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May/June 2012
Book Reviews
Charles de Lint
Elizabeth Hand
Michelle West
James Sallis
Chris Moriarty
Plumage from Pegasus
Off On a Tangent: F&SF Style
Kathi Maio
Lucius Shepard
Gregory Benford
Pat Murphy & Paul Doherty
Jerry Oltion
Coming Attractions
F&SF Bibliography: 1949-1999
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FOR THIS competition, we had our entrants rework the classics into a more modern form: the Twitter post, or tweet. We received many stellar entries, and it pained us to make cuts. For the entrants who didn't win, you can console yourselves with the knowledge that you almost did. Oh, and congrats @winners…many of whom seem to be Arthur C. Clarke fans. (You'll see.)


#win! Got @HanSolo in the trunk. will soon roll in $. Alderaan beer on me tomorrow. Check out his funny carbonite face:
(Star Wars, George Lucas)
—Itamar Weisberg
Holon, Israel


RT @tolkien: An unlikely hero gains an object of power and overcomes a wicked, dark lord.
(The Sword of Shannara, Terry Brooks)

RT @tbrooks: RT @tolkien: An unlikely hero gains an object of power and overcomes a wicked, dark lord.
(The Belgariad, David Eddings)

RT @deddings: RT @tbrooks: RT @tolkien: An unlikely hero gains an object of power and overcomes a wicked, dark lord.
(The Malloreon, David Eddings)
—Jacob P. Silvia
Houston, TX


Frank's dead + hav unfriended Hal. Checkin out monolith down below. It's hollow, goes on 4eva. OMG it's full of stars.…
(2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke)
—Christopher M. Geeson
York, United Kingdom

All Worlds Yours. Except Europa. K? Cool. Oh, and we're blowing up Jupiter. L8r, noobs!
(2010: Odyssey Two, Arthur C. Clarke)
—Brian Trent
Prospect, CT

@HAL WTF! Open the pod bay doors. |:-O
(2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke)
—Fiona Maddock
Reading, United Kingdom


Two hours of sun in SEVEN YRS. D-bags locked Margot in the closet, teacher did zip. TXT MARGOT to 3452 for legal prosecution fund!
("All Summer in a Day," Ray Bradbury)
—Karen Munro
Portland OR

@elizabethmy<3 DON'T COME! Helping very unhappy bff reconstruct his love life. Thanks 2 @agrippa et al the monstrous task will take months!
(Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelley)
—Stephanie Peaden
Titusville, FL

Woke up at all inclusive nudist resort after weird dream. Great food but dont get 2 close 2 the barbee! LoL. btw I see dead people.
(To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Philip José Farmer)
—W. Kay Washko
Pottstown, PA

F&SF Competition #84: WHAT'S IN A NAME?

Take the title of a sf/f story and rework the plot based on what you first think of when you hear the title. You have six chances, in fifty words or less, to give me a new story from an old title. Remember, clever is good but funny is better.




Acacia by David Anthony Durham

Four children struggle to regain their father's fallen empire along with his pod-bearing shrubs and trees from the subfamily Mimosoideae and the family fabaceae.


Please include your ACTUAL HOME ADDRESS. Pretty please. Pretty please, or we can't give you your prizes.  


Send entries to Competition Editor, F&SF, 240 West 73rd St. #1201, New York, NY 10023-2794,
email entries to carol [a-t] cybrid [d-o-t] net.

Be sure to include your contact information. Entries must be received by July 15, 2012. Judges are the editors of F&SF, and their decision is final. All entries become the property of F&SF.


PRIZES: First prize will receive a signed First Edition of Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway (published by Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group).
Second prize will receive advance reading copies of three forthcoming novels.
Any Honorable Mentions will receive one-year subscriptions to F&SF.

Results of Competition #84 will appear in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue.

To contact us, send an email to Fantasy & Science Fiction.
If you find any errors, typos or anything else worth mentioning, please send it to

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