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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Aandahl, Vance  It's a Great Big Wonderful Universe  1960 NOV  vi  (1944- ) his 2nd sale(1st was to EQMM)
   Man on the Beach, The  1961 JAN  ss 
   Cogi Drove His Car Through Hell  1961 AUG  ss 
   When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed  1962 MAY  ss  sophomore English major at the Univ. of Colorado
   Darfgarth  1962 JUL  ss 
   Unfortunate Mr. Morky, The  1962 OCT  vi 
   Riddle Song, The  1963 FEB  ss 
   Weremartini, The  1963 JUN  ss  married to Feghoot-contributor Lenore Sellers
   Crown of Rank Fumiter, A  1964 SEP  ss 
   Beyond the Game  1968 MAY  ss 
   Drool  1969 FEB  vi 
   Adventure in the Yolla Bolly Middle Eel Wilderness, An  1969 AUG  nv 
   Sylvester's Revenge  1975 MAY  ss 
   Owls  1975 JUL  ss 
   14 Gifts, The  1976 DEC  pm 
   Midnight Snack  1986 APR  ss 
   Born From the Beast  1986 AUG  na  N-1987 LOC, novella; the adventures of a trio traveling up a river wilderness on the colony planet Misare XII - young disfigured Becky Laffoon, old-timer Unbefrontable, & a mysterious stranger who calls himself V.J. van Downey
   Deathmatch in Disneyland  1987 JUL  nv  two female pro-wrestlers are thawed out in the year 2887 to undertake a desperate mission into the bowels of the Peoples Republic of Disneyland
   Highest Authority of All, The  1988 JAN  ss 
   In the Light of the Holy Herb  1988 JUL  ss  author says he wrote this story "in hopes of exploring the psychology of fear & showing that fear can so drain us that we are left open to transformation"
   Natural Talent  1988 AUG  ss 
   Lost in Cleveland  1989 AUG  ss  "the greatest basketball game of all time: the 20th Century NBA All-Stars against the Cyborg Superstars of 2055"
   Bad Luck  1989 NOV  ss 
   Scoring  1990 JUN  ss  author described story in cover letter as "a near-future gridiron cyber punk love story with undercurrents of mysticism"
   Pinched  1991 DEC  ss  story "examines the things that make us human"; "about a convict on an interstellar deportation ship"(Scott Winnett, LOC 1991 DEC, p.59)
   Water  1992 APR  vi  "has short fiction published in a wide variety of publications, from slicks such as PBY to literary quarterlies such as New World Writing"; teaches writing & sf literature in Denver
   First Invention, The  1992 AUG  ss  tale of an exotic society, the pre-history world
Aarons, Edward S.  Communicators, The  1958 JUN  nv  (1916-1975) Edward Sidney Aarons, mys. writer; used his own name & ps. Paul Ayres & Edward Ronns; has Cajun CIA agent Sam Durell, 1st book in ser. Assignment to Disaster(1955), etc.; see his entry in Murphy: Encyclopedia of Murder and Murder(1999)
   Makers of Destiny, The  1959 SEP  nv  has 1st mys. novel Death in a Lighthouse(1938, as Edward Ronns); also as Ronns, Terror in the Town(1947), The Catspaw Ordeal(1950), No Place to Live(1950), Escape to Love(1952), Death Is My Shadow(1957); as Paul Ayres, Dead Heat(1950)
Abeel, William C.  Beast of Mouryessa, The  1969 MAY  ss  born & raised in Texas, now lives in San Francisco
Abernathy, Robert  Professor Schlucker's Fallacy  1953 NOV  ss  (1924-1990) has a PhD from Harvard in Slavic linguistics; 1st story pub. "Peril of the Blue World" in PLS 1942 WIN
   Axolotl  1954 JAN  ss  this story also anthologized as "Deep Space"
   Firefighter, The  1954 MAR  vi 
   Heirs Apparent  1954 JUN  nv 
   Fishers, The  1954 DEC  nv  Abernathy has published at least 30 sf stories in the 1940s & 1950s in magazines as diverse as Astounding, Planet Stories, Science Fiction Quarterly, Fantastic Universe, Amazing, Galaxy, etc.
   Single Combat  1955 JAN  ss 
   Year 2000, The  1956 JAN  vi 
   Hour Without Glory  1956 JUL  ss  Abernathy is on the faculty of the Univ. of Colorado where he teaches, among other things, a course in East European & Russian science fiction
Abrams, Gerald  From the 2205 AD Mother Goose  1978 AUG  pm 
Adams, Georgia F.  Acrostic Puzzle  1974 DEC  pz  ( ? -1992) Georgia Fillingame Adams; rules for all acrostic puzzles in F&SF: puzzle contains a quotation from a work in sf, the 1st letters of the puzzle name the author & title of the work the quotation is from; answer in 1975 JAN, p.157
   Acrostic Puzzle  1975 JUL  pz  answer in 1975 AUG, p.159; author has short story "A Kitten for Elinor" in Vertex 1975 JUL
   Acrostic Puzzle  1975 DEC  pz  answers in 1976 JAN, p.155
   Acrostic Puzzle  1976 SEP  pz  answers in 1976 OCT, p.160
   Acrostic Puzzle  1977 FEB  pz  answers in 1977 MAR, p.108; has book with Selina Young, Nanny Fox(1994)
   Acrostic Puzzle  1978 JAN  pz  answers in 1978 FEB, p.19
   Acrostic Puzzle  1980 AUG  pz  answers in 1980 SEP, p.112
Adams, Georgia Fillingame  Acrostic Puzzle  1983 APR  pz  answers in 1983 MAY, p.48
   Acrostic Puzzle  1986 JUN  pz  answers in 1986 JUL, p.42
Adams, Louis J.A.  Dark Conception  1964 NOV  ss  (1926- ; 1940- ) collab. ps. for Joe L. Hensley & Alexei Panshin; Joe Louis Hensley, 1st story pub. sf "Eyes of the Double Moon" in PLS 1953 MAY; Alexei Adams Panshin, 1st story pub. sf "Down to the Worlds of Men" in IFS 1963 JUL
Agate, Mrs.  Slammy and the Bonneygott  1960 JUN  ss  her 1st sale

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