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September/October 2019
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Coming Attractions

Our seventy-first year of publication continues next issue with another line-up of all-stars and new stars. Our cover story is "The Joy in Wounding" by Charlotte Ashley, who returns to the magazine for the first time since her last cover story appeared in 2018. M. Rickert offers us "Evergreen," which was written for the darkest days of the year. Matthew Hughes brings "A Geas of the Purple School," a new Baldemar adventure, while Michael Libling regales us with the tale of "How I Came to Write Fantasy," and James Morrow assures us that "Bird Thou Never Wert." We will also have new science fiction from Marie Vibbert, who will "Knit Three, Save Four," and Benjamin Rosenbaum, who enjoins us to "Rejoice, My Brothers and Sisters." Sam J. Miller makes his F&SF debut with "Shucked." Plus it's the holiday season, so we're working on some additional surprises for you.

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