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Commentary Abbreviations Meaning
Abbreviations for story type: Note - when story type is followed by suffixes---or -2/3, etc., they denote a serial ('part 1 of 2', or 'part 2 of 3', and so forth.) Also, story types may be combined, such as mr/tvr, for a combined movie and TV review. ar article
cover art cover art
aw afterword
bib bibliography
bio biographical article (profile)
br book review
cmp competition
ct cartoon
ed editorial
fa facetious article, fiction presented as fact
ged guest editorial
gp group of related stories
hues humorous essays (considered as fiction)
in introduction
indx index
lttr letters column
misc miscellaneous (considered as non-fiction)
mr movie review
na novella; roughly 41-89 pages
no novel; roughly, over 90 pages
note note, usually from the editors, concerning something of importance about the magazine
nv novelette; roughly 19-40 pages
obit obituaries, or memorial piece
pm poem
ply play
plyr play review
pz puzzle
qz quiz
sces science essays, by Isaac Asimov
spf spoof (including parodies)
ss short story; roughly 4-18 pages
tvr TV review
vi vignette; roughly under 4 full pages
Commentary Abbreviations Meaning
Abbreviations for issue date: Note - a slash will be used to denote combined issues, such as WIN/SPR, or OCT/NOV; a hyphen will denote when a story is published in more than one issue, such as MAY-JUN. SPR Spring
SUM Summer
AUT Autumn
FLL Fall
WIN Winter
JAN January
FEB February
MAR March
APR April
JUN June
JUL July
AUG August
SEP September
mSEP mid-September
OCT October
NOV November
DEC December
mDEC mid-December
Commentary Abbreviations Meaning
Abbreviations for magazines cited, mainly in the Comments fields: ABO Aboriginal Science Fiction (1986-2001)
AHMM Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (1956-present)
AMQ Amazing Stories Quarterly (1928-1934, 1940-1943)
AMZ Amazing Stories (1926-1995, 1998-2000)
ANA Analog Science Fiction and Fact, previously Astounding Science Fiction (1930-present)
ARG Argosy Magazine (under many titles, 1882-?)
ARKC The Arkham Collector (1967-1971)
ASF Astounding Science Fiction, later Analog Science Fiction and Fact (1930-present)
ASI Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, later just Asimov's Science Fiction (1977-present)
AST Astonishing Stories (1940-1943)
ATL Atlantic Monthly (1857-present)
AUT Authentic Science Fiction (British, 1951-1957)
BFSF Beyond Fantasy & Science Fiction (British, 1995)
CMD Cemetery Dance (1988-present)
CMT Comet Stories (1940-1941)
CEN Century (1994-1996; 2000)
COL Collier's (1888-1957)
DTH Deathrealm (1987-1997)
EQMM Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (1941-present)
ESQ Esquire (1903-present)
F&SF The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (1949-present)
FAD Fantastic Adventures (1939-1953)
FAN Fantastic (1952-1980)
FFM Famous Fantastic Mysteries (1939-1953)
FMG Fantasy Magazine (1934-1937)
FMS Famous Science Fiction (1966-1969)
FNF Fantasy Magazine, later Fantasy Fiction (1953)
FSQ Fantastic Story Quarterly (1950-1955)
FUN Fantastic Universe Science Fiction (1953-1960)
FUT Future Fiction, later Future Combined with Science Fiction Stories, Future Fantasy and Science Fiction, Future Science Fiction, & Science Fiction Stories (1939-1943, 1950-1960)
GAL Galaxy Science Fiction (1950-1980)
GEO Galileo (1976-1980)
G&S Ghosts & Scholars (1979-present)
HPM Harper's Monthly, later Harper's Magazine (1850-present)
HRP Harper's Magazine, later Harper's Bazaar (1850-present)
IFS If: Worlds of Science Fiction (1952-1974)
IMG Imagination Stories of Science and Fantasy, later Imagination Science Fiction (1950-1958)
IMP Impulse, later sf Impulse (British, 1966-1967)
IMT Imaginative Tales, later Space Travel (1954-1958)
INF Infinity Science Fiction (1955-1958)
INZ Interzone (British, 1982-present)
LIL Lilliput (British, 1937- ?)
LOC Locus: The Newspaper of the Science Fiction Field (fanzine, then semiprozine; 1968-present)
MGF Midnight Graffiti (1988-1992)
MSMM Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine (1956-1985)
MVL Marvel Science Stories, later Marvel Tales, Marvel Stories, Marvel Science Fiction (1938-1952)
MZB FM Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine (1988-2000)
MZoo Midnight Zoo (1991-1994)
NCLR North Carolina Literary Review (1992-present)
NEB Nebula Science Fiction (British, 1952-1959)
NOM The Novel Magazine (British, 1905-1937)
NWS New Worlds (British, 1946-1970)
NWQ New Worlds Quarterly (British, 1971-1976)
NYM The New Yorker Magazine (1925- present)
NYRSF New York Review of Science Fiction (1988-present)
NYT The New York Times, newspaper (1851-present)
Omni Omni (1978-1998; online form 1996-1998)
OotM Oceans of the Mind (2001-present; online since Issue #2)
OTW Other Worlds (1988-1996)
OWS Other Worlds Science Fiction (1949-1957)
PBY Playboy (1953-present)
PLP Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine (1988-1993)
PLS Planet Stories (1939-1955)
PST Saturday Evening Post (as the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1728-1821, then changed its name to PST, 1821-present, because of so many competing Gazettes)
PWM Pulphouse: A Weekly Magazine (1991-1995)
PWr Pirate Writings, renamed Fantastic in 2000 after #18 1999 issue (1992-present)
RoF Realms of Fantasy (1994-present)
RST Rocket Stories (1953)
S&T Space and Time (1966-present)
SAT Satellite Science Fiction (1956-1959)
SCF Science Fantasy (British, 1950-1966)
SFA Science Fiction Adventures (1952-1958)
SFAge Science Fiction Age (1992-2000)
SFC Science Fiction Chronicle (1979-2002 AUG), later renamed the Chronicle (2002 SEP-present)
SFD Science Fiction Digest (1932-1933)
SFM Science Fiction Monthly (British, 1974-1976)
SFP Science Fiction Plus (1952-1953)
SFQ Science Fiction Quarterly (1940-1943, 1951-1958)
SFS Science Fiction Stories, later The Original Science Fiction Stories (1939-1943, 1953-1960)
SND The Strand Magazine (British, 1891-1950)
SPS Space Stories (1952-1953)
SRL The Saturday Review of Literature ( ? - present)
SSF Space Science Fiction (1952-1953)
SSN Super Science Novels, after 3 issues, retitled Super Science Stories (1940-1943, 1949-1951)
SSS Super Science Stories, previously Super Science Novels (1940-1943, 1949-1951)
STI Stirring Science Stories (1941-1942)
STS Startling Stories (1939-1955)
SUP Super-Science Fiction (1956-1959)
SWS Science Wonder Stories (1929-1930), later Wonder Stories (1930-1936), then Thrilling Wonder Stories (1936-1957)
SWY Spaceway (1953-1955, 1969-1970)
TEN Ten-Story Fantasy (1951)
TOW Tales of Wonder (British, 1937-1942)
TSF Tomorrow Speculative Fiction, online after 1997 (1993-1998)
TotU Tales of the Unanticipated (1986-present)
TWS Thrilling Wonder Stories (1936-1957), previously Wonder Stories
TWZ Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine (1981-1989)
UNK Unknown, later Unknown Worlds (1939-1943)
USF Universe Science Fiction (1953-1955)
VOR Vortex Science Fiction (1953)
VoT Vision of Tomorrow (1969-1970)
VSF Venture Science Fiction (1957-1958, 1969-1970)
WFH Worlds of Fantasy and Horror (1994-1997)
WOS Wonder Stories (1930-1936), previously Science Wonder Stories, later Thrilling Wonder Stories
WotF L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future (an annual anthology & contest, 1985-present)
WRT Weird Tales (1923-1954, 1973-1974, 1981-1983, 1984-1985, 1988-1994, 1998-present)
WSQ Wonder Stories Quarterly (1929-1933)
Commentary Abbreviations Meaning
Abbreviations for awards cited, in the Award Type & Comments fields: cover art under the Award Type field, stands for an award for Best Professional Art Work, Best Original Artwork, or Best Magazine Cover Art
ARR Aurora Award, previously the Casper Award (Canadian, 1982-present)
AUR Aurealis Award (Australian, 1995-present)
BRG Balrog Award (1979-1985)
BFA British Fantasy Award (1972-present)
BSF British Science Fiction Award (1966-present)
CCR Compton Crook Award (1983-present)
CHS Chesley Award (1986-present)
CLA Arthur C. Clarke Award (British, 1987-present)
DIC Philip K. Dick Award (1982-present)
DIT Ditmar Award (Australian, 1969-present)
ed under the Award Type field, stands for an award for Best Professional Editor
EDG Edgar Award, various types, presented by Mystery Writers of America, or the MWA (1945-present)
GAN Gandalf Award (1974-1981)
HOM HOMer Award (1991-present)
HUG Hugo Award (1954-present)
IFA International Fantasy Award (1951-1955, 1957)
IHA International Horror Guild Award (1995-present)
JUP Jupiter Award (1974-1978)
JWC John W. Campbell Memorial Award (1973-present)
JWC A John W. Campbell Award, for Best New Writer (1973-present)
LOC Locus Poll Award (1971-present)
mag under the Award Type field, stands for an award for Best Professional Magazine
MYT Mythopoeic Award (1971-present)
N nominated
na under the Award Type field, stands for Best Novella
NEB Nebula Award, presented by the Science Fiction Writers of America, or SFWA (1965-present)
no under the Award Type field, stands for Best Novel
nv under the Award Type field, stands for Best Novelette
PRO Prometheus Award (1979, 1982-present)
RHY Rhysling Award (1978-present)
SDW Sidewise Award (1995-present)
SFC Science Fiction Chronicle Award (1982-present)
shfi under the Award Type field, stands for Best Short Fiction (short, story, novelette, novella)
ss under the Award Type field, stands for Best Short Story
STO Bram Stoker Award (1983-present)
STU Sturgeon Award (1987-present)
TIP James Tiptree Jr Award (1992-present)
W winner, or won
WFA World Fantasy Award (1975-present)
WotF Writers of the Future (annual contest, 1985-present)
Commentary Abbreviations Meaning
Other Abbreviations, found mainly in the Comments fields: Note---some names in the Comments fields, instead of being repeated, may be abbreviated; e.g., W.G. for Westminster Gazette. ~ (tilde) about
AEnc Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology (see bibliography)
aka also known as
alt. alternate, as in alternate history
anon. anonymous, or anonymously
anth. anthology
ar article
assoc. association, or associative
asst. assistant
betw. between
bil. billion
bio biography
br book review
c. circa (about)
C.A. Contemporary Authors (see bibliography)
cent. century
chrono. chronologically
coll. or colls., collection(s) of stories
collab. collaboration, or collaborative
dir. director or directed by
DOE (U.S.) Department of Energy
ed or ed., edited by or editor
ep. episodes
esp. especially
etc. et cetera (and others)
exp. expanded
govt. government
hc hard cover book
H-M Honorable Mentions (in the F&SF Competition department)
illus. illustrating, or illustrates
incl. including
intro. introduction
iv interview
mag. or mags., magazine(s)
mil. million
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MWA Mystery Writers of America
mys. mystery
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
nf non-fiction
omni. omnibus
orig. originally
pb paperback book
prev. previously
prod. producer or produced by
prof. professor, or professionally, per context
ps. pseudonym
pub. published, or publisher (obvious by context)
res. restored
ret. retired
rev. revised
RKO a movie company
rprt reprint, or reprinted
rvw. review or reviewed (as in book review)
R-U Runners-Up (in the F&SF Competition department)
scrnply screenplay
SF Science Fiction, as in the title of a magazine or book
S.F. Science Fiction, as in the title of a book
SFWA Science Fiction Writers of America
seq. sequence
ser. series
sh-wd shared world
S-M Special Mention
TOC Table of Contents
trans. translated
U.K. (or UK) United Kingdom (British)
U.N. United Nations
U.S. (or US) United States (American)
UFO Unidentified Flying Object
univ. university
us. usually
VoA Voice of America
vol. volume, or volumes
vt variant title
wn. working name
wr. written
w/o without
ya young adult (as in young adult novels, or literature)

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