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May/June 2017
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The Moon Is Inhabited, by "Columba" Annabell Krebs Culverwell (1961)

FOR HER first book, The Moon Is Inhabited, author and artist Annabell Krebs Culverwell used the pseudonym "Columba." The story and artwork were inspired by visions she had while living near Joshua Tree National Monument. The Moon Is Inhabited originally appeared mimeographed on tan paper; Krebs illustrated the printed blue covers and added more art to the inside covers as well.

The book has an indifferent storyline but contains some interesting tidbits. Contacted by Spacemen, the author explains that, due to atomic testing, on "the winter equinox [sic] of Dec. 21st, 1955, the Sun rose three degrees off of the normal point of rising." The Spacemen speak to President Eisenhower near Palm Springs, suggesting the appointment of a "Secretary of Peace," all to no avail. There is more atomic testing, Earth's axis shifts, and Vega becomes the new polar star. The Moon's inhabitants help the Earth start over again after the resulting devastation.The story includes a song written by Columba's father, titled "Song of Space," which the "emissaries of interstellar goodwill" sing while leaving to visit the nearest solar system. Amazingly enough, her father was an Episcopal priest who wrote hymns. He exposed séance mediums and eventually married Marjorie Main of Ma & Pa Kettle fame.

One of Columba's paintings appeared in the "Great Soul Trial." She did drawings for the Christian Socialists of the 1930's, penned a cartoon strip for Brazilian newspapers, illustrated U.F.O. magazine covers, and wrote the afterword for one of Truman Bethurum's U.F.O. contactee books. Her book Visiting Spacemen (1961) has disappeared, as has her illustrated Man, God, Myth. Columba's publications have become as elusive as the alien visitations she describes.

—Mark Esping

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