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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1  1949 FLL  Salter, George & Bill Stone  cover illustrates "A Bride for the Devil" by Stuart Palmer; photograph & artwork combination, 1 of only 2 for F&SF; see Ferman's intro to his anth. The Magazine of F&SF: A 30 Year Retrospective, for cover info; Salter did 12 F&SF covers; Stone's only cover for F&SF
2  1950 WIN/SPR  Salter, George  (1897-1967) art director for Mercury Publications since 1938, & for F&SF in particular until 1958, & for VSF's 1st run 1957 JAN-1958 JUL
3  1950 SUM  Salter, George  Salter was born in Bremen, W. Germany, & went to art school, worked in stage and costume design, & in commercial art; he did his 1st book jacket in Berlin in 1927; he moved to the U.S. in 1934
4  1950 FLL  Salter, George  Salter's work for Mercury Publications incl. designing the covers, lettering, logos & typography for all the magazines they published, which incl. F&SF; Salter was a highly regarded book designer
5  1950 DEC  Bonestell, Chesley  (1888-1986) depicts rocket taking off from one of Saturn's moons; Bonestell's space paintings were used for 39 F&SF covers(& did the '2nd cover' for the 20th Anniversary 1969 OCT issue)
6  1951 FEB  Salter, George  Salter was known primarily in the art field as a great calligrapher; he taught classes in calligraphy, book design & illustration at Cooper Union in N.Y. from 1937 through 1967
7  1951 APR  Salter, George  see biography of Salter in Robert Weinberg: A Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists(1988), from which much info in the comments section of this table is taken from
8  1951 JUN  Salter, George  see information on Salter at
9  1951 AUG  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts space ship in trouble with meteor swarm; Bonestell, born in San Francisco, was a survivor of the 1906 earthquake; attended St. Ignatius College & George Bates Univ.(both in San Francisco), & Hopkins Art Institute
10  1951 OCT  Salter, George 
11  1951 DEC  Salter, George & Dirone Photography  2nd of 2 covers for F&SF that are a combination of photography & artwork
12  1952 FEB  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts exploring the moon; Bonestell studied architecture at Columbia Univ.(N.Y.), was among those who helped design the Golden Gate Bridge, & the Chrysler Building; worked for the Illustrated London News in the 1920s, for the film industry after 1938
13  1952 APR  Salter, George 
14  1952 JUN  Emsh  (1925-1990) cover illustrates "Love" by Richard Wilson; working name for Ed(mund) Emshwiller, & also did covers in F&SF as such, & as Ed Emsh; Emsh did 71 F&SF covers, & 1954 & 1957 interior illus.; born in Lansing, MI; 1949 degree in Design from Univ. of Michigan
15  1952 AUG  Gibbons, George  depicts a lunar landscape; George A. Gibbons, did 3 covers for F&SF
16  1952 SEP  Emsh  cover illustrates "Mother" by Alfred Coppel; Emsh was born in Lansing, MI; served in the army 1943-46; earned bachelor of design degree from the Univ. of Michigan in 1949; studied art at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts(with his wife, Carol), & Art Students League
17  1952 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts Saturn as seen from Dione; Bonestell painted a series of space illustrations that were published in Life in the early 1940s; he illus. a very popular series of articles for Collier's beginning in 1952, starting popular support for space travel
18  1952 NOV  Emsh  cover illustrates "Bring the Jubilee" by Ward Moore; Emsh sold his 1st sf illustration to GAL, in 1951, & did more than 400 sf covers over the next 13 years(incl. mags., paperbacks & hardcovers)
19  1952 DEC  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts Little America being established on one of Jupiter's largest satellites; Bonestell illustrated 10 books on space science betw. 1949 & 1972, incl. The Conquest of Space(1949), Across the Space Frontier(1952)
20  1953 JAN  Schomburg, Alex  (1905-1998) depicts Earth's artificial satellite (space station); Schomburg did 7 F&SF covers; born in Puerto Rico into a European merchant family; opened an art agency with his brothers in NYC in 1923
21  1953 FEB  Gibbons, George  depicts looking down at a rocket base on a moon
22  1953 MAR  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts the fleet leaves Mars' inner satellite to land on the planet; Bonestell also illus. the space science books The Complete Book of Outer Space(1953), Conquest of the Moon(1953), The Solar System & Rocket to the Moon(1955)
23  1953 APR  Emsh  cover illustrates "Beggars All" by J.T. M'Intosh; Emsh married fellow artist Carol Fries in 1949, who stopped painting & started writing sf in 1955(as Carol Emshwiller); their son, Peter, is also a genre writer, & was a managing editor at TWZ
24  1953 MAY  Coggins, Jack  (1911- ) depicts rocket launching station on the moon; Coggins did 4 F&SF covers; born in London, Coggins moved to the U.S. while still a child; studied at the Grand Central School of Art, & the Art Students League
25  1953 JUN  Gibbons, George  depicts the view through a spacecraft's window
26  1953 JUL  Emsh  cover illustrates "Hypnoglyph" by John Anthony; Emshwiller did so much work in so many styles he used many ps., incl. Emsh, Ed Emsler, Ed Alexander, Ed Emsch, EAE, Ensh, Harry Gars, & Willer
27  1953 AUG  Coggins, Jack  depicts erecting a communication tower on Triton, Neptune in background; during WWII, Coggins served as a U.S. Army correspondent in Europe, & did many war illustrations for Life; Coggins W-1995 Pagoda Award, from Berks County, PA, where he lives
28  1953 SEP  Coggins, Jack  depicts spaceship over base on Ariel, Uranus in background; he first specialized in marine painting; 1950s Coggins began painting sf covers; illus. books by Fletcher Pratt, Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Space Ships('51), By Spaceship to the Moon('52)
29  1953 OCT  Emsh  cover illustrates "Letter to a Tiger" by Kay Rogers; Emsh W-1960-1962, & 1964 HUG, & N-1959 & 1965, for Best Professional Artist; N-1973 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist; Emsh painted quickly, often finishing a painting in a day or two
30  1953 NOV  Hunter, Mel  (1929- ) depicts an eclipse of the sun by the earth, as seen from the moon; Hunter did 31 F&SF covers; Hunter had no formal art training, but had a background in advertising copy writing & production engineering
31  1953 DEC  Emsh  depicts marooned on an asteroid; Emsh would sometimes make a cover paintingwhich editors would assign an author to write a story about; for some mags., esp. GAL, his covers had no yie-ins to stories in the issue, the painting telling a story themselves
32  1954 JAN  Kirberger, Fred  cover illustrates "One in a Thousand" by J.T. McIntosh; Kirberger did 4 F&SF covers, & did interior illustrations for F&SF in 1954; a wildlife artist, see an example of his work at
33  1954 FEB  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts spaceship leaving the moon for Earth's artificial satellite; Bonestell also illus. the space science books The Exploration of Mars(1956), Beyond the Solar System(1964); Man and the Moon(1961), & Mars(1964), last two with Robert S. Richardson
34  1954 MAR  Kirberger, Fred  cover illustrates "5,271,009" by Alfred Bester
35  1954 APR  Emsh  depicts rocket launch pad explosion; Emsh did his color work in Gouache, , casine, or designer colors, occasionally using dyes, colored inks, pastels, photographs, or air brush
36  1954 MAY  Coggins, Jack  cover illustrates "Star Lummox" by Robert A. Heinlein; after his sf career, Coggins wrote & illustrated books on military & naval history, incl. Arms and Equipment of the Civil War(1962), Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution(1969)
37  1954 JUN  Kirberger, Fred  cover illustrates "Star Lummox" by Robert A. Heinlein
38  1954 JUL  Kirberger, Fred  cover illustrates "Star Lummox" by Robert A. Heinlein
39  1954 AUG  Hunter, Mel  depicts exploring a green star system; Hunter's 1st commission was for the cover of GAL 1953 FEB, & then painted many mag. covers in the 1950s & exclusively for F&SF after 1961 JUN; was art director for IFS 1955 DEC-1957 DEC
40  1954 SEP  Solovioff, Nick  cover illustrates "One Too Many" by J.T.McIntosh; Solovioff did 6 F&SF covers, and did interior illustrations for F&SF in 1954
41  1954 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts rocket-testing base on the moon; Bonestell also illus. the science books Beyond Jupiter(1972, with Arthur C. Clarke), & The World We Live In(1955); many of his paintings from these books also were printed as sf mag. covers
42  1954 NOV  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts planet lit by Antares and companion star; Bonestell was a matte artist for movies The Hunchback of Notre Dame(1939), Only Angels Have Wings(1939), Citizen Kane(1941), The Magnificent Ambersons(1942), & The Fountainhead(1949)
43  1954 DEC  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts exploring Mars; Bonestell worked on the background for the sf movies Destination Moon(1950), When Worlds Collide(1951), War of the Worlds(1953), & The Conquest of Space(1953)
44  1955 JAN  Solovioff, Nick  cover illustrates "The Tournament" by William Sansom
45  1955 FEB  Freas, Kelly  (1922- ) cover illustrates "The Climbing Wave" by Marion Zimmer Bradley; has done 12 F&SF covers; also goes by his full name, Frank Kelly Freas; one of the most prolific artists to work in the sf field; born in N.Y., but brought up in Canada
46  1955 MAR  Solovioff, Nick  depicts a hostile planet
47  1955 APR  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts surveying Mars; Bonestell painted a number of huge murals for major institutions(incl. the Smithsonian), depicting outer space scenes; was N-1968 HUG, for Best Professional Artist; N-1972 LOC, for Best Magazine Artist
48  1955 MAY  Meltzoff, Stanley  (1917- ) depicts flight from the prison planet; his only cover for F&SF; born in NYC; grad. City College of N.Y.; served in WWII working for Stars and Stripes; see entries in Weinberg(1988) & Di Fate(1998); his article in Illustration Mag. #4 2002 AUG
49  1955 JUN  Salter, George 
50  1955 JUL  Solovioff, Nick  cover illustrates "Father" by Philip Jose Farmer

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