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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Agnew, Bruce A.  Key, The  1953 JUN  vi  his 1st pub. story
Aickman, Robert  School Friend, The  1970 DEC  nv  (1914-1981) 1st pub. in his coll. Dark Entries(1964); born in London, began writing fiction in 1949; has anth. Mystery: An Anthology of the Mysterious in Fact and Fiction(1952), which refers to Borley Rectory, "the most haunted house in England"
   Ringing the Changes  1971 MAY  nv  1st pub. in Cynthia Asquith(ed): The Third Ghost Book(1955); edited books The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories(1964), The Second Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories(1966), #3-8(1967-72)
   Bind Your Hair  1971 NOV  nv  1st pub. in his coll. Dark Entries(1964); considered one of the finest writers of the ghost story in the 2nd half of the 20th century(Clute); has colls. We Are for the Dark: Six Ghost Stories(1951, w. Elizabeth Jane Howard), Powers of Darkness(1966)
   Pages From a Young Girl's Journal  1973 FEB  nv  W-1975 WFA, short fiction; has colls. Sub Rosa: Strange Tales(1968), Cold Hand in Mine: Eight Strange Tales(1976), Tales of Love and Death(1977), Intrusions: Strange Stories(1980), Night Voices(1985)
   Clock Watcher, The  1974 JUN  nv  1st pub. in Herbert van Thal(ed): The Bedside Book of Horror(1973); Aickman was N-1975 WFA, for Lifetime Achievement
   Same Dog, The  1974 DEC  nv  has colls. Painted Devils: Strange Stories(1979), The Wine-Dark Sea(1988; N-1989 LOC); has novels The Late Breakfasters(1964), The Model(1987); has novella "The Stains," in Ramsey Campbell(ed): New Terrors #1(1980), which W-1981 BFA, short fiction
   Hospice, The  1976 APR  nv  1st pub. in his coll. Cold Hand in Mine: Eight Strange Stories(1975)
   Marriage  1978 APR  nv  has coll. The Unsettled Dust(1990)
   Hand in Glove  1979 JAN  nv  an opera critic as well as a writer, he has two autobiographies, The Attempted Rescue(1966), & The River Runs Uphill: A Story of Success and Failure(1986)
Aikin, Jim  Lilith, The  1981 FEB  nv  (1948- ) wn. for James Douglas Aikin, his 1st fiction sale; "I'm an editor at Contemporary Keyboard Mag., a monthly for musicians ... I'm a musician myself, but I've turned increasingly to writing because (of)... commercial compromises (in music)"
   My Life in the Jungle  1985 FEB  ss  N-1986 LOC, short story; has 1st novels Walk the Moons Road(1985; N-1986 LOC), an sf adventure novel with well-done aliens(B&C); The Wall at the Edge of the World(1993), about a utopian society & the real world that threatens to breach its walls(B&C)
   Dancing Among Ghosts  1988 FEB  na  N-1989 LOC, novella; the story about a group of creative people from NYC, incl. a tormented painter who produces a remarkable canvas that seems to have a life of its own
Albee, George Sumner  Top, The  1962 AUG  ss  (1905-1964) 1st pub. in 1953; has published many stories in The Saturday Evening Post betw. 1948-1961; a story was made into movie The Next Voice You Hear ...(1950); has book Not in a Day(1935); novels Girl on the Beach(1953), By the Sea, By the Sea(1960)
Alden, W.L.  Volcanic Valve, The  1950 WIN/SPR  ss  (1837-1908) 1st pub. in Pall Mall Magazine in 1897 JUL, & in his coll. Van Wagener's Way(1898); 1st & only story in F&SF in his Prof. Van Wagener series; William Livingston Alden, born in MA, lived abroad in Italy & England after 1885
Aldiss, Brian  You Never Asked My Name  1985 NOV  ss  has The Bones of Bertrand Russell seq., Futurity Takes a Hand(1976), Through a Galaxy Backwards(1976), Where the Walls Are Hung with Multi-Media Portraits(1976); novels An Island Called Moreau(1981), The Horatio Stubbs Saga(1985), Ruins(1987)
Aldiss, Brian W.  New Father Christmas, The  1958 JAN  ss  (1925- ) born in E. Dereham, Norfolk, England; served in the Royal Signals in Burma & Sumatra; after service, worked as an assistant in an Oxford bookshop; 1st story pub. sf "Criminal Record" in SCF 1954 JUL; has coll. Space, Time and Nathaniel(1957)
   Poor Little Warrior!  1958 APR  ss  has 1st novel Non-Stop(1958; vt Starship, U.S.); novels Vanguard from Alpha(1959), Bow Down to Nul(NWS 1960 MAR-MAY as "X for Exploitation"; 1960), The Primal Urge(1961); non-sf novel The Male Response(1961); Aldiss N-1959 HUG for Best New Author
   Have Your Hatreds Ready  1958 MAY  ss  this story in colls. of linked stories The Canopy of Time(1959) & Galaxies Like Grains of Sand(1960) as "Secret of a Mighty City"; all other stories in colls. are pub. in other mags.(mostly British); has non-sf novel The Brightfount Diaries(1961)
   Space Burial  1959 JUL  pm  edited anth. Penguin Science Fiction(1961), Best Fantasy Stories(1962), More Penguin Science Fiction(1963), Yet More Penguin Science Fiction(1964), Introducing Science Fiction(1964), Nebula Award Stories Two(1967, with Harry Harrison)
   Hothouse  1961 FEB  nv  1st story Hothouse series; series "set in the far-future, when the Earth has ceased rotating, ... involves the adventures of humanity's remnants, who live in the branches of a giant, continent-spanning tree"(Clute)
   Nomansland  1961 APR  nv  2nd story Hothouse ser.; has novel Greybeard(1964 US, cut version; 1964 UK, full version), considered by some to be his "finest sf novel ... deals w. a future in which humanity has become sterile due to an accident involving biological weapons"(Clute)
   Undergrowth  1961 JUL  na  3rd story Hothouse ser.; has "plotless novel," A Garden With Figures; novels The Dark Light Years(1964), how humans deal w. aliens superior in intelligence, but physically disgusting, & Earthworks(1965), An Age(1967; vt Cryptozoic!, 1968 US)
   Timberline  1961 SEP  nv  4th story Hothouse series; "the odyssey of Gren & Yattmur & the tummy-bellies(5" high humans)"; has colls. Starswarm(1964), Who Can Replace a Man?(1966; N-1989 LOC), The Saliva Tree and Other Strange Growths(1966)
   Evergreen  1961 DEC  na  5th & last story Hothouse ser.; ser. coll. in fixup novel The Long Afternoon of Earth(1962) W-1962 HUG, shfi; has colls. Intangibles Inc.(1969; rev. vt Neanderthal Planet, 1970 US), The Moment of Eclipse(1970; W-1972 BSF), The Book of Brian Aldiss(1972)
   Shards  1962 APR  ss  has short story "Super-Toys Last All Summer Long" in HRP 1969 DEC, a Pinocchio-like tale about a withdrawn English boy who is actually a robot that wants to become a real boy & be loved by its 'mother'; see article in NYT 1999 JUL 18 by Gregory Feeley
   Kind of Artistry, A  1962 OCT  nv  this story in his coll. The Airs of Earth(1963), which is otherwise composed of stories from NWS; has nf book The Shape of Further Things(1970), part autobiography, part criticism; time travel novel Frankenstein Unbound(1973; basis 1990 movie)
   There Are No More Good Stories About Mars Because We Need No More Good Stories About Mars  1963 JUN  pm  has unconventional novel Report on Probability A(1968; written in 1962, but unpublishable till times changed); fixup novel Barefoot in the Head: A European Fantasia(1969), from his "Acid-Head War" stories, about Europe after a war using psychedelic drugs
   Saliva Tree, The  1965 SEP  na  W-1965 NEB; has nf books Billion Tear Spree(1973; W-1974 BSF; rev. exp. Trillion Year Spree, with David Wingrove, 1986; W-1987 HUG, LOC), a history of sf; The Twinkling of an Eye, or, My Life as an Englishman(1999; N-2000 LOC)
   Burning Question  1966 OCT  ss  has bestselling non-sf series of novels, The Hand-Reared Boy(1970), A Soldier Erect(1971), & A Rude Awakening(1978), coll. in omnibus The Horatio Stubbs Saga(1985); novels The Eighty-Minute Hour: A Space Opera(1974), Brothers of the Head(1977)
   Randy's Syndrome  1967 APR  nv  has Three Enigmas : I series, The E of Her Voice(1973), The Great Chain of Being What?(1973), & I Ching, Who You?(1973); Three Enigmas: II series, All Those Enduring Old Charms(1973), The Eternal Theme of Exile(1973), Nobody Spoke or Waved Goodbye(1973)
   Soft Predicament, The  1969 OCT  nv  has Three Enigmas: III ser., Looking on the Sunny Side of an Eclipse('74), The Old Fleeing and Fleeting Images('74), The Unbearableness of Other Lives('74); Three Enigmas IV ser., Carefully Observed Women('75), The Daffodil Returns the Smile('75), 1 more
   Three Songs for Enigmatic Lovers  1974 NOV  gp  1st & only story group in F&SF in his Enigma ser.; 3 short stories/vignettes: 1. A One-Man Expedition Through Life; 2. The Taste of Shrapnel; 3. Forty Million Miles from the Nearest Blonde; "(enigmas) are slightly surreal escapades grouped in threesomes"
   Gulf and the Forest, The: Contemporary SF in Britain  1978 APR  ar  "what is happening in contempoary British SF & how it differs from the American scene"; counts 25 fulltime sf writers in England who "rely for our living on selling outside (Britain)"; sf originated in Britain; New Wave is misunderstood in the U.S.
   Three Ways  1978 APR  nv  has nf anth. w. Harry Harrison, Hell's Cartographers: Some Personal Histories of Science Fiction Writers(1975); see interviews in LOC 1985 MAY(#292), 1986 JUL(#306), 1987 NOV(#322), 1989 JUN(#341), 1992 JUL(#378), 1995 SEP(#416), 2000 AUG(#475)
   Enemies of the System  1978 JUN  na  N-1979 HUG, novella; "during the millionth anniversary of the creation of a totally rational Utopia & the genetic transformation of a new specis of man ... a party of these Utopianists are stranded on a primitive & savage planet"; exp. into novel, in 1978
   Poor Little Warrior!  1979 OCT  ss  1st pub. in F&SF 1958 APR; see articles in NWS 1965 SEP, INZ #38 1990; interviews in Britton & Partington(ed): The Savoy Book(1978), Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction(1978), Platt: Dream Makers(1980; 1987), INZ #38 1990, Fear! 1991 JAN
   Door Slams in Fourth World  1982 OCT  ss  has Year by Year the Evil Gains seq., Killing Off the Big Animals(1975), What Are You Doing? Why Are You Doing It?(1975), Within the Black Circle(1975); colls. Last Orders and Other Stories(1977), New Arrivals, Old Encounters(1979), Foreign Bodies(1981)
   How an Inner Door Opened to My Heart  1988 APR  ss  has anth. Space Odysseys(1974), Space Opera(1974), Evil Earths(1975), Galactic Empires(1976), Decade the 1940s(1975), ... 1950s(1976), ... 1960s(1977), the last 3 w. Harry Harrison; novel The Malacia Tapestry(1976); coll. Seasons in Flight(1984)
   Traveler, Traveler, Seek Your Wife in the Forests of This Life  1988 NOV  ss  1st pub. in S. F. Blues Programme Book(1987); has nf book This World and Nearer Ones(1981); essay colls. The Pale Shadow of Science(1985; N-1986 HUG, LOC), ... And the Lurid Glare of the Comet(1986; N-1987 LOC), The Detached Retina(1995; N-1996 LOC)
   North of the Abyss  1989 OCT  nv  has Helliconia seq., Helliconia Spring(1982; W-1983 BSF, JWC; N-1982 NEB; 1983 LOC), Helliconia Summer(1983; N-1983 SFC; 1984 BSF, LOC), Helliconia Winter(1985; W-1986 BSF; N-1985 NEB; 1986 LOC, SFC), set on a planet ruled by two suns
   Better Morphosis  1991 JUN  ss  1st pub. in Nasacon II Programbook(1990), read aloud at IAFA Conference of the Fantastic, March 1990; has sf novels The Year Before Yesterday(1987), Dracula Unbound(1991); non-sf Life in the West(1990), Remembrance Day(1993), Somewhere East of Life(1994)
   Common Clay  1992 DEC  ss  has colls. Best SF Stories of ...(1988; vt Man in His Time, 1989), A Romance of the Equator(1989), A Tupolev Too Far(1993; N-1994 LOC), The Secret of This Book(1995; vt Common Clay, 1996 US; N-1996 LOC, WFA); see his website at
Aldridge, Ray  Touch of the Hook, The  1988 APR  ss  (1948- ) wn. for Raymon Huebert Aldridge; lives on Gulf Coast, FL; his 1st fiction sale was "Click" in Budrys(ed): WotF Vol.II(1986); "My wife Nancy is a pychologist, the ideal companion for an sf writer. I'm part Cherokee, & I grow wonderful tomatoes"
   Floating Castles  1988 DEC  nv  has "built a series of sf-oriented (stained glass) windows that deal with the same subject as (this story)—the impact, often fatal, of high tech cultures on primitive ones"; his stained glass windows series is titled "The Alien Lightscapes"
   Blue Skin  1989 MAR  ss  Aldridge, after leaving the military, learned how to make pots from the book by Bernard Leach, A Potter's Book(1946; 1953); he has been a potter & stained glass designer since the 1970s; see his artwork, & much commentary at his website
   Chump Change  1989 AUG  ss  at his website, Aldridge lists the clay artists he admires most, with links to their websites as well as to websites that promote clay art; on his own website, Aldridge goes into much detail into how his art has evolved & techniques used
   Steel Dogs  1989 SEP  nv  N-1990 LOC, novelette
   Cold Cage, The  1990 FEB  ss  N-1991 LOC, short story
   Hyena Eyes  1990 JUN  nv  N-1991 LOC, novelette

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