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No.  Author  Issue Date  Comments
1  Jeter, Fritz  1963 AUG  Norwalk, CA; praise
2  Blish, James  1963 AUG  the term "Science Fantasy"
3  Wright, Ross  1963 AUG  Berkeley, CA; love
4  Simonds, Alan  1963 AUG  Alexandria, VA; editorial subjects, sf & f not politics
5  Sneary, Rick  1963 AUG  South Gate, CA; Zangwill's "Satan Mekatrig" in 1963 FEB, mixed feelings
6  Gygax, E. Gary  1963 AUG  Chicago, IL; disappointed by editor Avram Davidson, will not renew subscription
7  Lorenz, Mrs. John L.  1963 AUG  Manchester, MA; praise
8  Burgess, Fred  1963 AUG  Franklinville, NC; Davidson's editorial in 1963 MAR, praise
9  Coleman, R.D.  1963 AUG  China Lake, CA; tired of sf stories that "cry doom"
10  Hamilton, G.S. Jr  1963 AUG  Seaside, CA; tired of stories "heavy with'style' but weakly plotted"
11  Bendeau, B.  1963 NOV  Cleveland, OH; Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP, praise
12  Fuller, Andrea  1963 NOV  San Jose, CA; Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP, in "bad taste"
13  Sheehan, Robert D.  1963 NOV  Brooklyn, NY; on Davidson's intro to Paul Jay Robbins' "Sweets to the Sweet" in 1963 AUG, praise
14  Husock, Howard  1963 NOV  South Euclid, OH; bring back your editorials
15  Lorenz, Mrs. John  1963 NOV  Manchester, MA; letters column should more of a forum, rather than comment on the stories
16  Parkinson, Terry  1963 NOV  Columbus, OH; more comments on stories
17  Hill, A.J.  1963 NOV  Wyomissing, PA; Ray Nelson's "Turn Off the Sky" in 1963 AUG, "atrocious"
18  Scott, David  1963 NOV  Chicago, IL; Ray Nelson's "Turn Off the Sky" in 1963 AUG, praise
19  Leonard, Thomas P.  1964 FEB  Kinross, MI.; 1963 SEP issue, errors & praise
20  Wade, James  1964 FEB  Seoul, Korea; more reprints of traditional fantasy
21  Allen, Mrs. Virginia M.  1964 FEB  Detroit, MI.; support for Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP, against letter #12 by Fuller
22  Paskow, David Charles  1964 FEB  Philadelphia, PA; despise the cut versions of serials in F&SF, espec. Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP; long reply by Davidson about the need for cut versions to fit in magazines
23  Davidson, Avram  1964 FEB  reply to Paskow letter(#22), that complete novels "won't always fit into a magazine"; talks in particular about Heinlein's Glory Road, & Knight's Tree of Time
24  Ley, Willy  1964 FEB  correction to note on p.23 of 1963 OCT issue, about his books Watchers of the Skies, & Beyond the Solar System
25  Harwood, James V.  1964 MAY  Patrick AFB, FL; errors in Robert F. Young's "The Eternal Lovers" in 1963 DEC
26  Frederick, Don  1964 MAY  New York; Hannes Bok cover art, 1963 NOV, praise
27  Robles, Mrs. Thomas G.  1964 MAY  Chimbote, Peru; displeasure at "non-books, non-paintings, non-stories", will no longer subscribe
28  Danner, Bill  1964 MAY  Kennerdell, PA; Avram Davidson's "What Strange Stars and Skies" in 1963 DEC, praise; note from Davidson's describing "snazzy certificate" sent with letter
29  von Toal, Prof. Paul  1964 MAY  Thiel College, Greenville, PA; praise for Zenna Henderson in 1963 OCT, Philip Winsor, Roger Zelazny in 1963 NOV, & Damon Knight in 1963 DEC-JAN
30  Kujawa, Betty  1964 MAY  South Bend, IN; praise for fringe books in book reviews
31  Squires, Conrad  1964 MAY  Brooklyn, NY; what Zenna Henderson's The People feel
32  Olsen, Robert  1964 MAY  Orange, CA; "PLEASE! NO MORE PEOPLE STORIES!"
33  Poynter, W.F.  1964 NOV  San Francisco, CA; doesn't like "trend toward sadism & the preoccupation with horror ... wish (Davidson) would restudy the works published during the tenure of Anthony Boucher."
34  Anigstein, R.  1964 NOV  New York City, NY; "Gahan Wilson ... excellent replacement for Feghoot. ... (Davidson has) substituted an amusing, tongue-in-cheek presentation of sex for the morbid & sadistic stories in some recent issues."
35  Boucher, Anthony  1964 NOV  Berkeley, CA; there was a Wizard of Mauritius, name of Bottineau(in regards to Avram Davidson's editorial in 1964 JUN)
36  Taylor, M.M.  1964 NOV  Toronto, Ontario, Canada; a set of papers about the Wizard was pub. in The Nautical Magazine, in 1934(in regards to Avram Davidson's editorial in 1964 JUN)
37  Mason, Chandler L. ("Doc Channem")  1964 NOV  South River, NJ; Wizard mentioned in R.T. Gould: A Book of Marvels(1937), & 2 earlier books, Oddities, & Enigmas(in regards to Avram Davidson's editorial in 1964 JUN); a note from A.D.
38  Blabon, Diana M.  1964 NOV  Palm Beach, FL; found a copy of a 1960 issue of F&SF "at the Oasis of Sebha, deep in the heart of the Libyan Sahara"
39  Blish, James  1964 NOV  New York City, NY; a question about the author of an opera on Faust, mentioned in Avram Davidson's intro to Roger Zelazny's "The Salvation of Faust" in 1964 JUL; short reply from A.D.
40  Edson, Viki  1964 NOV  Livermore, CA; praise for C.S. Lewis's poem "The End of the Wine" in 1964 JUL
41  Egan, John  1964 NOV  Houston, TX; differences between J.G. Ballard's "The Illuminated Man" in 1964 MAY & that in the French edition, "a French writer must work hard to put pathos into his story"; short reply by A.D.
42  Gurley, Jack  1964 NOV  Memphis, TN; "Euthenics is the inspiring word of today & tomorrow"; reply by A.D.
43  Van den Broek, Willem  1968 MAY  Ann Arbor, MI; comments on Judith Merril's book review in 1967 SEP; reviews Damon Knight's book In Search of Wonder, & Kenneth Kenniston's book The Uncommitted
44  Raimondo, Dennis  1968 MAY  Yorktown, NY; comments on "Teeny-Bopper Science Fiction" in Judith Merril's book review in 1968 FEB
45  Contoski, Victor  1968 SEP  Madison, WI; need for an anthology of sf poetry; gives the examples from W.S. Merwin: "Fog-Horn", & David Ignatow: "News Report"
46  Malzberg, Barry N.  1971 AUG  letter in response to Joanna Russ book review in 1971 APR, says she has gone beyond criticism to "mischief-making"
47  Harrison, Harry  1972 AUG  there were many errors in Alexei & Cory Panshin's book review, in 1972 MAR, of anthologies edited by Harrison(Best SF: 1970, w. Brian W. Aldiss, & SF: Author's Choice 3)
48  Panshin, Alexei  1972 AUG  in response to Harry Harrison's criticism of his 1972 MAR book review(with his wife Cory Panshin)
49  Aldiss, Brian W.  1975 JAN  criticizes Alexei & Cory Panshin book review, in 1974 MAR, of his book Billion Year Spree
50  Hirsch, Roland  1975 JAN  supports the Panshins' book review comments, in 1974 MAR, "regarding the misnamed John W. Campbell Memorial Award

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