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No.  Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
101  1959 OCT  Emsh 
102  1959 NOV  Emsh  cover illustrates "Starship Soldier" by Robert A. Heinlein
103  1959 DEC  Hunter, Mel  3rd cover of Last Man series; depicts the robot making a grim discovery in the desert
104  1960 JAN  Emsh  cover illustrates "A Little Girl's Xmas in Modernia" by David R. Bunch
105  1960 FEB  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Fellow Who Married the Maxill Girl" by Ward Moore
106  1960 MAR  Hunter, Mel  depicts two methods to land on the moon (a wrap-around cover)
107  1960 APR  Emsh  cover illustrates "Crazy Maro" by Daniel Keyes
108  1960 MAY  Hunter, Mel  4th cover of Last Man series; titled "Music to Watch the Moon Rise"
109  1960 JUN  Emsh  depicts "Emsh's version of a soft landing"
110  1960 JUL  Hunter, Mel  depicts "Moon landscape"
111  1960 AUG  Emsh  cover illustrates "Callahan and the Wheelies" by Stephen Barr
112  1960 SEP  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Word to Space" by Winston P. Sanders (ps. for Poul Anderson)
113  1960 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts "Unloading empty fuel tanks on the moon"; Bonestell's final project reproduces 22 full-page color paintings for the book, Paul Johnson: The Golden Era of the Missions, 1769-1834(1974)
114  1960 NOV  Emsh  cover illustrates "Romance in a Twenty-First Century Used-Car Lot" by Robert F. Young
115  1960 DEC  Hunter, Mel  5th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot winding up wind-up toy men
116  1961 JAN  Emsh  cover illustrates "Time Lag" by Poul Anderson
117  1961 FEB  Emsh 
118  1961 MAR  Hunter, Mel  depicts astronauts leaving their spaceship & exploring Mars
119  1961 APR  Emsh  depicts a partially peeled & eaten banana amongst the galaxies
120  1961 MAY  Emsh  cover illustrates "Final Muster" by Rick Rubin
121  1961 JUN  Hunter, Mel  depicts "a drawing of flight paths in space, showing motion of a lunar probe from Earth to the Moon, ... "
122  1961 JUL  Emsh  cover illustrates "Undergrowth" by Brian W. Aldiss
123  1961 AUG  Hunter, Mel  6th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot coming across a sculpture of a robot by Dali in the ruins of a museum
124  1961 SEP  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Monster in the Park" by Gerard Klein
125  1961 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  depicts "Landing on the moon"
126  1961 NOV  Emsh  cover illustrates "Naked to the Stars" by Gordon R. Dickson
127  1961 DEC  Emsh  cover illustrates "The First Days of May" by Claude Veillot
128  1962 JAN  Hunter, Mel  7th cover in Last Man series; depicts the robot in a Santa Claus suit
129  1962 FEB  Emsh  cover illustrates "The Garden of Time" by J.G. Ballard
130  1962 MAR  Hunter, Mel  depicts figures of men (with details of their circulatory system) falling toward a galaxy
131  1962 APR  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Last Element" by Hugo Correa
132  1962 MAY  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed" by Vance Aandahl
133  1962 JUN  Emsh, Ed  depicts an astronaut, with a beautifully patterned spacesuit, floating in space
134  1962 JUL  Hunter, Mel  depicts a scene on the moon during an eclipse of the sun by the Earth
135  1962 AUG  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Secret Songs" by Fritz Leiber
136  1962 SEP  Emsh, Ed  Special Theodore Sturgeon Issue, cover depicts Theodore Sturgeon & characters and scenes from some of his famous stories
137  1962 OCT  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "The Journey of Joenes" by Robert Sheckley
138  1962 NOV  Emsh, Ed  in a modernistic style, depicts astronaut and rocket ship on the launch pad
139  1962 DEC  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.56, depicts "a binary star found in the constellation Perseus"; will appear in a new book by Bonestell & Willy Ley: Beyond the Solar System
140  1963 JAN  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "Speakeasy" by Mack Reynolds
141  1963 FEB  Pederson, John Jr  see p.4, depicts "unmanned exploratory rocket on a hypothetical planet"
142  1963 MAR  Emsh  cover illustrates "Hunter, Come Home" by Richard McKenna
143  1963 APR  Emsh, Ed  cover illustrates "Fast Trip" by James White
144  1963 MAY  Mugnaini, Joe  (1912-1992) Joseph Mugnaini; Special Ray Bradbury Issue, depicts Ray Bradbury & characters & scenes from some of his famous stories; his only cover for F&SF; has done many book covers for Bradbury; born in Viareggio, Italy; see his obit LOC 1992 APR
145  1963 JUN  Emsh  cover illustrates "No Truce with Kings" by Poul Anderson
146  1963 JUL  Emsh  cover illustrates "Glory Road" by Robert A. Heinlein
147  1963 AUG  Emsh  cover illustrates "Turn Off the Sky" by Ray Nelson
148  1963 SEP  Emsh  cover illustrates "Glory Road" by Robert A. Heinlein
149  1963 OCT  Bonestell, Chesley  see p.23, depicts "a binary star found in the constellation Sagittarius, the star known as U Sagittae", from Bonestell & Ley: Beyond the Solar System (1964)
150  1963 NOV  Bok, Hannes  (1914-1964) cover illustrates "A Rose for Ecclesiastes" by Roger Zelazny; ps. for Wayne Woodward, his only cover for F&SF, it was his last piece of commercial art; born in Duluth, MN; active in fandom in Seattle & L.A.; 1st pub. painting, cover for WRT 1939 DEC

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