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Alber, Joy Nocito  1983 JUN  Summerville, SC; critical of 1983 MAR issue, & in particular of the Harvey Jacob story "Where Did You Get My Number?"; F&SF "is becoming more and more a 'horror' sheet & less and less a 'fantasy' publication"
Aldiss, Brian W.  1975 JAN  criticizes Alexei & Cory Panshin book review, in 1974 MAR, of his book Billion Year Spree
Allen, Mrs. Virginia M.  1964 FEB  Detroit, MI.; support for Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP, against letter #12 by Fuller
Anderson, Poul  1975 MAY  response to Avram Davidson's book review, in 1974 NOV, of his novel A Midsummer Tempest; a discussion of the historical Prince Rupert of the Rhine
   1990 AUG  Orinda, CA; response to Asimov's science essay in 1990 MAY; "his prescription seems to be more of the same medicine that has not only failed to cure, but has largely brought the trouble on"; we need more individualism, not shackles
Anigstein, R.  1964 NOV  New York City, NY; "Gahan Wilson ... excellent replacement for Feghoot. ... (Davidson has) substituted an amusing, tongue-in-cheek presentation of sex for the morbid & sadistic stories in some recent issues."
Asimov, Isaac  1975 MAY  response to Friedman's letter concerning his science essay "The Flying Dutchman" in 1975 FEB
   1976 JAN  reply to Petras letter(#71) - "If I were to receive a direct experience of the existence of God, even if it were not explainable ... then I would accept Him."
Bacon, Debra A.  1979 JUL  criticism of Joanna Russ's book review in 1979 FEB; "why did (Ferman) enlist a person who hates fantasy as a genre to review fantasy books?"
Bahnisch, Mark  1981 SEP  Kerdon, Australia; praise for F&SF; "F&SF is one publication I can always turn to for well-written, enjoyable stories"
Banister, Manly  1980 APR  Portland, OR; comment on Searles mr/tvr in 1979 DEC; tells why vampires cannot reflect in a mirror, but "there is no logical reason why a vampire can not reflect in a pool of water"
Bates, Roderick G.  1975 SEP  complaint about Manly Wade Wellman & Wade Wellmam's story "Sherlock Holmes Versus Mars", in 1975 MAY; expresses outrage at the display of affection their Holmes character shows toward Mrs. Hudson
Bates, Russell L.  1977 JAN  complaints of Baird Searles mr/tvr in 1976 SEP, of his review of movie "A Boy and His Dog"
Bear, Greg  1976 AUG  response to Ellison letter(#75) & Malzberg article "about getting out of sf" in 1976 APR; believes their disenchantment with sf could be because they & Silverberg "share an acerbic view of the world"
Beard, Elizabeth Knowles  1983 DEC  criticism of Chet Williamson story "A Scent of the Soul" in 1983 AUG; story "was a cheap shot at the nursing profession .. (it) does a disservice to your readers as well as to the nursing profession"
Bendeau, B.  1963 NOV  Cleveland, OH; Heinlein's "Glory Road" in 1963 JUL-SEP, praise
Benford, Gregory  1980 JUL  comment on an error by Clute in his br in 1980 APR on George Zebrowski book, Macrolife
   1982 MAY  response to Tom Disch br on the 'Labor Day Group' in 1981 FEB, & George R.R. Martin's reply to Disch in 1981 DEC; four comments on the 'Group,' incl. "at least call it something that doesn't grate so badly"
Berman, Ruth  1979 MAR  praise for the 1978 OCT issue
Bishop, Michael  1988 MAY  response to 1988 FEB review by Orson Scott Card of Bishop's book, The Secret Ascension(1987; vt Philip K. Dick Is Dead, Alas, 1988 UK); says Card accuses him of character assassination of Richard M. Nixon
Blabon, Diana M.  1964 NOV  Palm Beach, FL; found a copy of a 1960 issue of F&SF "at the Oasis of Sebha, deep in the heart of the Libyan Sahara"
Blish, James  1963 AUG  the term "Science Fantasy"
   1964 NOV  New York City, NY; a question about the author of an opera on Faust, mentioned in Avram Davidson's intro to Roger Zelazny's "The Salvation of Faust" in 1964 JUL; short reply from A.D.
Bodkin, Francis F.  1982 MAY  Sayville, NY; criticism of Harlan Ellison story "The Outpost Undiscovered by Tourists" in 1982 JAN; "The story itself was not good & was based on a type of crude so-called humor"
Boucher, Anthony  1964 NOV  Berkeley, CA; there was a Wizard of Mauritius, name of Bottineau(in regards to Avram Davidson's editorial in 1964 JUN)
Boutillier, Lester  1975 MAY  negative views of the stories in the 1975 JAN issue
Brandshaft, Richard  1976 JAN  criticism of book reviewer Joanna Russ, in her review of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Dispossessed in 1975 MAR; prefers what P. Schuyler Miller calls "book reports" to Russ's literary criticism
Brennert, Alan  1982 SEP  Marina Del Rey, CA; criticism of Searles mr/tvr of Darkroom TV series, in 1982 MAY; as the one who adapted Carter Scholz' story for "Closed Circuit" episode, Brennert knows it was not a ripoff of the movie Looker(1981) - reply by Searles
Budrys, Algis  1977 JUL  response to George Zebrowski letter(#98) of criticism to his review of Campbell's book The Space Beyond & Zebrowski's afterword in that book
Burgess, Fred  1963 AUG  Franklinville, NC; Davidson's editorial in 1963 MAR, praise
Cadloff, Kevin Andrew  1983 DEC  praise for Budrys reviews in F&SF; "(he) is the clearest literary voice your country has, not even excepting William Safire"
Campbell, Laura  1981 MAY  Davis, CA; error by cover artist Ron Walotsky illus. the story "Ménage Outré" by Lee Killough, for the 1981 FEB issue; description of woman in story is not that of the woman on the cover
Carr, Terry  1978 FEB  correction to Baird Searles review, in 1977 NOV, of Star Wars; attributes quote "the golden age of science fiction" to Peter Graham in 1960
   1980 JUL  comments on Clute br in 1980 APR of his anthology, Best S. F. of the Year #8; "I'd rather a reviewer simply hated a book of mine than suggested I might have been loafing on the job"
Chauvin, Cy  1976 JAN  "A number of sf writers Silverberg, Malzberg, Ellison ... said they have become disenchanted with sf ... readers prefer bad sf to good ... Who is to blame ...? ... what can we do about it?"
   1980 APR  Detroit, MI; response to Russ essay "In Defense of Criticism" in her br in 1979 NOV; "The thing that is most distressing is that Russ seems to feel that being a critic is very different from being a reader, & that is not true"
Clute, John  1977 JUL  reply to Barry N. Malzberg(#92) & Carl Glover letters(#93) of criticism to his reviews of Bester's novelette & Dickson"s & Harrison's novel, Lifeboat; latter letter "presented no case"
Coleman, R.D.  1963 AUG  China Lake, CA; tired of sf stories that "cry doom"
Contoski, Victor  1968 SEP  Madison, WI; need for an anthology of sf poetry; gives the examples from W.S. Merwin: "Fog-Horn", & David Ignatow: "News Report"
Cox, Arthur Jean  1980 MAR  praise for Michael Shea's "The Angel of Death" in 1979 AUG; "... writing is at times amazingly daring ... no brutality in the story ..."
Crapanzano, Patricia  1976 APR  praise for Charles W. Runyon's story "In Case of Danger, Prsp the Ntxivbw" in 1975 DEC; "Reading the story had turned (her husband's) virility dial way up"
Danner, Bill  1964 MAY  Kennerdell, PA; Avram Davidson's "What Strange Stars and Skies" in 1963 DEC, praise; note from Davidson's describing "snazzy certificate" sent with letter
Davidson, Avram  1964 FEB  reply to Paskow letter(#22), that complete novels "won't always fit into a magazine"; talks in particular about Heinlein's Glory Road, & Knight's Tree of Time
de Camp, L. Sprague  1977 JAN  inaccuracies of Alexei & Cory Panshin br in 1976 JUL, in their review of his book Science -Fiction Handbook
Dickerson, Paulette & Mark Zimmerman  1981 SEP  Silver Spring, MD; criticism of Christopher Priest br in 1981 MAY; Priest's review of Joan D. Vinge novel The Snow Queen "reveals an unseemly amount of jealously"
Dodson, Stephen H.  1975 MAY  positive views on John Varley's stories in F&SF, "Picnic on Nearside" in 1974 AUG & "Retrograde Summer" in 1975 FEB; "This is what science fiction should be ..."
Durang, Charles F.  1978 AUG  praise for 1978 FEB issue; "simply the finest issue of a science fiction magazine I have ever seen"
Dyer-Bennet, David  1975 MAY  his views of the stories in the 1975 JAN issue
Edson, Viki  1964 NOV  Livermore, CA; praise for C.S. Lewis's poem "The End of the Wine" in 1964 JUL
Egan, John  1964 NOV  Houston, TX; differences between J.G. Ballard's "The Illuminated Man" in 1964 MAY & that in the French edition, "a French writer must work hard to put pathos into his story"; short reply by A.D.

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