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November/December 2020
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Coming Attractions

Before we tease our upcoming issues, we want to thank everyone who responded to the editorial in our July/August issue and subscribed to Fantasy & Science Fiction for the first time, renewed a subscription, or gave a subscription as a gift. Your support made a difference for us as we adapted to a world where all the bookstores and newsstands that normally sell the magazine were closed for months, and it continues to make a difference for us as we look ahead to 2021.

The new year features stories that span the full range of the genre. Robert Reed brings us a future filled with Blessings and "Integral Nothings." James Morrow offers up a tale of mythic proportions with "Bible Stories for Adults, No. 51: The Great Fish." Jonathan L. Howard weaves a black powder fantasy out of "Interludes with the Gunwright." Susan Palwick creates magic out of cast-offs in "Litter Witch." And Molly Tanzer makes her first appearance in F&SF, with a disturbing visit "In the Garden of Ibn Ghazi." We also have novellas lined up by Robert Grossbach and John Kessel, plus stories by Rebecca Campbell, Justin C. Key, Cat Rambo, Jenn Reese, Lavie Tidhar, and so much more.

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