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Plumage from Pegasus (Humor)—Paul Di Filippo
2020     Mornings Are for Commas
  You Make the Best of What's Still Around
2020     Keeping Up with the ISBNs
  Faster, Publisher! Binge! Binge!
2019     A Giraffe Yoked to an Ox: A Review of Flora Columbia: Goddess of a New Age
  What Reads Me Next?
  A Walk on the Mild Side
2018     Live By the Word, Die By the Word
  The Varley Corps Wants You
  Toy Sorry
2017     Happiness Is a Worn Gunn
2016     The London-Ehrenreich School of Applied Textual Fortitude
  The Prince and the Pulpster
2015     Babel in Reverse Is Lebab
  The Stealer of Marketshare
2014     Nudge Not, Lest Ye Be Nudged
  The Very Last Miserabilist in Paradise
2013     More Than Bookman
  Flipping Genres for Fun and Profit
  Kozmic Kickstarter
  Truth is Danger to Fiction
2012     Call Me Ishmael
  What Immortal Hand or Eye Could Frame Thy Dreadful Copyright?
  Pimp My Read
  Judge, Jury, and Lexecutioner
2011     The Smell of the Griefpaint, the Roar of the Cowed
  A Short History of the ETEWAF Revolution
  Building a Readership
  Patton of the Arts
2010     The Royalties of the Fathers
  Couch Surfing with Mickey and Judy
  Throw the Books at Them!
2009     Sugar and Spice, and Everything Licensable
  The Art of the State
  An Editor Darkly
2008     Till Human Voices Shake Us, and We Frown
  Galley Knaves
  Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Text
  Two CC's of Bestseller, STAT!
  The Publishing House Always Wins
2007     Survival of the Fannish
  Book Clubbed
  It's All Goodkind
  Grow Old Along with Me
  Our Feynman Who Art in Heavenů
2006     The Goth Squad
  Changing Teams
  A Black Hole Ate My Homework
  Brother, Can You Spare A Hyperlink?
2005     Nothing to Fear but Books Themselves
  Soul Mining
  Moody's Angels
  The Marching Models
  Et in Arcadia Superego
2004     The Slan Corps Wants You!
  The Final Shush!
  On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're Adorable
2003     Make Love, Not Flab
  Write What You Sell
  We, The Publicists
  Prose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet
2002     Games Writers Play
  The Unkindest Cuts
  Press One for Literature
  Kiss of the Spider Critic
  Press One for Literature
2001     Adventures In Mishmosh Land by A. Patchwork Girl, Customizer
  Woolpullers, Inc.
  The Magazine Chums Versus The Baron Of Numedia
2000     Hail To The Hack
  This Is My Gun, This Is My Pen, Sir!
  The Factchecker Only Rings Once
  When You Midlist Upon a Star
  In the Air
1999     The History of Snivelization
  And I Think To Myself, What A Wonderful World
  Missed Connections
  As Through a Pair of Mirrorshades Darkly
  Scissors Cut Paper, Paper Covers Schlock
1998     Next Big Thing

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