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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Aldridge, Ray  We Were Butterflies  1990 AUG  ss  has Emancipator ser. of novels, The Emancipator, Book I: The Pharoah Contract(1991), Book II: The Emperor of Everything(1992), & Book III: The Orpheus Machine(1992), set on a planet used by an interstellar corporation as a breeding ground for slave labor
   Beastbreaker, The  1991 FEB  nv 
   Gate of Faces  1991 APR  nv  W-1992 SFC; N-1991 NEB, novelette; "the story of a dying longhauler named John Thinwolf, stranded on an odd & menacing outpost called Jaworld"
   Fabularium, The  1991 DEC  ss  N-1992 NEB, short story
   Love Farmer, The  1992 MAR  na  1st story in F&SF in Dilvermoon series; set in the Dilvermoon world(as are most of his novels & short fiction), free-citizen Arriangel awakens 500 years in the future as a slave, & finds that her future rests upon whether she can love or not
   Winedark  1992 AUG  ss  set off the coast of Greece
   Filter Feeders  1994 JAN  nv 
   Spine Divers, The  1995 JUN  na  N-1996 STU; 2nd & last story in F&SF in Dilvermoon series; Michael Mastine, traveloguist, visits the Spine Divers' village on the planet Raarea, whose divers hunt a fish for a no-fear drug, a synthetic version of which is available on Dilvermoon
Allen (?)  Cartoon  1962 OCT  ct 
Allen, Lori  And Mercy Mild  1980 AUG  ss  (1939- ) her 1st pub. work; "a CT housewife, nee NYC slum kid, graduate of Syracuse Univ., wife of poet & sf fan Dick Allen ... won the 1977 Writer's Digest Creative Writing Contest, but was beginning to think of myself as One Story Lori until now"
   Time Windows  1987 JUN  ss  Lori Negridge Allen; has anth. with her husband Dick Allen, Looking Ahead: The Vision of Science Fiction(1975)
Allen, Woody  Kugelmass Episode, The  1977 DEC  ss  (1935- ) N-1978 LOC, shfi; 1st pub. in NYM 1977 MAY 2; ps. for Allen Stewart Konigsberg; movie actor & director; 1st screenplay The Laughmaker(1962); 1st acted in TV series "That Was the Week That Was" in 1964; 1st directed What's Up, Tiger Lily?(1966)
Almon, Chas.  Cartoon: Why They Never Send Kids Into Space  1995 AUG  ct  working name for Charles Almon
   Cartoon: How the Panda Evolved  1996 FEB  ct 
Alpert, Hollis  Simian Problem, The  1960 JUL  ss  (1916- ) movie critic, The Saturday Review; has novels The Summer Lovers(1959), Some Other Time(1960); wrote for TV Johnny Staccato(1959-60); Fellini: A Life(1986), The Life and Times of Porgy and Bess(1990), Broadway! 125 Years of Musical Theatre(1991)
Amis, Kingsley  Something Strange  1961 JUL  ss  (1922-1995) 1st pub. in The Spectator, in 1960; has social comedy novel Lucky Jim(1954); sf criticism New Maps of Hell(1960); anth. Spectrum ser.(1961-66); coll. My Enemy's Enemy (1962); Memoirs(1991); obit LOC 1995 LOC; bio R. Bradford: Lucky Him(2001)
Anderson, Karen  In Memoriam: Henry Kuttner (1914-1958)  1958 MAY  pm  (1932- ) Henry Kuttner died February 4, 1958; Karen Anderson's 1st pub. work; also in F&SF with her husband author Poul Anderson
   Origin of the Species  1958 JUN  pm  married to author Poul Anderson
   Six Haiku  1962 JUL  pm 
   Landscape With Sphinxes  1962 NOV  vi  her 1st pub. story; her 1st professional sale was a poem, "In Memoriam: Henry Kuttner," in F&SF 1958 MAY; has been active in sf fandom
   Sky of Space, The  1963 MAR  pm  has novel Question and Answer(1978) with Poul Anderson
   Treaty in Tartessos  1963 MAY  ss  has coll. The Unicorn Trade(1984) with Poul Anderson
   Theoretical Progress  1964 SEP  pm  has The Last Viking seq. with Poul Anderson, The Golden Horn(1980), The Road of the Sea Horse(1980), & The Sign of the Raven(1980)
   Investigation of Galactic Ethnology  1964 SEP  pm 
   Look Up  1965 FEB  pm  has King of Ys seq. with Poul Anderson, Roma Mater(1986; N-1987 LOC), Gallicenae(1987), Dahut(1987), & The Dog and the Wolf(1988)
   Unicorn Trade, The  1971 APR  pm 
Anderson, Kevin J.  Final Performance  1985 JAN  ss  (1962- ) born in Racine, WI; has 1983 BA in Physics/Astronomy from Univ. of Wisconsin; 1st story pub. sf "Luck of the Draw" in S&T #63 1982-83 FLL/WIN; 1st novel Resurrection, Inc.(1988; N-1989 LOC, STO); iv in LOC 1995 DEC(#419)
   Dogged Persistence  1992 SEP  ss  has novels w. Doug Beason, Lifeline(1990), The Trinity Paradox(1991; N-1992 LOC), Assemblers of Infinity(1993; N-1993 NEB; 1994 LOC), Virtual Destruction(1996), Lethal Exposure(1998), etc; w. Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Afterimage(1992), Aftershock(1998)
Anderson, Poul  Interloper  1951 APR  nv  (1926-2001) born in Pennsylvania of Scandinavian parents; after WWII, member of Minnesota Fantasy Society w. Clifford D. Simak & Gordon R. Dickson; 1948 physics degree from Univ. of Minnesota; has wealth of knowledge of Scandinavian language & literature
   When Half-Gods Go  1953 MAY  ss  1st story pub. sf "Tomorrow's Children," with F.N. Waldrop in ASF 1947 MAR; 1st novel Vault of the Ages(1952); has coll. of his best early stories, Alight in the Void(1991); occasionally used the pseudonyms A.A. Craig & Winston P. Sanders(latter in F&SF)
   Three Hearts and Three Lions  1953 SEP  na-1/2  "alternate-world fantasy, an Earthman is translated from the middle of World War II into a sword-&-sorcery world"(Clute); exp. 1961 & has sequel, A Midsummer Tempest(1974; W-1975 MYT; N-1975 LOC, NEB, WFA), alt. world where Shakespeare's plays are factual
   Three Hearts and Three Lions  1953 OCT  na-2/2  winner 2nd place best story of 1953; see contest results F&SF 1954 MAY; has novel Brain Wave(SPM 1953 SEP as "The Escape," the first installment only before the mag. ceased publication; 1954), considered by some to be his most famous & finest work(Clute)
   Immortal Game, The  1954 FEB  ss  has novels War of Two Worlds(TCS 1953 WIN as "Silent Victory"; 1959), The Broken Sword(1954; rev. 1971), No World of Their Own(1955), Planet of No Return(1956; vt Question and Answer, 1978, w. Karen Anderson), The Enemy Stars(1959; N-1959 HUG; coll. 1987)
   Ghetto  1954 MAY  nv  story revised to be chapter 21 in novel Starfarers(1998; N-1999 JWC, LOC); has Technic History/Nicholas van Rijn seq. War of the Wing-Men(1958; vt The Man Who Counts, 1978), Satan's World(1969), The People of the Wind(1973; N-1973 NEB; 1974 HUG, LOC)
   Time Patrol  1955 MAY  nv  1st story Manse Everard and Time Patrol series; also in van Rijn seq., novel Mirkheim(1977), colls. Trader to the Stars(1964), The Trouble Twisters(1966), The Earth Book of Stormgate(1978; N-1979 LOC)
   Inside Straight  1955 AUG  nv  has Psychotechnic League seq. The Snows of Ganymede(STS 1955 WIN; 1958), Star Ways(1956; vt The Peregrine, 1978), Virgin Planet(VSF 1957 JAN; exp. 1959), colls. The Psychotechnic League(1981), Cold Victory(1982), Starship(1982), man goes into the galaxy
   Delenda Est  1955 DEC  nv  2nd story Time Patrol ser.; note by editor Boucher gives the background to the Latin phrase from which this story's title comes from; ser. coll. in Guardians of Time(1960; exp.1981), Time Patrolman(1983) - omnibus Annals of the Time Patrol(1984)
   Superstition  1956 MAR  nv  has novels Perish by the Sword(1959), The Golden Slave(1960; rev. 1980), Murder in Black Letter(1960), Rogue Sword(1960), Murder Bound(1962) - all associational; has fixup novel Twilight World(ASF 1947 MAR, JUL; 1961)
   Nice Girls on Mars (Of Mars and Men: I)  1956 MAY  ar  response to Richardson art.(#721) in F&SF 1955 DEC, the male point of view, on the sexual mores necessary for Martian exploration/early colonization
   Barbarian  1956 MAY  spf  a story in the "late Howard Roberts' tales of Cronkheit the Barbarian series"(a spoof of Robert Howard's character, Conan the Barbarian)
   Man Who Came Early, The  1956 JUN  nv  has colls. Strangers from Earth(1961), Un-Man and Other Novellas(1962); novels After Doomsday(1962), The Makeshift Rocket(ASF 1958 NOV-DEC as "A Bicycle Built for Brew"; 1962 chap), Shield(FAN 1962 JUN-JUL; 1963), Three Worlds to Conquer(1964)
   Operation Afreet  1956 SEP  nv  1st story Afreet, or Matuchek, ser.; has novel The High Crusade(ASF 1960 JUL-SEP; 1960; N-1960 & 1961 HUG; 1994 movie), in which a spaceship lands in medieval Europe where it's taken over by a baron who takes it into space & creates a feudal empire(Clute)
   Operation Salamander  1957 JAN  nv  2nd story Afreet series; has History of Rustum seq. colls. Orbit Unlimited(1961), New America(1982), about a human colony on a planet in the Epsilon Eridani system(Clute)
   Journeys End  1957 FEB  ss  has Technic History/Dominic Flandry seq. We Claim These Stars(1959), Earthman, Go Home!(1960), Let the Spacemen Beware(FUN 1960 JAN as "A Twelvemonth and a Day"; 1963 chap; vt The Night Face, 1978), Flandry of Terra(1965)
   License  1957 APR  nv  also in Flandry seq. coll. Agent of the Terran Empire(1965), novels Ensign Flandry(1966), The Rebel Worlds(1969), A Circus of Hells(1970), The Day of Their Return(1973), A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows(1974), A Stone in Heaven(1979)
   Life Cycle  1957 JUL  ss  also in Flandry seq. colls. The Night Face and Other Stories(1978), The Long Night(1983), & novel The Game of Empire(1985); has colls. Time and Stars(1964), The Horn of Time(1968), Seven Conquests(1969), Beyond the Beyond(1969)
   Long Remembering, The  1957 NOV  ss  also in F&SF w. co-authors Kenneth Gray, wife Karen Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson(Hoka series), & under ps. Winston P. Sanders; Hoka ser. colls. Earthman's Burden(1957), Hoka!(1984), novel Star Prince Charlie(1975); has novel The Corridors of Time(1965)
   Peacemongers, The  1957 DEC  ss  World Without Stars(ANA 1966 JUN-JUL as "The Ancient Gods"; 1967), Tales of the Flying Mountains(ASF 1963-65 as by Winston P. Sanders; 1970 fixup); juvenile fantasy The Fox, the Dog and the Griffin: A Folk Tale Adapted from the Danish of C. Molbeck(1966)
   Last of the Deliverers, The  1958 FEB  ss  has novel Tau Zero(GAL 1967 JUN-AUG as "To Outlive Eternity"; exp. 1970; N-1971 HUG), in which a spaceship goes out of control & continues to accelerate until, due to time dilation, they go thru the next Big Bang, after which the crew plans to colonize
   Backwardness  1958 MAR  ss  has novels The Byworlder(1971; N-1971 NEB), The Dancer from Atlantis(1971; N-1973 MYT), There Will Be Time(1972), Fire Time(1974; N-1975 HUG); Hrolf Kraki's Saga(1973; W-1975 BFA; N-1974 MYT), a retelling of one of the greatest Icelandic sagas(Clute)

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