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Issue Date  Cover Artist  Comments
1993 APR  Andersen, Doug  illus. "Gagrito" bu James Lawson; Andersen did two covers for F&SF; another cover, in F&SF 1996 JUL, mistakenly gives his name as Doug Anderson
1996 JUL     cover illustrates "The Moon Maid" by R. Garcia y Robertson; in TOC, his name is mistakenly given as Doug Anderson; has one other cover, in F&SF 1993 APR
1985 OCT  Barlowe, Wayne  (1958- ) illus. "Sea Wrack" by Marion Zimmer Bradley; Barlowe did 2 covers for F&SF; born in Glen Cove, NY; studied at the Art Students League, & Cooper Union; he was influenced by Zdenek Burian, a Czech dinosaur & caveman painter
1986 SEP     cover illustrates "Queenmagic, Pawnmagic" by Ian Watson; Barlowe's 1st pub. piece was for a Michael Bishop story in Cosmos SF & F Mag. 1977 MAY; has art coll. Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestials(1979; W-1980 HUG); Barlowe is married to Shawna McCarthy
1986 AUG  Barnard, Bryn  (1956- ) illus. "Born From the Beast" by Vance Aandahl; Barnard did 11 covers for F&SF; born in Los Angeles; has 1979 BA in Studio Art & Asian Studies from UC(Berkeley); studied illustration at Art Center College of Design(Pasadena)
1987 APR     cover illustrates "Cage 37" by Wayne Wightman; Barnard lived for five years in Southeast Asia, incl. two as a fellow of the Crane-Rogers Foundation; he can speak Malay/Indonesian
1987 AUG     cover illustrates "Going to Meet the Alien" by Andrew Weiner; Barnard has been a freelance illustrator since 1984, working in publishing, advertising & film
1989 JAN     cover illustrates "Miss Carstairs and the Merman" by Delia Sherman; Barnard teaches illustration, drawing & figure drawing at the Univ. of Delaware(Newark) since 1992; also taught at Univ. of the Arts(Philadelphia) & Univ. of Pittsburgh
1989 NOV     cover illustrates "A Can of Worms" by Ben Bova; Barnard has lectured at many universities; has won many awards, incl. a silver medal from the Sciety of Illustrators
1991 MAR     cover illustrates "Land's End" by Delia Sherman; see Barnard's website at
1991 OCT/NOV     cover illustrates "The Honeycrafters" by Carolyn Ives Gilman; Barnard has cover illustrates books pub. by Avon, Doubleday, Harcourt Brace, the National Geographic Society, Pocketbooks, Random House, Simon and Schuster, St. Martin's, Viking-Penguin, & Scholastic
1992 JUL     cover illustrates "The Territory" by Bradley Denton
1994 MAR     cover illustrates "The Wild Ships of Fairny" by Carolyn Ives Gilman
1994 DEC     cover illustrates "Solitude" by Ursula K. Le Guin; Barnard cover illustrates ya book by Melvin Berger: Don't Believe It!: Fibs and Facts About Animals(1997)
1996 SEP     cover illustrates "Gone" by John Crowley; Barnard cover illustrates the book by Chris Eboch: The Well of Sacrifice(1999), a ya adventure story of a young girl living in a Mayan city in the 9th century AD
1988 APR  Bartholomew, Caty  illus. "The Touch of the Hook" by Ray Aldridge; Bartholomew's only cover for F&SF; Caty has 1983 BFA in Illustration from Pratt Institute(Brooklyn); instructor at Parsons School of Design since 1992; see website at
1980 NOV  Bash, Kent  (1946- ) illus. "All the Lies That Are My Life" by Harlan Ellison; Bash did 9 covers for F&SF; born in Culver City, CA; has book with Michael Karl Witzel: Cruisin'(1997)
1981 JUL     cover illustrates "Werewind" by J. Michael Reaves; see short piece in this issue, "About the Artist," by William Whitten, about Bash, on p.101; Bash has book with Michael Karl Witzel: Hit the Road: American Car Culture on the Move(1999)
1993 JAN     cover illustrates "The Night We Buried Road Dog" by Jack Cady
1994 APR     cover illustrates "Wendy Darling, RFC" by R. Garcia y Robertson
1995 MAR     cover illustrates "Traffic" by Robert Onopa
1996 JUN     cover illustrates "The Aushwitz Circus" by Matthew Wells
1997 FEB     cover illustrates "The Dragons of Springplace" by Robert Reed
1998 SEP     cover illustrates "Painbird, Painbird, Fly Away Home" by Larry Tritten
1999 JUL     cover illustrates "Lizard Men of Los Angeles" by Lewis Shiner
1986 MAY  Bauman, Jill  (1942- ) illus. "Ex-Chameleon" by Ron Goulart; Bauman did 20 covers for F&SF; after receiving her art education at Adelphi Univ. & Queens College, she worked as a junior high school art teacher for 5 years, then as an antique dealer for 10 years
1987 JUL     cover illustrates "Deathmatch in Disneyland" by Vance Aandahl; Bauman became artist/illustrator Walter Velez's agent, & in turn he helped her with her art; she is now considered one of the best fantasy artists(Weinberg)
1988 JAN     cover illustrates "The Hero of the Night" by Bradley Denton; Bauman has also done artwork for the magazines Heavy Metal, Epic, High Times, & Scholastics, as well as advertising work, album covers, & cover art for mystery games
1988 NOV     cover illustrates "Kirinyaga" by Mike Resnick; Bauman was N-1982-84, 1989 & 1993 WFA, for Best Artist; N-1998 CHS, for Artistic Achievement; has book, Monster Paper Dolls(1983); did cover & all interior artwork for WRT 1992 SPR, the John Brunner Special Issue
1989 APR     cover illustrates "Cast on a Distant Shore" by R. Garcia y Robertson; Bauman has interview & a poem in The Silver Web, 1993 FLL/WIN; in her interview she discusses her work in the horror genre, for which she's been dubbed the "Queen of the Poisonous Palette"
1990 JUN     cover illustrates "Hyena Eyes" by Ray Aldridge
1991 JAN     cover illustrates "When Jesus Came to the Moon for Christmas" by David Redd
1992 FEB     cover illustrates "The Swan" by Robert Onopa
1993 MAR     cover illustrates "Vermin" by Harry Turtledove
1993 AUG     cover illustrates "The Siren Shoals" by R. Garcia y Robertson
1994 OCT/NOV     N-1995 HUG, for Best Original Art Work; cover illustrates "Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge" by Mike Resnick
1995 APR     cover illustrates "El Hijo de Hernez" by Marcos Donnelly
1995 DEC     cover illustrates "Happy Hunting Ground" by R. Garcia y Robertson
1996 DEC     cover illustrates "Out of the Mouths" by Sheila Finch
1997 JAN     cover illustrates "No Planets Strike" by Gene Wolfe
1997 OCT/NOV     cover illustrates "Everything's Eventual" by Stephen King
1998 MAR     cover illustrates "White Magic" by Albert E. Cowdrey
1998 JUL     N-1998 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; cover art depicts a theater marquis & an sf/f/horror line of customers; for the F&SF Goes to the Movies Special Issue
1999 JUN     N-1999 CHS, for Best Magazine Cover; cover illustrates "The Secret History of the Ornithopter" by Jan Lars Jensen; Bauman was also N-1999 CHS, for Artistic Achievement
1999 DEC     cover illustrates "The Actors" by Eleanor Arnason
1976 AUG  Bear, Greg  (1951- ) depicts an astronaut pulling a wagon full of samples on the surface of a moon or planet, & coming across a yin-yang artifact; Bear's only cover for F&SF, he also did the covers for Fantasy Reader #6 1975, & GAL 1977 APR; also a famous sf writer
1998 APR  Beecher, William Ward  illus. "So Many Miles to the Heart of a Child" by Richard Bowes; Beecher's only cover for F&SF
1981 SEP  Berger, Barbara  illus. "Mythago Wood" by Robert Holdstock; Berger's only cover for F&SF
1983 AUG  Berndt, Gabriele  illus. "What We Did That Night in the Ruins" by Warren Brown; Berndt's only cover for F&SF
1979 OCT  Bevans, Tom  30th Anniversary Issue, cover depicts past covers in circular globes in front of an outer space background with rockets blazing a "30" in the center; Bevans only cover for F&SF

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