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35  1954 APR  Emsh  Leiber, Fritz  Silence Game, The  p.69 
      Emsh  Bradley, Marion Zimmer  Centaurus Changeling  p.87,107 
      Emsh  Morrison, William  Inner World, The  p.19,27  (1925-1990) working name for Ed(mund) Emshwiller
36  1954 MAY  Kirberger, Fred  Heinlein, Robert A.  Star Lummox  p.5,49 
37  1954 JUN  Solovioff, Nick  Crow, Levi  Warrior in Darkness  p.61 
      Kirberger, Fred  Heinlein, Robert A.  Star Lummox  p.101,113 
38  1954 JUL  Solovioff, Nick  Holding, Elisabeth Sanxay  Shadow of Wings  p.13 
      Solovioff, Nick  Friborg, Albert Compton  Careless Love  p.57 
      Kirberger, Fred  Heinlein, Robert A.  Star Lummox  p.69,101 
39  1954 AUG  Solovioff, Nick  Bester, Alfred  Fondly Fahrenheit  p.5,19 
      Solovioff, Nick  Henderson, Zenna  Gilead  p.35,45 
40  1954 SEP  Faragasso, Jack  Reynolds, Mack  Prone  p.90  (1929- ) born in Brooklyn, attended Art Student League 1949-53; sold 1st paperback cover in 1952; has several books incl. Mastering Drawing the Human Figure(1998); see article on him in Illustration Magazine #1, 2001 OCT
      Freas, Kelly  McComas, J. Francis  Brave New Word  p.76  (1922- ) he also goes by his full name, Frank Kelly Freas; see full information on him under his entries as a cover artist
      Freas, Kelly  Morrison, William  There Ought to Be a Lore  p.100 
      Solovioff, Nick  McIntosh, J.T.  One Too Many  p.39,63 
41  1954 OCT  Freas, Kelly  Moore, Ward  Lot's Daughter  p.9 
      Freas, Kelly  Morrison, William  Music of the Sphere  p.77 
      Solovioff, Nick  Coppel, Alfred  Mars Is Ours  p.113 
64  1956 SEP  Freas, Kelly  Anderson, Poul  Operation Afreet  p.11,14,28 
65  1956 OCT  Freas, Kelly  Heinlein, Robert A.  Door Into Summer, The  p.37,44 
66  1956 NOV  Freas, Kelly  Heinlein, Robert A.  Door Into Summer, The  p.41,51,61 
67  1956 DEC  Freas, Kelly  Heinlein, Robert A.  Door Into Summer, The  p.51,65,72 
76  1957 SEP  Emsh  Young, Robert F.  Goddess in Granite  p.26 
95  1959 APR  Schoenherr, John  McCaffrey, Anne  Lady in the Tower, The  p.62  (1935- )
96  1959 MAY  ???  Chandler, A. Bertram  Man Who Could Not Stop, The  p.109 

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