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One Lamp—Alternate History Stories from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

$17.95 | Trade Paperback | 352 Pages

United States and U.S. possessions Canada and elsewhere

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

Alternate History Stories from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
Edited by Gordon Van Gelder

The alternate history story is probably the purest form of "what if" speculation. From earthshaking encounters, such as Gandhi's pacifists facing down the Nazis, to absurd ones, such as Philip K. Dick hobnobbing with Richard M. Nixon, this book explores what-might-have-been, pasts that never were. If Mark Twain had encountered Quantrill's Raiders… if Rome never fell… if the past could be re-made, reshaped to our desires.

The fifteen stories gathered here were written from the 1950s to just last year, demonstrating why alternate history has grown more popular than ever. They appeared in the pages of the most respected magazine in the SF genre—The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction—and were selected by that magazine's editor, Gordon Van Gelder. The table of contents is studded with classic SF/fantasy names, including C.M. Kornbluth, Ben Bova, Robert Silverberg, Harry Turtledove, Alfred Bester, and Poul Anderson. And what they have written will not fail to enthrall any reader inclined to the fantastic, the meta-real, the might-have-been …

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Table of Contents
Introduction  – Gordon Van Gelder
Two Dooms  – C. M. Kornbluth
The Lincoln Train  – Maureen F. McHugh
A Hero of the Empire  – Robert Silverberg
The Green Moon  – Dana Wilde
The Two Dicks  – Paul McAuley
We Come Not to Praise Washington  – Charles Coleman Finlay
Auspicious Eggs  – James Morrow
Delenda Est  – Poul Anderson
The Men Who Murdered Mohammed  – Alfred Bester
The Last Article  – Harry Turtledove
The Secret History of the Ornithopter  – Jan Lars Jensen
The Café Coup  – Ben Bova
And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World – Paul Di Filippo
The Territory  – Bradley Denton

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