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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Asimov, Isaac  Science: Heaven on Earth  1961 MAY  sces  stars; mapping the stars
   Science: Four Steps to Salvation  1961 JUN  sces  communication, advances in; see addendum on p.4, 1961 SEP - in response to a reader's question about Asimov's statement that primitive writing preceded agriculture: the Incas had no writing, but if writing didn't bring about agriculture, then what did?
   Science: Recipe for a Planet  1961 JUL  sces  elementary makeup of the Earth
   Science: Evens Have It, The  1961 AUG  sces  nuclear structure
   Science: Not As We Know It  1961 SEP  sces  life; chemical bases of life, only nucleic acid/protein in water is life-as-we-know-it
   Machine That Won the War, The  1961 OCT  ss  has story "Founding Father" in GAL 1965 OCT, N-1965 NEB; novel The Gods Themselves(GAL 1972 MAR, MAY; IFS 1972 MAR/APR; 1972; W-1972 NEB; 1973 HUG, LOC), a complex tale involving catastrophic energy transfers between alternate universes(Clute)
   Science: That's About the Size of It  1961 OCT  sces  extremes in sizes of animals
   Science: Dethronement  1961 NOV  sces  scientific theory, changing it
   Science: Trojan Hearse, The  1961 DEC  sces  asteroids; Trojan or Earth-grazing asteroids
   Science: Modern Demonology, The  1962 JAN  sces  Maxwell's demon; has 1st coll. of F&SF science essays Fact and Fancy(1962)
   Science: Superficially Speaking  1962 FEB  sces  planetary areas
   Science: That's Life  1962 MAR  sces  life; the differences between life and non-life
   Science: Weighting Game, The  1962 APR  sces  elements, atomic weights
   Science: By Jove!  1962 MAY  sces  planets, Jupiter; the planet Jupiter
   Science: Egg and Wee, The  1962 JUN  sces  cells; the different sizes of various cells
   Science: Hot Stuff  1962 JUL  sces  neutrinos & supernovas
   Science: Light Fantastic, The  1962 AUG  sces  lasers
   Science: Shape of Things, The  1962 SEP  sces  Earth, shape of the Earth
   Science: Slow Burn  1962 OCT  sces  elements, oxygen and oxidation
   Science: Pre-Fixing It Up  1962 NOV  sces  metric system; see addendum p.63 in F&SF 1963 JAN, concerning a mathematical error "in the distance covered by light at short intervals"
   Science: One, Ten, Buckle My Shoe  1962 DEC  sces  numbers; binary numbers; see following article(#1791) by Frederik Pohl, also on binary numbers
   Science: He's Not My Type!  1963 JAN  sces  blood types; has 2nd coll. of F&SF science essays View from a Height(1963)
   Science: Lost Generation, The  1963 FEB  sces  genetics; discovery of the laws of genetics, Mendelian Laws
   Science: You, Too, Can Speak Gaelic  1963 MAR  sces  chemical nomenclature
   Science: Rigid Vacuum, The  1963 APR  sces  light & relativity, the luminiferous ether, Part 1; Part 2 in 1963 JUN(#1890)
   My Son, the Physicist!  1963 APR  vi  1st pub. in Scientific American, 1962 FEB; has anth. Before the Golden Age(1974; W-1975 LOC); anth. ser. The Great SF Stories 1(from 1939; pub. 1979) to 25(from 1963; pub. 1992), & The Golden Years of SF: 1st Series(1983) to 6th Series(1988)
   Science: Just Mooning Around  1963 MAY  sces  satellites of the planets & the Roche limit; Asimov received a special Hugo Award in 1963 for "Adding Science to Science Fiction" for his science essays in F&SF
   Science: Light That Failed!, The  1963 JUN  sces  light, the quantum theory, & relativity, Part 2; the Michelson-Morley experiment; Part 1 in 1963 APR(#1850)
   Science: Isaac Winners, The  1963 JUL  sces  scientists; Asimov's Portable Treasury of the World's Best Scientists, a gazette of the architects of physical knowledge. Of 72 scientists listed, which, in Asimov's opinion, are the 10 greatest scientists? Answers, p.128; see addendum p.113 in 1964 JAN
   Science: T-Formation  1963 AUG  sces  numbers; T-numbers, T standing for a trillion, very large numbers & primes; see addendum p.112 in 1964 JAN, which discusses further Fibonacci numbers & Mersenne primes
   Science: Who's Out There?  1963 SEP  sces  extraterrestial life possibilities; see update essays, "Fifty Million Big Brothers" & "Where Is Everybody?" in 1978 NOV & DEC
   Science: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star  1963 OCT  sces  stars; white dwarfs
   Science: Welcome, Stranger!  1963 NOV  sces  elements, gases; the 20 gases, from helium to chlorine fluoride
   Science: Roll Call  1963 DEC  sces  planetary nomenclature; see addendum p.87 in 1965 DEC, mentions book by Philip N. Bridges: Space Age Terminology
   Science: Round and Round and ...  1964 JAN  sces  planets; sidereal days of planets & their satellites; addendums to "The Isaac Winners"(1963 JUL) on p.112 corrects one error & lists other scientists readers have nominated, & "T-Formation"(1963 AUG) on p.113 about Fibonacci numbers & Mersenne primes
   Science: Slowly Moving Finger, The  1964 FEB  sces  aging, life spans of animals; has 3rd coll. of F&SF science essays Adding a Dimension(1964)
   Science: Forget It!  1964 MAR  sces  measurements; old measurement systems
   Science: Piece of the Action, A  1964 APR  sces  physics; modern & classical physics, Planck's constant
   Science: Ghost Lines in the Sky  1964 MAY  sces  lattitude and longitude; has nf book, Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology(1964; rev. 1972; rev. 1982)
   Science: Heavenly Zoo, The  1964 JUN  sces  astrology; the zodiac
   Books  1964 JUL  br  V.A. Firsoff: Life Beyond the Earth
   Science: Nothing Counts  1964 JUL  sces  numbers; Roman numerals & the discovery of zero
   Science: Days of Our Years, The  1964 AUG  sces  calendars, lunar months, leap days, etc
   Science: Haste-Makers, The  1964 SEP  sces  enzymes, the metabolic catalysts
   Science: First and Rearmost  1964 OCT  sces  gravity, the gravitational force; see addendum p.42 in F&SF 1965 JAN, on arithmetical errors in this essay
   Science: Black of Night, The  1964 NOV  sces  universe; the expanding universe
   Science: Galaxy at a Time, A  1964 DEC  sces  galactic explosions; see addendum p.80 in F&SF 1965 FEB, on the explosion of 5,000,000 supernovas - they would be seen over 1000-1500 years, not all at once
   Science: Begin at the Beginning  1965 JAN  sces  calendars, New Year's Day, and the equinox; has 4th coll. of F&SF science essays Of Time, Space, and Other Things(1965)
   Science: Harmony in Heaven  1965 FEB  sces  Kepler's (third) harmonic law
   Science: Oh, East Is West and West Is East  1965 MAR  sces  Americas, the countries farthest east, west, south & north

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