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January/February 2012
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Hollywood vs. the Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation In UFO Disinformation, by Bruce Rux(1997)

THIS BIG book is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive listings of motion pictures, TV dramas and comedies, trading cards, games, and comics about extraterrestrials ever made. It is also possibly one of the most important books ever written.

Consider watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show—we see a young couple whose car stops mysteriously, who is then abducted by freakishly dressed humanoids. Both the man and woman are raped—yet the woman feels supremely confident and the man just wants to die. Later there are lights in the sky. Movie plot, you say? Or a careful attempt by the government-Hollywood conspiracy to debunk the real-world abduction saga of Betty and Barney Hill??

Why did government operative Sherwood Schwartz make fun of UFOS in his CIA-controlled Gilligan's Island—coincidence or deliberate disinformation? Was Gene Roddenberry warning us with "The Gamesters of Triskelion," where alien brains abduct spaceship crews merely for their own pleasure?

The more skeptical among you may be saying, "But sometimes Hollywood aliens are nice, like E.T. Surely there is no central propaganda theme here?" Ah, my poor duped colleagues—some political parties are alien-friendly, and others are xenophobic. But both sides know what you don't know. The government is in contact with alien groups (mainly, but not limited to, Martians), and they are wearing you down with media.

You will love this book! You will search for films, cartoons, games for months. You will laugh out loud. You will blog.

And then it hits you like a cold shower. Mr. Rux was not laughing as he wrote this book.

—Don Webb

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