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February 2003
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Coming Attractions

One of our primary goals is to bring you a great variety of fiction---fantasy, science fiction, some horror fiction, some stories that are hard to define. In the months ahead, these are exactly the goods we'll deliver.

Next month's cover story comes from the prolific Robert Reed, whose story "Buffalo Wolf" carries on with the adventures of a young Native American boy named Raven. (You might remember him from a previous story.) This time out, he's tracking a wolf beyond the limits of his small world. It's a memorable story.

Also on the slate for next month is "Decanting Oblivion," Lawrence C. Connolly's tale of a Pittsburgh bicycle messenger who on a nighttime run that's anything but typical.

Other items lined up for the March issue include a Virtual Reality story, an uncanny yarn about a commuter, our regular book and film columns, and lots more.

In the months ahead, we've got an interesting mix of veterans and new writers---some of the contributors waiting in the wings include Dale Bailey, M. Rickert, John Kessel, Adam-Troy Castro, and Barry N. Malzberg. Subscribe now to ensure that you won't miss any of the goodies that lie ahead.

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