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July/August 2020
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Coming Attractions

In the Coming Attractions for our last issue, we promised you "Refugees" by Bob Grossbach, a sequel to his alien contact novella "Entrepreneurs," in this issue, but at the last minute we decided to move it to our next issue. So you still have that to look forward to. You'll also have a chance to visit "The Shadows of Alexandrium" by David Gerrold. The Alexandrium is more than just a big library. So much more. R. S. Benedict serves up "The Fairy Egg," loosely inspired by an incident that occurred in 19th-century Ireland. Marc Laidlaw returns with "Weeper," a new tale of Gorlen Vizenfirth and the gargoyle Spar. Ashley Blooms brings us "Little and Less," in case you're wondering how a disaster and social isolation affect some people. And newcomer Angie Peng pitches us a baseball story, asking "Do AIs Dream of Perfect Games?"

Future issues will also bring fiction by Cylin Busby, Albert E. Cowdrey, Sarina Dorie, Matthew Hughes, Tim Powers, M. Rickert, Amman Sabet and many others, plus poetry, cartoons, and all your favorite columns. If you haven't renewed your subscription recently, this is a great time to do it.

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