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July/August 2013
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Coming Attractions

SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER mark the end of summer and the arrival of fall, the start of the school year, and the spookiest holiday of the year. October also marks this magazine's anniversary and as we enter our sixty-fifth year, we expect to have lots of friends (both old and new) on hand:

Jack Shade, traveler extraordinaire, will answer the call of a missing person case when a client come bearing his card in Rachel Pollack's "The Queen of Eyes."

Gorlen Vizenfirthe, the musician with the gargoyle's hand, finds himself entertaining a patron of the arts in Marc Laidlaw's "Bemused."

During the sixty million years in which humanity and its kin have inhabited the Prime Mondeign, has there been a tale like the one told in Rob Chilson's "Half as Old as Time"?

That's not all! Among the other visitors coming to call in the next issues are familiar names like Michael Blumlein, Albert E. Cowdrey, M. K. Hobson, Alex Irvine, James Morrow, Eugene Mirabelli, Susan Palwick, and Geoff Ryman.

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