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September/October 2020
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Coming Attractions

In the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, Bullwinkle Moose, dressed in a magician's costume, would say "Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!" and then reach in to draw forth a lion or bear or rhinoceros instead, with Rocky expressing increasing volumes of doubt until Bullwinkle exclaimed "This time for sure!"

Your editor feels a little like Bullwinkle Moose. Having promised you "Refugees," an alien contact novella by Robert Grossbach, two issues in a row and then moved it twice, he hesitates to say "This time for sure!" Never the less, we'll say it for him: this time for sure!

It will balance out a well-rounded issue that includes two fantasy novelettes. Matthew Hughes takes us to "The Glooms," as the adventures of Baldemar the wizard's henchman move toward their exciting conclusion, while newcomer Lyndsie Manusos shows you "How to Burn Down the Hinterlands," the story of a blacksmith and some very unique weapons.

Our science fiction includes "Skipping Stones in the Dark" by Amman Sabet, in which an AI and a willful young woman struggle with each other aboard a generation ship. Detective Philippa Song will have to solve another murder on the planet Zephyr in "On Vapor, Which the Night Condenses" by Gregor Hartmann. And Cylin Busby makes her F&SF debut with a story that takes us deep beneath the surface of our own planet into a mine where only extremophiles can thrive in "The Homestake Project."

Some of the other authors you'll find in upcoming issues include Nadia Afifi, Sarina Dorie, Corey Flintoff, Jonathan L. Howard, Theodore McCombs, James Morrow, Susan Palwick, Jenn Reese, Lavie Tidhar, and more. Renew your subscription now and don't miss a single entertaining issue.

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