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July/August 2010
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Editorial - July/August 2010
by Gordon Van Gelder

REGULAR readers of F&SF might have noticed that I've grown skeptical about the internet as a publishing medium. Much as I love the convenience of online communication, I just don't find the experience of reading fiction online to my taste.

Nonetheless, we've got a couple of online items to note:

The first is that we're trying an audio edition of F&SF again. (We had one briefly about seven years ago.) We've teamed up with the folks at Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic and we're running a test by selling one issue at If the results are good, we'll begin publishing audio editions regularly—and we'll make them available on CD also, but the test issue has to be done online. If you know anyone who likes science fiction in audio form, be sure to let them know about this test issue.

The other recent online news is that for folks who do like to read fiction online, we've begun reprinting one story from each issue online at F&SF readers ought to check out this Website—there's a lot of interesting stuff happening there.


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