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May/June 2020
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Coming Attractions

Our next issue features the novella "Refugees" by Bob Grossbach, a sequel to his unusual alien contact story "Entrepreneurs" that we published back in 2015. We think all of you will enjoy getting reacquainted with Qui-Phess and his friends. And if you've ever wondered what "My Fair Lady" would be like mashed up with R.U.R., wonder no longer: Madeleine E. Robins gives us "'Omunculus" and it is loverly. Brian Trent also introduces us to "The Monsters of Olympus Mons," and Rati Mehrotra makes her F&SF debut with "Knock, Knock, Said the Ship." Fantasy offerings will include "Spirit Level" by John Kessel and "Last Night at the Fair" by M. Rickert, while Natalia Theodoridou shares "The Shape of Gifts," a story about climate change and personal transformation, and Ana Hurtado makes her first appearance in these pages with "Madre Nuestra, que estás en Maracaibo."

We have one or two other surprises in store, but our cover story is going to be "All Hail the Pizza King and Bless His Reign Eternal" by David Erik Nelson and if the title alone doesn't make you want to renew your subscription right now, just wait until you read it.

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