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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Agate, Mrs.  Slammy and the Bonneygott  1960 JUN  ss  her 1st sale
Agnew, Bruce A.  Key, The  1953 JUN  vi  his 1st pub. story
Aikin, Jim  Lilith, The  1981 FEB  nv  (1948- ) his 1st fiction sale; working name for James Douglas Aikin
Allen, Lori  And Mercy Mild  1980 AUG  ss  (1939- ) her 1st pub. work
Anderson, Karen  In Memoriam: Henry Kuttner  1958 MAY  pm  (1926- ) her 1st pub. work
Anderson, Karen  Landscape With Sphinxes  1962 NOV  vi  her 1st pub. story
Bacigalupi, Paolo  Pocketful of Dharma  1999 FEB  nv  his 1st professional sale
Bailey, Dale  Eidelman's Machine  1993 JUL  ss  his 1st pub. story
Baker, Eric T.  Faith and Friendship in the Pre-Atomic Age  1993 DEC  ss  his 1st pub. story
Ballingrud, Nathan  She Found Heaven  1995 JAN  ss  his 1st professional sale
Barnett, C.A.  Tale to Tell, A  1952 APR  ss  his 1st pub. story
Beauclerk, Jane (M.J. Engh)  We Serve the Star of Freedom  1964 JUL  ss  (1933- ) her 1st sale of a story; ps. for M(ary) J(ane) Engh
Berman, Ruth  3-OK  1972 JUL  ss  (1942- ) her 1st or 2nd pub. sf story
Black, Jennifer  Memories of Gwyneth  1986 FEB  ss  her 1st pub. sf story
Blanchard, L.S.  Mirror of the Soul  1983 JAN  nv  her 1st sale; Linda S. Blanchard
Boucher, Anthony (William Anthony Parker White)  Snulbug  1953 MAY  ss  (1911-1968) reprint of his 1st pub. sf story, 1st pub. in UNK 1941 DEC; ps. for William Anthony Parker White
Bourne, J.R.  System, The  1976 DEC  ss  (1945- ) his 1st pub. fiction; James R. Bourne
Bourne, Mark  Brokedown  1993 MAR  ss  his 1st professional sale
Bowes, Rick (or Richard)  On Death and the Deuce  1992 MAY  ss  (1944- ) his 1st pub. short fiction; 1st story in F&SF in Kevin Grierson series
Brax, Coleman (M. Coleman Eastman)  Superflare  1980 JAN  ss  (1942- ) his 1st pub. sf story; ps. for M(alcolm) Coleman Eastman
Bretnor, Reginald  Maybe Just a Little One  1953 FEB  ss  reprint of his 1st pub. story, 1st pub. in HRP 1947 AUG
Brookbank, Richard  Cocoon, The  1951 OCT  ss  his 1st pub. story
Brown, Carroll  Borderlands, The  1995 DEC  ss  his 1st sale; his 1st pub. story was pub. in Distant Journeys
Brown, Warren  Last Song of the Voiceless Man  1981 MAR  ss  (1948?- ) his 1st pub. story
Buck, Doris Pitkin  Aunt Agatha  1952 OCT  vi  (1898-1980) her 1st pub. story
Bullock, Jeffrey  Hall of the Mountain King, The  1977 NOV  ss  (1950?- ) his 1st pub. fiction
Carr, Michael (W.)  Dog's Night, A  1997 DEC  ss  (1971- ) his 1st professional sale
Carr, Terry  Who Sups With the Devil  1962 MAY  ss  (1937-1987) his 1st pub. story
Carter, Lin  Masters of the Metropolis  1957 APR  ss  (1930-1988) his 1st pub. sf story, written with Randall Garrett; working name for Linwood Vrooman Carter
Casil, Amy Sterling  Jonny Punkinhead  1996 JUN  ss  her 1st professional sale
Clingerman, Mildred  Minister Without Portfolio  1952 FEB  ss  (1918- ) her 1st pub. story
Collyn, George  Out of Time, Out of Place  1967 SEP  ss  a young British writer, his 1st story to be pub. in the U.S.
Cooke, Catherine  Bat-Winged Knight, The  1990 MAR  ss  (1963- ) her 1st short story sale
Corben, Richard V.  (cover art)  1967 SEP  art  (1940- ) his cover painting for this issue was his 1st professional sale
Couzens, Gary  Second Contact  1994 MAR  ss  (1964- ) his 1st pub. work outside of Great Britain
Cowper, Richard (John Middleton Murry Jr)  Custodians, The  1975 OCT  nv  (1926- ) his 1st appearance in any sf magazine; ps. for John Middleton Murry Jr
Cunningham, P.E.  Healer  1982 JUL  nv  (1957?- ) her 1st sale; 1st story in Pteros series; working name for Patricia Elizabeth Cunningham
Curtis, Betsy  Divine Right  1950 SUM  ss  (1917-2002) her 1st pub. story
Dance, Clifton  Brothers, The  1952 JUN  ss  his 1st pub. story
Davidson, Avram  My Boy Friend's Name Is Jello  1954 JUL  ss  (1923-1993) his 1st pub. story
DeChancie, John  Grass of Remembrance, The  1984 MAY  ss  (1946- ) his 1st short story sale
Dembo, Arinn  Sisterhood of the Skin  1996 JUN  nv  her 1st sale
Denton, Bradley  Music of the Spheres, The  1984 MAR  nv  (1958- ) his 1st professional sale; 1st story in Music Theme series
Dick, Philip K.  Little Movement, The  1952 NOV  ss  (1928-1982) his 1st sale (story bought back in 1951 NOV)
Donaldson, Stephen R.  Lady in White, The  1978 FEB  nv  (1947- ) his 1st pub. short story
Donati, Stefano  Last of the Glass Menageries, The  1998 MAR  ss  his 1st pub. story
Dowling, Terry  Shatterwrack at Breaklight  1990 MAR  ss  (1948- ) his 1st U.S. appearance
Drussaļ, Garen  Extra-Curricular  1952 AUG  ss  her 1st pub. story
Effinger, George Alec  Free Pass to the Carnival, A  1971 MAY  ss  (1947-2002) his 1st pub. story
Elgin, Suzette Haden (Patricia Anne Suzette Wilkins Elgin)  For the Sake of Grace  1969 MAY  nv  (1936- ) her 1st pub. story, it became part of novel At the Seventh Level(1972), & is part of her Coyote Jones series; ps. for Patricia Anne Suzette Wilkins Elgin

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