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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Asimov, Isaac  Science: Certainty of Uncertainty, The  1965 APR  sces  uncertainty principle, Part 1; Part 2 in 1965 AUG(#2243)
   Eyes Do More Than See  1965 APR  vi  N-1965 NEB, short story; in his memoir of story in anth. #27, Asimov states it was based on an illus. from PBY; illus. story idea offered to 3 other authors by & incl. Algis Budrys, whose story "Now Hear the Word of the Lord" was pub. in GAL 1969 FEB
   Science: To Tell a Chemist  1965 MAY  sces  mole: gram molecular weights
   Science: Future? Tense!  1965 JUN  sces  sf writers predicting the future; mentions his story "Everest" in USF 1953 DEC, Cartmill's "Deadline" in ASF 1944 MAR, Heinlein's "Solution Unsatisfactory" in ASF 1941 MAY as by Anson MacDonald, H.G. Wells, etc; has sequel essay 1974 OCT(#3569)
   Science: Exclamation Point!  1965 JUL  sces  mathematics; the exclamation point, the mathematical factorial symbol; see addendum p.108 in 1965 NOV, concerning mistakes in his "Asimov Series" of numbers
   Science: Behind the Teacher's Back  1965 AUG  sces  uncertainty principle, Part 2; Part 1 in 1965 APR(#2194)
   Science: Death In the Laboratory  1965 SEP  sces  science; dangerous scientific experiments in history
   Isaac Asimov Replies  1965 OCT  ar  reply to two Soviets' view of American sf, #2259
   Science: Land of Mu, The  1965 OCT  sces  subatomic particles
   Science: Squ-u-u-ush!  1965 NOV  sces  stars; the densest density, collapsed stars
   Science: Water, Water, Everywhere  1965 DEC  sces  oceans, seas & lakes
   Science: Proton-Reckoner, The  1966 JAN  sces  protons; Archimedes; how many protons are there in the Observable Universe?; has 5th coll. of F&SF science essays From Earth to Heaven(1966)
   Science: Up and Down the Earth  1966 FEB  sces  highest mountains, deepest ocean trenches
   Science: Rocks of Damocles, The  1966 MAR  sces  asteroids, Earth-grazing; meteorite craters on Earth, possible future collisions with Earth; has sequel science essay "Updating the Asteroids" in 1974 AUG(#3542); see essay on meteoric craters & the Tunguska, Siberia, impact explosion in 1990 SEP(#6225)
   Science: Noblemen of Science, The  1966 APR  sces  scientists; Nobel Prize winning scientists
   Science: Time and Tide  1966 MAY  sces  tides, on Earth and on other planets & satellites; has sequel science essay "A Long Day's Journey" in 1979 APR
   Science: Isles of the Earth, The  1966 JUN  sces  islands, island nations, island cities
   Science: Balancing the Books  1966 JUL  sces  Big Bang and the conservation of energy laws, Part 1 of 3; Part 2 in 1966 AUG(#2390), Part 3 in 1966 SEP(#2399)
   Science: BB or Not BB, That Is the Question  1966 AUG  sces  Big Bang, creation of the universe(cosmogony), Part 2 of 3; continuous creation(CC) or Big Bang(BB); Part 1 in 1966 AUG(#2377) & Part 3 in 1966 SEP(#2399)
   Science: I'm Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover  1966 SEP  sces  Big Bang & the conservation of energy laws, Part 3 of 3; Asimov's Cosmogonic Principle; Part 1 in 1966 JUL(#2377) & Part 2 in 1966 AUG(#2390)
   Key, The  1966 OCT  nv  4th story in F&SF in Dr. Wendell Urth series; has coll. Asimov's Mysteries(1968) which collects his Urth & some of his Black Widower series stories; also has coll. The Best Mysteries of Isaac Asimov(1986), incl. this Urth story
   Isaac Asimov: Bibliography, A  1966 OCT  bib  a chronological listing of his books, magazine stories, science essays, & non-fiction books; an anlysis of Asimov's writings in the mystery genre can be seen at
   Science: Portrait of the Writer As a Boy  1966 OCT  sces  personal reminiscence
   Prime of Life, The  1966 OCT  pm  has colls. Buy Jupiter, and Other Stories(1975), Have You Seen These?(1974 chap); coll. The Bicentennial Man(1976; W-1977 LOC), the title story 1st pub. in Judy-Lynn del Rey(ed): Stellar #2(1976), story W-1976 NEB; 1977 HUG, LOC, & made into 1999 movie
   Science: Old Man River  1966 NOV  sces  rivers; the Mississippi River, and other great rivers; see related essay, "The Longest River" in 1988 JUL(#5859), which discusses the effects that the Nile, Tigris, & Euphrates Rivers had on civilizations
   Science: Symbol-Minded Chemist, The  1966 DEC  sces  elements; the symbols used for the elements
   Science: Right Beneath Your Feet  1967 JAN  sces  cities; antipodal points of cities of the world(antipodal: directly opposite side of globe)
   Science: Impossible, That's All!  1967 FEB  sces  speed of light, Part 1, his 100th essay - you can't go faster than light; see 1968 OCT(#2704) response by Arthur C. Clarke about ftl travel, & Asimov rebuttal; Part 2 in 1969 DEC(#2854)
   Science: Crowded!  1967 MAR  sces  overpopulation, the biggest cities; see sequel, "More Crowded!" in 1980 MAY(#4445), & related essays "The Power of Progression" in 1969 MAY(#2781), & "Is Anyone Listening?" in 1988 MAY(#5846)
   Science: Matter of Scale, A  1967 APR  sces  solar system & universe; putting the solar system & universe to scale
   Science: Times of Our Lives, The  1967 MAY  sces  time zones
   Science: Non-Time Travel  1967 JUN  sces  international date line
   Science: Twelve Point Three Six Nine  1967 JUL  sces  numbers; numerical ratios & relationships, and how they've led to popular beliefs
   Science: Kaleidoscope in the Sky  1967 AUG  sces  satellites Phobos & Deimos, the moons of Mars; see 3-part sequel to this science essay in 1977-78 NOV-JAN(#4041, 4054, 4067)
   Science: Great Borning, The  1967 SEP  sces  geological eras, the Cambrian "explosion" of life forms, the effects of a much closer moon
   Science: Music to My Ears  1967 OCT  sces  keys, octaves & musical scales
   Science: Knock Plastic!  1967 NOV  sces  superstitions & popular fallacies
   Science: First Metal, The  1967 DEC  sces  elements; metals, Part 1 of 3, the 7 metals known from ancient times(iron, copper, lead, tin, mercury, silver & gold); most likely, gold was discovered first; Part 2 in 1968 JAN(#2581), & Part 3 in 1968 FEB(#2597)
   Science: Seventh Metal, The  1968 JAN  sces  elements; metals, Part 2 of 3, the 7 ancient metals; this time, mostly about mercury; Part 1 in 1967 DEC(#2568), & Part 3 in 1968 FEB(#2597); has 6th coll. of F&SF science essays Science, Numbers, and I(1968)
   Science: Predicted Metal, The  1968 FEB  sces  elements; metals, Part 3 of 3, the 7 ancient metals; this time, mostly about gallium; Part 1 in 1967 DEC(#2568), & Part 2 in 1968 JAN(#2581)
   Science: Seventh Planet, The  1968 MAR  sces  planets, Part 1 of 3; this time mostly Mercury & Venus; Part 2 in 1968 APR (#2621), & Part 3 in 1968 MAY(#2632); Asimov has pub. many stories in mags. outside the genre in Gallery, PST, Escapade, Cavalier
   Science: Dance of the Sun, The  1968 APR  sces  planets, Part 2 of 3; the "wobble" effect the planets have on the sun; Part 1 & 3 in 1968 MAR & MAY; addendum p.91, says his planet essays this month & last, similar to Robert S. Richardson's "Venus and Mercury—Locked Planets?" in ANA 1967 NOV
   Science: Backward, Turn Backward  1968 MAY  sces  planets, Part 3 of 3; their orbits, orbital tipping of planets & their satellites, & axial tipping; Part 1 in 1968 MAR(#2609), & Part 2 in 1968 APR(#2621)
   Science: Counting Chromosomes  1968 JUN  sces  chromosomes during sexual reproduction & cell division, the x & y chromosomes; see addendum p.118 in F&SF 1968 SEP, a Polish woman athlete was probably an XXX super-female, & not an XYY, as stated
   Books  1968 JUL  br  James D. Watson: The Double Helix
   Key Item  1968 JUL  vi  has Black Widowers ser. colls. Tales of the Black Widowers(1974), More Tales of B.W.(1976), Casebook of the B.W.(1980), Banquets of the B.W.(1984), & Puzzles of the B.W.(1990); stories in ser. pub. mostly in EQMM 1972-91; one by Charles Ardai in 2002 DEC
   Science: Little Lost Satellite  1968 JUL  sces  asteroids; the 4 largest asteroids: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, & Vesta; see addendum p.108 in 1968 OCT(#2708), Vesta could have been a satellite of the planet between Earth & Mars
   Science: Terrible Lizards, The  1968 AUG  sces  dinosaurs, Part 1 of 2, and how they are classified; Part 2 in 1968 SEP(#2692)
   Anthony Boucher  1968 AUG  obit  a tribute to the late Anthony Boucher
   Science: Dying Lizards, The  1968 SEP  sces  dinosaurs, Part 2 of 2, and what could have killed them off?; Part 1 in 1968 AUG(#2674)

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