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January 2007
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Coming Attractions

WITH WINTER SETTING IN, we've stocked our larders with a variety of goods—you're sure to find something to your taste here.

Readers who have a hankering for more of Matthew Hughes's stories about Guth Bandar, intrepid no÷naut, will find a feast awaiting them. Next month we'll bring you the conclusion of Guth's current adventure sequence—or part one of that story anyway. "The Hero and His Helper" will run in the next two issues and we think yer gonna love it.

Also slated for our February issue is "Brain Raid," a clever tale of rogue AIs in the near-future, courtesy of Alexander Jablokov.

Other items in our pantry include a taste of corporate life by M. K. Hobson, a healthy sampling of Hollywood zaniness from Ron Goulart, William Browning Spencer's tribute to Robert E. Howard, and lots lots more. Just send in the subscription card or subscribe at and you'll be all set for winter—and the rest of the year as well.

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