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Person  Story Title  Issue Date  Award Type  Comments
Ferman, Edward L.    1983  mag  1984 LOC, Best Magazine
     1983  ed  1984 WFA, Special Award for Editing/Publishing F&SF
     1984  mag  1985 LOC, Best Magazine
     1985  mag  1986 LOC, Best Magazine
     1986  mag  1987 LOC, Best Magazine
     1987  mag  1988 LOC, Best Magazine
     1988  mag  1989 LOC, Best Magazine
     1988  ed  1989 LOC, Best Editor
     1989  mag  1990 LOC, Best Magazine
     1989  ed  1990 LOC, Best Editor
     1990  mag  1991 LOC, Best Magazine
     1990  ed  1991 LOC, Best Editor
Ferman, Edward L. & Kristine Kathryn Rusch    1991  mag  1992 LOC, Best Magazine
     1991  ed  1992 LOC, Best Editor
Finch, Sheila  Out of the Mouths  1996 DEC  nv  1997 LOC, novelette; 3rd story in Lingster, or Guild of the Xenolinguists series
   Reading the Bones  1998 JAN  na  1999 LOC, novella; 6th story in F&SF in Lingster series
Florance-Guthridge, George  Quiet, The  1981 JUL  ss  1982 LOC, short story
Flynn, Michael F.  Promise of God, The  1995 MAR  ss  1996 LOC, short story
Fowler, Karen Joy  Poplar Street Study, The  1985 JUN  ss  1986 LOC, short story
   Face Value  1986 NOV  ss  1987 LOC, short story
   Dark, The  1991 JUN  ss  1992 LOC, short story
Frazier, Robert  Salinity  1988 FEB  pm  1989 RHY, short poem
Friesner, Esther M.  Birthday, A  1995 AUG  ss  1996 LOC, short story
   How to Make Unicorn Pie  1999 JAN  nv  1999 HOM, novelette
   How to Make Unicorn Pie  1999 JAN  nv  2000 LOC, novelette
Frost, Greg  Day in the Life of Justin Argento Morrel, A  1983 JUL  nv  1984 LOC, novelette
Garcia y Robertson, R.  Spiral Dance, The  1990 MAY  nv  1991 LOC, novelette; 2nd & last story in Anne of Northumberland series, to be part of his fixup novel, The Spiral Dance(1991)
   Gone to Glory  1995 JUL  nv  1996 LOC, short story
   Princess of Helium, A  1998 SEP  na  1999 LOC, novella; 1st story in Llenor series
   Princess of Helium, A  1998 SEP  na  1999 STU; 1st story in Llenor series
Gardner, James Alan  Reaper  1991 FEB  ss  1992 AUR, short fiction
Gerrold, David  Martian Child, The  1994 SEP  nv  1994 HOM, novelette
   Martian Child, The  1994 SEP  nv  1995 LOC, novelette
Geston, Mark S.  Allies, The  1998 MAY  nv  1999 LOC, novelette
Girard, James P.  In Trophonius's Cave  1979 MAY  ss  1980 LOC, short story
Godwin, Parke  Fire When It Comes, The  1981 MAY  nv  1982 WFA, novella
   Fire When It Comes, The  1981 MAY  nv  1982 LOC, novelette
Gorman, Ed  Face, The  1993 APR  ss  1994 LOC, short story
   Yesterday's Dreams  1996 DEC  nv  1992 Golden Spur Award; 1st pub. in The Best Western Stories of Ed Gorman(1991)
Gotlieb, Phyllis  Son of the Morning  1972 JUN  na  1973 LOC, novella
Gotschalk, Felix C.  Vestibular Man  1985 MAR  nv  1986 LOC, novelette
Grant, C.L.  Crowd of Shadows, A  1976 JUN  ss  1977 LOC, short story; 1st & only story in F&SF in his Starburst series
Grant, Charles L.  Hear Me Now, My Sweet Abbey Rose  1978 MAR  ss  1979 WFA, short fiction; 1st story in F&SF in Oxrun Station horror series
   Secrets of the Heart  1980 MAR  ss  1981 LOC, short story
Green, Terence M.  Barking Dogs  1984 MAY  ss  1985 LOC, short story
Griffin, Russell  Saving Time  1987 FEB  na  1988 LOC, novella
Gunn, James E.  Voices, The  1972 SEP  nv  1973 JWC, novel; story is part of a fixup novel, The Listeners(1972), which was nominated for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award
Haldeman, Jack C. II & Jack Dann  High Steel  1982 FEB  nv  1983 LOC, novelette
Haldeman, Joe  Images  1991 MAY  ss  1992 LOC, short story
   Graves  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  1993 LOC, short story

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