Jeffrey Ford

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