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June 2000
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Coming Attractions

After too many months' absence, Dale Bailey returns next month with a fine novelet about a young artist who unexpectedly inherits a house in West Virginia. It's probably not giving away too much to say that if you read Elizabeth Hand's review last month of Dale's first book, you'll have an inkling of what to expect in "Inheritance."

We'll also enjoy a visit to eighteenth-century London, courtesy of Amy Sterling Casil. In "Mad for the Mints," she regales us with the mad misfortunes of confectioner by the name of Girard and his many strange visitors.

We also anticipate new work soon from Robert Sheckley, Steven R. Boyett, Albert Cowdrey, Rick Wilber, Nancy Etchemendy, and unrelated Reeds Robert and Kit. Further down the road, we've also got a lot of first-rate stories coming this way, including stories by Kate Wilhelm, Lucius Shepard, Lewis Shiner, James Morrow, and Ray Bradbury. If you like good fiction, you won't want to miss an issue.

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