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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Ashby, Richard  Sling, The  1952 AUG  ss  has J. Marty Reed series in OWS 1950 NOV & 1952 APR; has 8 short stories in men's mags. Adam, Knight, & Pix betw. 1964 MAR-1970 SEP; associate editor of Vertex SF 1973-75
Ashley, Mike  Afterword to "At a Mayfair Luncheon" (by Algernon Blackwood)  1986 SEP  aw  (1948- ) wn. for Michael Ashley; has nf book Algernon Blackwood: A Bio-Bibliography(1987); mentions history of this story, & mentions others - "The Doll," "The Trod," "The Wednesday Story," "The Castlebridge Cat," "Lock Your Door," & coll. Shocks(1935)
Asimov, Isaac  Flies  1953 JUN  ss  (1920-1992) born in Petrovichi, Russia, came to the U.S. in 1923; discovered sf through pulps sold in his father's candy store; 1st story pub. sf "Marooned Off Vesta" in AMZ 1939 MAR; Futurian; BS & PhD in Chemistry from Columbia Univ. in 1939 & 1948
   Fun They Had, The  1954 FEB  vi  1st pub. in The Boys and Girls Page, 1 DEC 1951; associate professor of biochemistry at Boston Univ. School of Medicine 1949-1958, resigning to write full-time; pub. 1st story in his Robot series, "Strange Playfellow"(aka "Robbie") in SSS 1940 SEP
   Foundation of S.F. Success, The  1954 OCT  pm  'Three Laws of Robotics' 1st appeared in "Liar!"(Robot series) in ASF 1941 MAY; has novelette "Nightfall," in ASF 1941 SEP, by many polls the best all-time short sf story; novel version of story, Nightfall(1990 UK) written with Robert Silverberg
   Singing Bell, The  1955 JAN  ss  1st story in F&SF in Dr. Wendell Urth sf-detective series; early Robot stories(all but 1st one in ASF 1940-50) coll. in I, Robot(1950); Lije Bailey robot novels The Caves of Steel(GAL 1953 OCT-DEC; 1954), The Naked Sun(ASF 1956 OCT-DEC; 1957)
   Talking Stone, The  1955 OCT  ss  2nd story in F&SF in Urth series; has robot colls. The Rest of the Robots(1964), Eight Stories from the Rest of the Robots(1966); 1st novels Pebble in the Sky(1950), The Stars, Like Dust(1951), The Currents of Space(1952) related to Foundation series
   Dreamworld  1955 NOV  vi  has Foundation ser. novels(W-1965 HUG, Best All-Time Series), Foundation(ASF 1942-44; 1951 fixup), Foundation and Empire(ASF 1945; 1952 fixup), Second Foundation(ASF 1948-50; 1953 fixup), conceived by Asimov as fall of Roman Empire rewritten as sf
   Dreaming Is a Private Thing  1955 DEC  ss  1st pub. in SRL, 28 MAY 1955, & in F&SF in exp. form; because ASF editor Campbell refused to accept aliens superior to humans, Asimov wrote Foundation ser. w/o aliens; ser. takes background elements from "Black Friar of the Flame" in PLS 1942 SPR(Clute)
   Message, The  1956 FEB  vi  has novel The End of Eternity(1955), a complex tale of time travel & time paradoxes, considered by some to be his best work(Clute); colls. The Martian Way and Other Stories(1955), Earth Is Room Enough(1957), Nine Tomorrows: Tales of the Near Future(1959)
   Dying Night, The  1956 JUL  nv  3rd story in F&SF in Urth ser.; has coll. The Early Asimov(1972; N-1973 LOC); has Lucky Starr children's sf seq.(as by Paul French), David Starr: Space Ranger(1952), L.S. and the Pirates of the Asteroids(1953), L.S. and the Oceans of Venus(1954)
   Brazen Locked Room, The (Gimmicks Three: I)  1956 NOV  ss  part of a triptych, inspired by Cogswell's story, "Threesie"(#740) in F&SF 1956 JAN; other Lucky Starr juvenile novels, L.S. and the Big Sun of Mercury(1956), L.S. and the Moons of Jupiter(1957), & L.S. and the Rings of Saturn(1958)
   By-Product of Science Fiction, The  1957 APR  ar  1st pub. in Chemical and Engineering News, 1956 AUG, & revised for F&SF; attitude of Americans to science; with an addendum directed to sf readers; his science essay, #1266, also discusses this subject
   Loint of Paw, A  1957 AUG  vi  between 1958 & 1980, Asimov wrote little fiction(Clute), concentrating on his non-fiction writing, including the science essay series begun in F&SF 1958 NOV & lasting thru 1992 FEB(399 essays) with essay #400 completed by his wife Janet, in F&SF 1994 DEC
   I Feel It in My Bones  1957 DEC  ar  dangers of strontium-90 fallout
   Insert Knob A in Hole B  1957 DEC  vi  1st written & read on Boston TV, educational channel WGBH, as a challenge, on AUG 21, 1957; makes his mystery debut with novel The Death Dealers(1958; vt A Whiff of Death, 1968); has anth. The Hugo Winners(1962), Vol.II(1971), III(1977), IV(1985), V(1986)
   I Just Make Them Up, See!  1958 FEB  pm  has anth. Soviet Science Fiction(1962), More Soviet Science Fiction(1962), Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales(1963) w. Groff Conklin, Tomorrow's Children(1966), Where Do We Go from Here?(1971), Nebula Award Stories Eight(1973)
   Up-to-Date Sorcerer, The  1958 JUL  ss  has film novelization Fantastic Voyage(1966); colls. Through a Glass, Clearly(1967 UK), Asimov's Mysteries(1968; incl. some pub. in F&SF), Nightfall and Other Stories(1969), The Best of Isaac Asimov(1973); novel The Best New Thing(1971)
   Science: Dust of Ages, The  1958 NOV  sces  micrometeorites, Part 1; 1st of his science essays for F&SF; same subject matter as the following story, #1164; Part 2 in 1959 MAY(#1239); Asimov writes about how the F&SF science essays column began in I. Asimov: A Memoir(1994; W-1995 HUG, LOC)
   Science: Catching Up With Newton  1958 DEC  sces  escape velocities, gravitational attraction; scientist Willy Ley also has a long-running science column, "For Your Information," in GAL 1952 MAR-1969 NOV, a total of 154 essays, ending upon his death in 1969(see Pohl's comments, LOC 1996 APR, p.67)
   Science: No More Ice Ages?  1959 JAN  sces  ice ages, past and future; greenhouse effect, the causes of the ice ages; Asimov's 1st nf book was Biochemistry and Human Metabolism(1952; rev. 1954; rev. 1957)
   Science: Love Those Numbers  1959 FEB  sces  numbers; names of large numbers, their history, uses & eccentricities
   Science: Nothing  1959 MAR  sces  space; vacuum of space, interstellar dust; see addendum p.103 in F&SF 1968 AUG, where an astrophysicist deduces from x-ray intensities that there is 100X as much mass in intergalactic space as there is within galaxies, a conclusion Asimov made in 1959 MAR
   Science: Life's Bottleneck  1959 APR  sces  elements in living tissue, and the ocean; the importance of phosphorus
   Unto the Fourth Generation  1959 APR  ss  has pub. a large number of nf books incl. The Intelligent Man's Guide to Science(1960; rev. 1965), Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science & Technology(1964; rev. 1972, 1982); his science essay colls. are listed in the comments on his essays
   Science: Of Capture and Escape  1959 MAY  sces  escape & capture velocities, Part 2; Part 1 in 1st essay, #1163 in 1958 NOV; addendum: response to Dr. William Boyd's article(#1139)
   Science: Planet of the Double Sun, The  1959 JUN  sces  sun; what our heavens would be like, and the changes in human history - if our sun had a companion star, like Alpha Centauri's double star system
   Science: Battle of the Eggheads  1959 JUL  sces  intellectual bigotry, case in point, the Space War with the Soviet Union; see also his article, #919, F&SF 1957 APR, on the same subject
   Science: Ultimate Split of the Second, The  1959 AUG  sces  speed of light; using the speed of light in defining units of distance & time, including ultra-small units of time - see addendum p.94 in 1960 FEB, about "bloopers"; addendum, ultra-small metric units conversion table
   Obituary  1959 AUG  ss  has coll. Opus 100(1969), his one-hundreth book, containing excerpts from stories, novels, nf books & articles of his from 1940-68; Opus 200(1979), two-hundreth book, excerpts 1969-78; Opus 300(1984), three-hundreth book, excerpts 1979-83
   Science: Varieties of the Infinite  1959 SEP  sces  numbers; transfinite numbers
   Science: Height of Up, The  1959 OCT  sces  temperatures; extremes of temperature, different temperature scales - see addendum p.95 in 1960 FEB, about "bloopers"
   Science: C for Celeritas  1959 NOV  sces  speed of light, & Einstein's equation e=mc˛
   Science: Thin Air  1959 DEC  sces  atmosphere; history of discovery about the atmosphere, from discoveries of air pressure to those of the layers of the atmosphere
   Science: Those Crazy Ideas  1960 JAN  sces  creativity; had short story("Dreaming Is a Private Thing," #722, F&SF 1955 DEC) & poem("I Just Make Them Up, See!," #1063, F&SF 1958 FEB) on same subject - creativity & where it comes from, criterions of creativity
   Science: Sight of Home, The  1960 FEB  sces  stars, luminosity of stars; from how far away can we still see Sol, and other familiar stars
   Science: Flickering Yardstick, The  1960 MAR  sces  stars, Cepheid variables, and how they are used as cosmic yardsticks
   Science: About Time  1960 APR  sces  time; reform of time measurement - the metric year, month, day, etc
   Science: Piece of Pi, A  1960 MAY  sces  mathematical pi, Part 1; Part 2 in 1960 SEP(#1451)
   Science: Bug-Eyed Vonster, The  1960 JUN  sces  speed of light & particle acceleration, particle accelerators
   Science: Beyond Pluto  1960 JUL  sces  planets, tenth planet possibilities; Bode's Law, names for a tenth planet; see addenda, p.130, 1960 SEP(Soviets discovered another planetoid, not the tenth planet), and p.4, 1960 OCT(more names for a tenth planet)
   Science: Catskills in the Sky  1960 AUG  sces  planets, views from planetary surfaces
   Science: Tools of the Trade  1960 SEP  sces  mathematical pi, Part 2; calculating pi & the various ways mathematical equations elicit information from a circle; transcendental numbers; Part 1 in 1960 MAY(#1403); see addendum p.4 in 1960 NOV, two misstatements regarding algebraic numbers
   Science: Stepping-Stones to the Stars  1960 OCT  sces  comets, & using them to reach other stars
   Science: Element of Perfection, The  1960 NOV  sces  elements, helium and other inert elements
   Science: Now Hear This!  1960 DEC  sces  echo-location in dolphins and bats
   Science: Here It Comes; There It Goes!  1961 JAN  sces  continuous creation
   Science: Order! Order!  1961 FEB  sces  entropy
   Science: Imaginary That Isn't, The  1961 MAR  sces  numbers; imaginary numbers; see addendum p.130, 1960 MAY, concerning an error at the end of the article
   Science: My Buily-In Doubter  1961 APR  sces  popular beliefs in scientific history

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