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January/February 2014
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Coming Attractions

THIS ISSUE'S COVER features the work of the late Ed Valigursky, whose work adorned science fiction magazines and Popular Mechanics for more than five decades.

Our next issue's cover isn't yet finalized, but we can tell you we'll have a new novella by Pat MacEwen next month. "The Lightness of the Movement" brings us a rare and welcome work of anthropological science fiction, one that examines a humanoid society that is unlike our own.

The slate for our next ish also includes "I Said I Was Sorry Didn't I," a most uncommon (some dare call it weird) confessional by Gordon Eklund, whose name has been absent from these pages for far too long.

Other writers contributing stories in the near future include Dale Bailey, Scott Baker, Jon DeCles, Ron Goulart, Matthew Hughes, Michael Libling, and Ted White. Of course we'll also have our regular array of columns and cartoons as well.

It all adds up to lots of great reading! Send in the card in this issue or go online to and subscribe now so you won't miss an issue!

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