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No.  Issue Date  Person  Story Title  Award Type  Comments
1  1956  Boucher, Anthony    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
2  1957  Boucher, Anthony    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
3  1958 AUG-OCT  Heinlein, Robert A.  Have Spacesuit—Will Travel  nomination no 
4  1958 JUN  Henderson, Zenna  Captivity  nomination nv  novella in F&SF
5  1958 APR  Leiber, Fritz  Deskful of Girls, A  nomination nv 
6  1958 SEP  Bloch, Robert  That Hell-Bound Train  award ss 
7  1958 OCT  Bester, Alfred  Men Who Murdered Mohammed, The  nomination ss 
8  1958 JUL  Kornbluth, C.M.  Theory of Rocketry  nomination ss 
9  1958 MAY  Leiber, Fritz  Rump-Titty-Titty-Tum-TAH-Tee  nomination ss 
10  1958 NOV  Wellman, Manly Wade  Nine Yards of Other Cloth  nomination ss 
11  1958  Boucher, Anthony & Robert P. Mills    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
12  1959 OCT-NOV  Heinlein, Robert A.  Starship Troopers  award no  original title in F&SF was "Starship Soldier"
13  1959 APR  Keyes, Daniel  Flowers for Algernon  award shfi  novelette in F&SF
14  1959 OCT  Bester, Alfred  Pi Man, The  nomination shfi 
15  1959 JUN  Farmer, Philip José  Alley Man, The  nomination shfi  novellette in F&SF
16  1959 OCT  Sturgeon, Theodore  Man Who Lost the Sea, The  nomination shfi 
17  1959  Mills, Robert P.    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
18  1955 APR  Miller, Walter M.  Canticle for Leibowitz, A  award no  3 stories pub. in F&SF: #634 - 1955 APR, #822 - 1956 AUG, #888 - 1957 FEB - made into fixup novel in 1960 which won a Hugo
19  1960 DEC  Budrys, Algis  Rogue Moon  nomination no  novella in F&SF
20  1960 MAY  Farmer, Philip José  Open to Me, My Sister  nomination shfi  novella in F&SF
21  1960  Mills, Robert P.    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
22  1961 FEB  Aldiss, Brian W.  Hothouse  award shfi  novelette in F&SF; aka "The Long Afternoon of Earth"; 1st story Hothouse series; award is for the whole series
23  1961  Mills, Robert P.    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
24  1962 SEP  Jennings, Gary  Myrrha  nomination shfi 
      Sturgeon, Theodore  When You Care, When You Love  nomination shfi 
26  1962  Mills, Robert P. & Avram Davidson    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
27  1963 JUN  Anderson, Poul  No Truce With Kings  award shfi  novella in F&SF
28  1963 NOV  Zelazny, Roger  Rose for Ecclesiastes, A  nomination shfi  novelette in F&SF
29  1963  Davidson, Avram    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
30  1964  Davidson, Avram & Joseph W. Ferman    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
31  1962 FEB  Pangborn, Edgar  Golden Horn, The  nomination no  with "A War of No Consequence" in 1962 MAR, made into a fixup novel, Davy (1964), which was nominated for best novel
32  1965 OCT-NOV  Zelazny, Roger  ... And Call Me Conrad  award no 
33  1965 FEB  Anderson, Poul  Marque and Reprisal  nomination shfi 
34  1965 MAR  Zelazny, Roger  Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth, The  nomination shfi 
35  1965  Ferman, Joseph W.    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
36  1959 APR  Keyes, Daniel  Flowers for Algernon  nomination no  novelette in F&SF in 1959, expanded into a novel in 1966
37  1966 JAN  Green, Robert M.  Apology to Inky  nomination nv 
38  1966 NOV  Swann, Thomas Burnett  Manor of Roses, The  nomination nv  novella in F&SF
39  1966 JUN  Zelazny, Roger  This Moment of the Storm  nomination nv 
40  1967  Ferman, Edward L.    nomination mag  Best Professional Magazine
41  1967 APR  Zelazny, Roger  Dawn  award no  1st story in Buddha series, part of his novel Lord of Light(1967), which won the Hugo Award for best novel; a 2nd part of this novel pub. in 1967 JUN(#2490)
42  1968 MAY  Delany, Samuel R.  Lines of Power  nomination na 
43  1968  Ferman, Edward L.    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
44  1969 JUL  Leiber, Fritz  Ship of Shadows  award na 
45  1969 APR  Niven, Larry  Not Long Before the End  nomination ss 
      Benford, Gregory  Deeper Than the Darkness  nomination ss  a novelette in F&SF
47  1969  Ferman, Edward L.    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
48  1970 APR  Leiber, Fritz  Ill Met in Lankhmar  award na 
49  1970  Ferman, Edward L.    award mag  Best Professional Magazine
50  1971 APR  Anderson, Poul  Queen of Air and Darkness, The  award na 

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