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July 2005
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Coming Attractions

ONE OF THE BEST places to hide (as anyone who has read "The Purloined Letter" knows) is in plain sight. Next month, Claudia O'Keefe explores some hidden American territory in "Maze of Trees," a striking contemporary fantasy. Publishers love to bandy about the word "unforgettable," so much so that the word doesn't have much meaning anymore, but we think you'll find this one fits the bill.

August will also mark the return of Eugene Mirabelli, whose "The Only Known Jump Across Time" seemed to be one of the reader favorites of 2003. His new tale, "The Woman in Schrödinger's Wave Equations," isn't what we'd normally call "science fiction," but it explores one of the mysteries of science in such an intriguing way that we felt compelled to bring it to you.

Also coming your way soon are new stories by Richard Mueller, Matthew Hughes, and Mary Rosenblum. And the big October/November double issue is shaping up nicely, with Peter S. Beagle's return to the world of The Last Unicorn highlighting the issue. Go to or use the subscription form in this issue to subscribe now so you'll be sure of getting all the goodies coming in the months ahead.

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