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June 2005
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Coming Attractions

OUR OFFICES RECEIVE submissions in a steady stream—occasionally a trickle, mostly a babbling brook. Lately it seems like we've been getting a torrent of good material, and we think you'll like what has bubbled up.

Bruce McAllister brings us one of next month's highlights with "Hero: The Movie." This homage to the giant menace movies of the 1950s (like Them!) gives us a twenty-first century look at the genre. Don't expect the professor to come up with an easy solution to this story's menaces!

Also on the schedule for July is a new trip to the Silurian era, compliments of Steven Utley. In "Promised Land," we'll get a taste of what sort of sacrifices must be made in the present for the sake of the past.

Since laughter is the best medicine, next month we'll also bring you the therapeutic results of our latest contest (which your editor mistakenly claimed would be in this month's issue—soon he will learn how to count).

For now, you can count on more good stories to come in the months ahead, including Claudia O'Keefe's tale of magic doings in West Virginia, "Maze of Trees," and a daring new story by David Gerrold entitled "thirteen o'clock." We've also got new stories in the works by Geoff Ryman, Bruce Sterling, Gardner Dozois, and Scott Bradfield. Subscribe now and rest assured you won't miss any of the fun.

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