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January/February 2017
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Coming Attractions

WITH "THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS," published in the January 2001 issue of F&SF, Richard Chwedyk acquainted us with the "saurs," genetically engineered and intelligent toy companions who looked like tiny versions of dinosaurs. Like many other pets, the saurs sometimes ended up neglected and abandoned, but there was a house where rescued saurs could be safe...and get into new kinds of trouble. The saurs have appeared three more times, in "Bronte's Egg" (August 2002), "In Tibor's Cardboard Castle" (Oct/Nov 2004), and "Orfy" (Sept/Oct 2010). The series has been incredibly popular, garnering numerous award nominations and winning a Nebula Award for "Bronte's Egg."

Why mention this? Because next issue, after more than half a decade, the saurs return. We'll be bringing you Richard Chwedyk's "The Man Who Put the Bomp"—an all-new novella full of saurs and voom.

If that weren't enough (and, honestly, that could probably be enough) the issue will also introduce Baldemar, a young wizard's henchman. It's the start of a new series in Matthew Hughes's Archonate universe. Plus there will be stories by other writers familiar to our regular readers, including Eleanor Arnason, Cat Hellisen, and James Sallis, as well as work by Hazra Arundhati and Ingrid Garcia, who will be making their F&SF debuts, along with all our other regular columns and features. If you haven't renewed your subscription lately, now is a great time.

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