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1949 FLL  Spivak, Lawrence E.  Introduction  in  (1900-1994) intro to the mag. & its editors by its publisher ; was publisher of F&SF from 1949 FLL thru 1954 JUL; on p.8 of Annette Peltz McComas(ed): The Eureka Years(1982), a letter states Boucher & McComas wrote this intro & signed as by Spivak
   Cartmill, Cleve  Bells on His Toes  ss  (1908-1964) author & journalist; 1st story pub. "Oscar" in UNK 1941 FEB; has 8 fantasy novels/novellas in UNK & ASF, incl. novella "Hell Hath Fury" in UNK 1943 AUG(& in George Hay 1963 anth. same name), about a boy who learns he's a woman/demon offspring
   Landon, Perceval  Thurnley Abbey  ss  (1869-1927) 1st pub. in England in his coll. Raw Edges(1908); English barrister, playwright, journalist & author; has books Lhasa: An Account of the Country and People of Central Tibet ... (1905), and Nepal(1928)
   MacDonald, Philip  Private—Keep Out!  ss  (1899-1980) Scottish author of screenplays, detective novels; The Rasp(1924) & X v. Rex(1933) as by Martin Porlock; screenplays Rebecca(1940), The Body Snatcher(1945); N-1959 EDG for novel The List of Adrian Messenger(1963 movie)
   O'Brien, Fitz-James  Lost Room, The  ss  (1828-1862) 1st pub. in HRP 1858 SEP & WRT 1929 OCT; working name for Michael Fitz-James O'Brien; Irish-born, moving to the U.S. in 1852, O'Brien was a contemporary of Poe, and died from wounds in the Civil War
   Sturgeon, Theodore  Hurkle Is a Happy Beast, The  ss  (1918-1985) 1st story unofficial Bureau of Imaginary Zoology ser.(hurkle); ps. for Edward Hamilton Waldo(Sturgeon is his stepfather's surname); 1st story pub. "Heavy Insurance" in the Milwaukee Journal, 16 JUL 1938; 1st sf "Ether Breather" in ASF 1939 SEP
   Holmes, H.H.  Review Copy  ss  (1911-1968) ps. for William A.P. White, aka Anthony Boucher; ps. used for his Sister Ursula mystery series novels Nine Times Nine(1940; 1986 as A.B.), Rocket to the Morgue(1942; 1952, 67, 75, 88 as A.B.), as well as for other novels
   Endore, Guy  Men of Iron  ss  (1900-1970) 1st pub. in 1940; author of novels about historic figures: Casanova(1930), The Werewolf of Paris(1933, case of Sgt. Bertrand), Babouk: The Story of a Slave(1935), Satan's Saint(1966, Marquis de Sade), King of Paris(1967, Alexander Dumas)
   Palmer, Stuart  Bride for the Devil, A  ss  (1905-1968) 1st story bought by F&SF in 1946 JUN for $100.00, orig. title "Seek and Ye Shall Find," it is discussed in Edward L. Ferman's intro to 30th Anniv. Issue, 1979 OCT, p.8; Charles Stuart Palmer, Army major, screen, TV & mystery writer
   Onions, Oliver  Rooum  ss  (1873-1961) 1st pub. in Fortnightly Review 1910 DEC; legally changed name to George Oliver in 1918, but wrote fiction under O.O., esp. ghost stories; has coll. The Collected Ghost Stories of O.O.(1935), novel The Story of Ragged Robin(1945), among others
   Sale, Richard  Perseus Had a Helmet  ss  (1911-1993) 1st pub. in ARG, 5 FEB 1938, 1st story in F&SF from Captain McGrail series; Richard Bernard Sale, author of detective novels & pulp stories; born in NYC, lived in California; pub. over 60 stories in the mys. pulps, Argosy, PST, etc 1930s-1940s
   Pascal, David  Cartoon  ct  (1918- ) 1st pub. in SRL; born in Manhattan; lives in Soho, NYC; attended American Artists School 1936-1938; illustrator & cartoonist for major publications incl. NYM; W-1968 Plaque Award, Advertising Illustrations; W-1972 Silver T-Square Award
   McClintic, Winona  In the Days of Our Fathers  ss  her 1st pub. story; has published some verse in ATL

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