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February 2000
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Coming Attractions

Our lead story next month is a big science fiction story of the sort we haven't seen in a while---a political adventure story that comes straight to us from a well-conceived future. Its author, Albert Cowdrey, draws on his own experiences of working in the government in creating a realistic milieu of backstabbing politicos and power-brokers. Don't cheat and use a time machine to read this story early---it's worth the wait.

Next month we're also going to introduce you to a new writer by the name of Rick Heller. His debut story, "Loyal Puppies," is a fast-moving romp that's a lot of fun.

Of course we'll also have our usual nonfiction features next month, including Robert Killheffer's latest book review and another look at "Nightfall" compliments of science columnists Pat Murphy and Paul Doherty. We're also looking forward to new stories from Ron Goulart, Rick Wilber, R. Garcia y Robertson, M. John Harrison, and N. Lee Wood in the coming months. You never know who might drop by our pages with a new tale to tell---keep your subscription current so you won't miss any of 'em!

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