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December 2008
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Editorial - December 2008
by Gordon Van Gelder

THIS ISSUE marks the start of our sixtieth year of continual publication. To celebrate our diamond jubilee, we're planning a special, extra-large October/November issue and it promises to be memorable.

But one issue didn't seem to be enough to celebrate sixty years. So we decided to extend the celebration throughout the year.

We've invited various members of our staff (past and present) to pick one F&SF story each from our sixty-year history and say a few words about it. Assistant Editor John Joseph Adams selected this month's story. In the coming year, you'll see selections from Kris Rusch, both Audrey and Ed Ferman, and several other blasts from the staff.

Your humble editor, who is not above patting himself on the back every once in a while, came up with another good idea. There was a question of what to do about the cover for our anniversary issue. Reprint old covers in a collage? Commission a new cover? Eventually, I realized the best approach was to turn the process over to the talent. I contacted several artists and invited them to submit proposals for the anniversary cover. David Hardy's cover is the one we selected, but they were all terrific and we'll be running them throughout the year. The art on this month's issue—"The Moment" by Bob Eggleton—is indicative of the level of submissions we received, so I have no doubt that the debate will be healthy as to which of the year's covers is the best.

On a less joyous note, subscribers continue to report that they're receiving deceptive subscription solicitations, so I thought I'd drop in another reminder here to watch out. If you want to be sure a renewal notice is from us, look for two things: (1) our return address of PO Box 3447, Hoboken, NJ 07030, and (2) your sub expiration date at the end of the line above your name. Any notice you receive that's missing this information is not authorized by us. Please don't be deceived.


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