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November/December 2012
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Coming Attractions

WHAT GOOD WEE MICE we are! Over the warm summer days and into the autumn, we found lots of tasty stories (some acorns, various seeds, and maybe a few old chestnuts) and cached them in our burrows so we can share them with you all winter long.

Alex Irvine provides the cover story for our next issue. In "Watching the Cow," we have a contemporary tale of science gone amok. Perhaps what's most chilling about it is that its victims don't find it terrifying at all.

Another tasty morsel awaiting us is Matthew Hughes's "Devil or Angel," a story of love and the afterlife.

Other stories in the coming issues will take us to the glory days of the Roman Empire and into the future...with a stop along the way at that strange era known as the summer of 1982. We have tales of haunted cars and lake monsters, killers and miracle cures, dragons and lost races and at least one immortal. We'll visit Maine and Kentucky, Haiti and the Moon, and perhaps a part of our world after an apocalypse. Contributing these stories are such writers as Sean McMullen and Steven Utley, David Gerrold and Ken Liu, plus a new name or two.

Use the card in this issue or go to and subscribe now so you'll be able to enjoy our fine repast all year long!

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