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March/April 2010
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Coming Attractions

COMING SOON to an issue of F&SF near you, we'll have:

  • "The Crocodiles" by Steven Popkes, a moving story of life during wartime
  • "Why that Crazy Old Lady Goes up the Mountain" by Michael Libling, a mindbending story with everything: adventure, romance, and philosophical questions. But no zombies. A mindbending story with everything except zombies.
  • "Doctor Death vs. the Vampire" by Aaron Schutz. With a title like that, do you really need to know more?

We've also got new stories coming soon from Alex Irvine, Robert Onopa, Rachel Pollack, Kate Wilhelm, and a satire that was discovered in the papers of the late John Sladek. Subscribe now so you won't miss any of the next issues.

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