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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Anderson, Poul  Ballade of an Artificial Satellite  1958 OCT  pm  married to author Karen Anderson; has novel Inheritors of Earth(1974), with Gordon R. Eklund - was in fact written by Eklund but based on an early Anderson story, "Incomplete Superman" in FUT 1951 MAR
   Wildcat  1958 NOV  nv  3rd story Time Patrol series; edited anth. West by One and by One(1965 chap), Nebula Award Stories Four(1969), The Day the Sun Stood Still(1972), the latter a common-theme anth. with Gordon R. Dickson & Robert Silverberg
   Sky People, The  1959 MAR  nv  1st story Sky People series, has sequel in F&SF 1962 JAN; has colls. The Queen of Air and Darkness and Other Stories(1973, title story in F&SF 1971 APR), The Many Worlds of Poul Anderson(1974; N-1975 LOC; vt The Book of Poul Anderson, 1975)
   Martian Crown Jewels, The  1959 APR  ss  1st pub. in EQMM 1958 FEB; has award winning short story "The Longest Voyage" in ANA 1960 DEC(W-1961 HUG), novelettes "The Sharing of Flesh" in GAL 1968 DEC(W-1969 HUG; N-1968 NEB), "Hunter's Moon" in ANA 1978 NOV(W-1979 HUG; N-1979 LOC)
   Brave to Be a King  1959 AUG  nv  4th story Time Patrol series; has interviews in Vertex 1973 AUG, & Galileo #11 1979; interviews in Paul Walker: Speaking of Science Fiction: The Paul Walker Interviews(1978), & in Charles Platt: Dream Makers II(1983); biolog in ANA 1978 NOV
   Operation Incubus  1959 OCT  ss  3rd story Afreet series; has coll. Homeward Bound(1975); novel The Winter of the World(1975), about the Earth in a future ice age; edited anth. A World Named Cleopatra(1977), a shared-world anth. built around his title story & concept(Clute)
   Only Game in Town, The  1960 JAN  nv  5th story Time Patrol series; has colls. Homebrew(1976 chap), The Best of Poul Anderson(1976); fantasy novel The Merman's Children(1979; N-1980 LOC), which complexly interweaves several quests in search of the lost domain, is movingly elegiac(Clute)
   Martyr, The  1960 MAR  nv  has novels The Demon of Scattery(1979), with Mildred Downey Broxon; Conan the Rebel(1980), The Devil's Game(1980); has coll. of his Hugo winning stories, Winners(1981); has award winning novella "The Saturn Game" in ANA 1981 FEB 2(W-1982 HUG; N-1982 LOC)
   Welcome  1960 OCT  ss  was President of SFWA 1972-73; won a 1977 Gandalf Grand Master Award, & a 1997 Nebula Grandmaster Award; has novelette "The Ways of Love" in Destinies 1979 JAN(N-1979 NEB), novella "Star of the Sea"(in 1991 omnibus The Time Patrol; N-1992 LOC)
   Time Lag  1961 JAN  nv  has novel The Avatar(1978; N-1979 LOC); Last Viking seq. of historical tales, The Golden Horn(1980), The Road of the Sea Horse(1980), & The Sign of the Raven(1980) - all with wife Karen Anderson; has colls. Fantasy(1981), The Dark Between the Stars(1981)
   Night Piece  1961 JUL  ss  has Maurai series, coll. Maurai and Kith(1982; N-1983 LOC), tales of post-catastrophe life, & novel Orion Shall Rise(1983; N-1984 LOC), a pro-technology sequel, in which man aspires to the stars again(Clute)
   Progress  1962 JAN  nv  2nd story Sky People series, sequel to story in F&SF 1959 MAR; has colls. Explorations(1981), The Gods Laughed(1982), Conflict(1983), The Unicorn Trade(1984 with Karen Anderson), Past Times(1984), Dialogue with Darkness(1985), Space Folk(1989)
   No Truce With Kings  1963 JUN  na  W-1964 HUG, short fiction; "a future, and fragmented, America fights for its spiritual ... and physical integrity," the "America of this short novel ... reminiscent of the Japan of the Early Meji Restoration"; pub. as a chapbook in 1989
   Marque and Reprisal  1965 FEB  na  N-1966 HUG, short fiction; 1st of a trilogy, in privateer Gunnar Heim series; "Gunnar Heim ... and his desperate and heroic adventurings with the distant world of New Europe and the alien & beautiful & utterly dangerous Aleriona"
   Arsenal Port  1965 APR  na  2nd story in Gunnar Heim series, a trilogy about the starship Fox II and its privateer captain, Gunnar Heim; has King of Ys series with Karen Anderson, Roma Mater(1986; N-1987 LOC), Gallicenae(1987), Dahut(1988), The Dog and the Wolf(1988)
   Admiralty  1965 JUN  na  3rd story in Gunnar Heim ser., last of a trilogy about Gunnar Heim & his starship Fox II, as they battle the Alerion forces to save New Europe; longer version of the 3 novellas to be pub. as the novel The Star Fox(1965; N-1965 NEB), rvw. in F&SF 1965 NOV
   Poul Anderson Replies  1965 OCT  ar  reply to two Soviets' view of American sf, #2259; has novel The Boat of a Million Years(1989; N-1989 NEB; 1990 HUG, LOC, SFC), which follows the long lives of a group of immortals
   Books  1968 APR  br  Harry Harrison: The Technicolor Time Machine; Kate Wilhelm: The Killer Thing
   Anthony Boucher  1968 AUG  obit  a tribute to the late Anthony Boucher; Anderson has edited anth. w. Martin H. Greenberg & Charles G. Waugh, Mercenaries of Tomorrow(1985), Terrorists of Tomorrow(1985), Time Wars(1986), & Space Wars(1988)
   Operation Changeling  1969 MAY  no-1/2  4th story Afreet series; "Ginny & Steve Matuchek probe into the hell universe in search of their kidnapped daughter," Valeria/Victrix; has edited anth. with Karen Anderson, The Night Fantastic(1991)
   Operation Changeling  1969 JUN  no-2/2  Afreet or Matuchel series coll. in Operation Chaos(1971); has short story paperback, Loser's Night(1991 chap); non-fiction How to Build a Planet(1991); coll. Cold Victory(1982), New America(1982), Starship(1982), The Armies of Elfland(1992)
   Fatal Fulfillment, The  1970 MAR  na  N-1970 NEB; 1971 LOC; 1st story in F&SF in the Afterlife of Bailey ser.; 1 of 5 stories written by 5 authors that follow a common prologue(by Keith Laumer); 1 other in ser. in F&SF by Frank Herbert; all to be pub. in Keith Laumer's book, Five Fates(1970)
   Introduction to Poul Anderson's "The Queen of Air and Darkness"  1971 APR  in  title figure is "of unknown antiquity who continues to haunt the present day. ... title ... is borne by the demonic female (as) ... Lilith of rabbinical lore ... she-jinni of the Arabs ... Japanese kami ... her weapon is (her) beauty and charm"
   Queen of Air and Darkness, The  1971 APR  na  W-1971 NEB, novelette; W-1972 LOC, short fiction; W-1972 HUG, novella; story about a detective in pursuit of a legend from ancient Earth that shows up on a planet 75 light years away
   Poul Anderson: Bibliography  1971 APR  bib  a chronological listing of his novels, collections, articles & stories
   Goat Song  1972 FEB  nv  W-1972 NEB; 1973 HUG, novelette; N-1973 LOC, short fiction; see Sandra Miesel: Against Time's Arrow: The High Crusade of Poul Anderson(1978 chap); see interviews in Rigel WIN (#6) 1982, Midnight Zoo #4 1991 JUL, Expanse #3 1994
   Problem of Pain, The  1973 FEB  nv  see Gordon Benson Jr & Phil Stephensen-Payne: Poul Anderson: Myth-Maker and Wonder-Weaver: A Working Bibliography(1989, 2 vol. chap); interviews in MZBFM 1996 SPR, "Poul Anderson: Fifty Years of Science Fiction" in LOC 1997 APR(#435)
   Pugilist, The  1973 NOV  nv  an unusually grim story, says Anderson: "it starts at the bottom and continues on downhill"; has novel The Longest Voyage(1991); coll. Kinship with the Stars(1991); sf/f poetry coll. Staves(1993; 1999); omnibus Virgin Planet and Star Ways(2000)
   Visitor, The  1974 OCT  ss  has Harvest of Stars seq., Harvest of Stars(1993; N-1994 LOC), The Stars Are Also Fire(1994; N-1995 LOC), Harvest the Fire(1995), The Fleet of Stars(1997; N-1998 LOC); has novel The Saturn Game(novella, ANA 1981 FEB 2; exp. 1989)
   Gibraltar Falls  1975 OCT  ss  6th story Time Patrol series; also in series, ya novel The Year of the Ransom(1988), coll. of three novellas The Shield of Time(1990), omnibus The Time Patrol(1991; 1994); has omnibus of 3 Flandry novels, The Imperial Stars(2000)
   House Rule  1979 MAY  ss  1st pub. in his coll. Homebrew(1976); also has coll. All One Universe(1996; N-1997 LOC); colls. with Gordon R. Dickson, Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!(1998), Hokas Pokas!(2000); historical novel War of the Gods(1997), based on the Viking warrior Hadding(B&C)
   Shrine for Lost Children, The  1999 OCT/NOV  ss  has novel Starfarers(1998; N-1999 JWC, LOC); in Afreet ser., novel Operation Luna(1999), omnibus Operation Otherworld(1999); Genesis(2000; W-2001 JWC; N-LOC), an astronaut uploaded into a computer to explore space; see obits in LOC 2001 SEP, SFC 2001 OCT
Anderson, Poul & Gordon R. Dickson  Yo Ho Hoka!  1955 MAR  nv  (1926-2001; 1923-2001) 1st story in F&SF in their Hoka series; 3 previously pub. stories: "Heroes Are Made" in OWS 1951 MAY, "In Hoka Signo Vinces" in OWS 1953 JUN, & "The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound" in USF 1953 DEC
   Tiddlywink Warriors, The  1955 AUG  nv  2nd story Hoka series; 2 more stories: "Don Jones" in Hoka coll. Earthman's Burden(1957), & "The Napoleon Crime" in ANA 1983 MAR
   Joy in Mudville  1955 NOV  nv  3rd story Hoka series
   Undiplomatic Immunity  1957 MAY  nv  4th story Hoka series
   Full Pack (Hokas Wild)  1957 OCT  nv  5th story Hoka series; series coll. in Earthman's Burden(1957); also has Hoka coll. Hoka!(1984), & omnibuses Hoka! Hoka! Hoka!(1998), Hokas Pokas!(2000), & novel Star Prince Charlie(1975)
Anderson, Poul & Karen  Feast for the Gods, A  1971 NOV  ss  (1923-2001; 1932- ) husband & wife collaboration; they married in 1953, & live in the San Francisco Bay area
Anderson, Poul & Kenneth Gray  Survival Technique  1957 MAR  ss  (1926-2001; ?-?) this story was reprinted in Drake, Greenberg & Waugh(ed): The Eternal City(1990), an anth. of sf stories dealing with the Roman Empire; Gray had short story "Smaller Than You Think" in ASF 1948 AUG
Angell, Roger  Just a Matter of Time  1950 FLL  ss  (1920- ) 1st pub. in NYM, 7 FEB 1948; his fiction from NYM, coll. in The Stone Arbor and Other Stories(1970); chief fiction editor at NYM; see article on him at; has baseball books A Pitcher's Story(2001), etc
Angus, Douglas  About Time to Go South  1957 OCT  ss  (1909- ) 1st pub. in ESQ 1957 FEB; has novels The Lions Fed the Tigers(1958), The Ivy Trap(1961), The Descent of Venus(1961), Death on the Jerusalem Road(1963); anth. ser. The Best Short Stories of the Modern Age, etal, some w. Sylvia Angus, since 1962
Anthony, John  Hypnoglyph, The  1953 JUL  ss  (1916-1985) ps. for John Ciardi, well-known poet, Prof. of English & editor
   Bone That Seeks, The  1955 MAR  ss 
Anthony, Patricia  Name of the Demon, The  1989 NOV  ss  (1947- ) born in San Antonio, TX; has MA in English Lit.; works at the Dallas Morning News; has 1st novel sf Cold Allies(1993; W-1994 LOC; N-CCR), Brother Termite(1993), Happy Policeman(1994); Flanders(1998); coll. Eating Memories('97); see C.A., vol.166
Anthony, Piers  Sos the Rope  1968 JUL  no-1/3  (1934- ) winner, Science Fiction Novel Award(see #2525); a "future society consisting of combative nomads on one hand & technologically advanced 'crazies' on the other, Sos is the man who attempts to discover the reason behind this ... state of affairs"
   Sos the Rope  1968 AUG  no-2/3  Piers Anthony is the working name for Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob; 1st story pub. sf "Possible to Rue" in FAN 1963 APR; early work coll. in Anthonology(1985), 1st novel Chthon(1967), & sequel Phthor(1975), novel Macroscope(1969)
   Sos the Rope  1968 SEP  no-3/3  novel Sos the Rope has sequels Var the Stick(1972) & Neq the Sword(1975); has trilogy Omnivore(1968), Orn(1971), & Ox(1976); has novels Steppe(1976), Prostho Plus(Dr. Dillingham series, IFS 1967-68; 1971 fixup), Triple Detente(ASF 1968 MAR; exp. 1974)
   Wood You?  1970 OCT  ss  has Xanth ser. A Spell for Chameleon(1977), The Source of Magic(1979), Castle Roogna(1979), Centaur Isle(1982), etc; has Apprentice Adept seq. Split Infinity(1980), Blue Adept(1981), Juxtaposition(1982), Out of Phaze(1987), etc; interview TWZ 1987 DEC
Antieau, Kim  Trudging to Eden  1988 NOV  ss  (1955- ) attended 1980 Clarion; married to writer Mario Milosevic(also in F&SF); lives in OR; 1st story pub. "Out of the Womb" in ASI 1983 JUL; 1st novel fantasy The Jigsaw Woman(1996); has coll. Trudging to Eden(1995); novel The Gaia Websters(1997)
Anver, M.R.  Unto Us a Child  1974 APR  ss  Miriam R. Anver; 1st story pub. sf "Dragon's Teeth" in ANA 1969 MAY; "has doctor's degrees both in veterinary medicine & pathology ... currently ... an assistant professor ... medical faculty at the Univ. of Michigan"

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