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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Asimov, Isaac  Segregationist  1968 OCT  ss  1st pub. in Abbottempo, 1967 APR(Abbott Laboratories); has juvenile novel The Heavenly Host(1975); coll. Three Short Stories(1976), The Key Word and Other Mysteries(1977); chapbook Good Taste(1976); recursive detective novel Murder at the ABA(1976)
   Science: Little Found Satellite  1968 OCT  sces  planets; Saturn's rings & satellites
   Science: Planetary Eccentric, The  1968 NOV  sces  planets; tenth planet; 10th anniversary essay; the eccentric orbit of Pluto & the possibility of a tenth planet, Planet X
   Science: View From Almathea  1968 DEC  sces  satellites of Jupiter & Saturn, Part 1 of 2; the view from Jupiter's closest satellite, Almathea; Part 2 in 1969 JAN(#2741)
   Science: Dance of the Satellites  1969 JAN  sces  satellites of Jupiter, Part 2 of 2; the motion of Jovian satellites relative to Jupiter & from Almathea; Part 1 in 1968 DEC(#2729)
   Science: Uncertain, Coy, and Hard to Please  1969 FEB  sces  women's rights, then, now & in the future
   Science: Just Right  1969 MAR  sces  mathematics; the square-cube law, & its relation to scales of models & giants
   Science: Incredible Shrinking People, The  1969 APR  sces  miniaturization; background to the movie Fantastic Voyage(1966), his novelization of its script (also 1966), and the scientific principles involved
   Science: Power of Progression, The  1969 MAY  sces  overpopulation(also discussed in his science article in VSF 1958 JAN), the growth of population follows a mathematical progression; see related essays in 1967 MAR(#2465), 1980 MAY(#4445), & 1988 JUN(#5846)
   Science: Fateful Lightning, The  1969 JUN  sces  scientific history; turning points in scientific history, incl. Benjamin Franklin & his lightning rod
   Science: Two at a Time  1969 JUL  sces  Earth-Moon system, and the so-called "Three-Body System"
   Science: On Throwing a Ball  1969 AUG  sces  gravitation, f = ma, Part 1 of 2; Newton's equations for acceleration and velocity; Part 2 in 1969 SEP(#2823)
   Science: Man Who Massed the Earth, The  1969 SEP  sces  gravitation, f = ma, Part 2 of 2; acceleration, velocity & mass; the Earth's gravitational field & its mass; see similar essay, "Massing the Sun" in 1989 NOV(#6084); Part 1 in 1969 AUG(#2814)
   Feminine Intuition  1969 OCT  nv  1st of 2 stories in F&SF in his Susan Calvin/robot series, this one about a female robot long after Calvin has died; Susan Calvin character 1st appeared in story "Liar!" in ASF 1941 MAY, & her last appearance will be "Robot Dreams" in ASI 1986 mDEC
   Science: Worlds in Confusion  1969 OCT  sces  popular fallacy; debunks Immanuel Velikovsky's 1950 book Worlds in Collision, which "attempted to account for ... events described in the Bible ... by supposing that the planet Venus had ... a near collision with the Earth"
   Science: Sin of the Scientist, The  1969 NOV  sces  scientists; the "sins" or wrongdoings that some scientists have done, e.g., holding back the advance of science, weapons development; the social responsibilities of scientists
   Science: Luxon Wall, The  1969 DEC  sces  speed of light, Part 2, Lorentz & Einstein's equations, tachyons(hypothetical superluminal particles); Part 1 in 1967 FEB(#2456), Clarke article/Asimov rebuttal 1968 OCT(#2704); see also p.124, 1971 AUG
   Science: Lunar Honor-Roll, The  1970 JAN  sces  scientists honored by having their names used for lunar craters & other physical features; has 7th coll. of F&SF science essays The Solar System and Back(1970)
   Science: Multiplying Elements, The  1970 FEB  sces  elements; periodic table, Part 1 of 3; the rare earth elements; Part 2 in 1970 MAR(#2885) & Part 3 in 1970 APR(#2896)
   Science: Bridging the Gaps  1970 MAR  sces  elements; periodic table, Part 2 of 3; the transition elements & the rare earth elements; Part 1 in 1970 FEB(#2876) & Part 3 in 1970 APR(#2896)
   Science: Nobel Prize That Wasn't, The  1970 APR  sces  elements; periodic table, Part 3 of 3; Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen & x-rays, how they aided formation of the table; how the 1916 Nobel(not given due to WWI) should have gone to Henry Gwyn-Jeffreys Mosely; Part 1 in 1970 FEB(#2876) & Part 2 in 1970 MAR(#2885)
   Science: Playing the Game  1970 MAY  sces  red shift, Part 1 of 2; the light from distant galaxies undergo a Doppler effect; Part 2 in 1970 JUN(#2916)
   Science: Distance of Far, The  1970 JUN  sces  red shift, Part 2 of 2; judging astronomical distances using the red shift, led up to the discovery that the universe is expanding; Part 1 in 1970 MAY(#2907)
   Science: My Planet 'Tis of Thee  1970 JUL  sces  overpopulation, the problems of a finite world; growth of population exceeded by growth of energy use, use of natural resources, increasing pollution
   Science: Stars in Their Courses, The  1970 AUG  sces  astrology through history; has nf books, Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare, Vol.I & Vol.II(1970)
   Science: Lopsided Sun, The  1970 SEP  sces  sunspots & solar flares
   Science: Stop!  1970 OCT  sces  overpopulation & birth control, Part 1 of 2; how can the population increase be stopped?; Part 2 in 1970 NOV(#2972)
   Science:—But How?  1970 NOV  sces  overpopulation & birth control, Part 2 of 2; ways to make our society non-conception-centered; Part 1 in 1970 OCT(#2961)
   Science: Thalassogens, The  1970 DEC  sces  water, the uniqueness of it, Part 1 of 3; thalassogens, a word Asimov made up from the Greek, meaning "sea-producers"; can a planet exist with a large ocean of any other substance other than water?; Part 2 in 1971 JAN(#3000), Part 3 in 1971 FEB(#3011)
   Science: Hot Water  1971 JAN  sces  water, the uniqueness of it, Part 2 of 3; liquid seas possibilities other than water; Part 1 in 1970 DEC(#2985), Part 3 in 1971 FEB(#3011); has 8th coll. of F&SF science essays The Stars in Their Courses(1971)
   Science: Cold Water  1971 FEB  sces  water, the uniqueness of it, Part 3 of 3; the strange behavior & properties of frozen water, ice; Part 1 in 1970 DEC(#2985), Part 2 in 1971 JAN(#3000)
   Science: Euclid's Fifth  1971 MAR  sces  mathematics; Euclid's fifth postulate, Part 1 of 2; his axiomatic system & axioms in details; Part 2 in 1971 APR(#3035)
   Science: Plane Truth, The  1971 APR  sces  mathematics; Euclid's fifth postulate, Part 2 of 2; Euclidean & non-Euclidean geometry; Part 1 in 1971 MAR(#3022)
   Science: Pompey and Circumstance  1971 MAY  sces  luck & coincidence; Roman General Gnaeus Pompeius(better-known as Pompey), & how luck aided him until age 42, then deserted him - because he entered Jerusalem's Holy of Holies in 64 B.C.?
   Science: Eureka Phenomenon, The  1971 JUN  sces  scientific intuition flashes, "Eureka" moments of revelation in history & how they happen
   Science: Bill & I  1971 JUL  sces  Shakespeare; Asimov explains William Shakespeare, an example of his annotated book Asimov's Guide to Shakespeare(1970), & why he wrote it
   Science: Prime Quality  1971 AUG  sces  numbers; prime numbers; a proof that says that the number of primes is infinite, etc; long addendum: new work on tachyons verifies what Asimov said in science essay "The Luxon Wall" in 1969 DEC(#2854)
   Science: Holes in the Head  1971 SEP  sces  reptiles; how do you tell a mammal from a reptile?; synapsids & therapsids, the duckbill platypus
   Science: Odds and Evens  1971 OCT  sces  parity, Part 1 of 2; odd and even things, the concept of parity, connects the overthrow of the law of parity with the matters of sex, law & marriage; Part 2 in 1971 NOV(#3116)
   Science: Left Hand of the Electron, The  1971 NOV  sces  parity, Part 2 of 2; connects the overthrow of the law of conservation of parity with the matters of sex, law & marriage; Part 1 in 1971 OCT(#3102)
   Science: Seeing Double  1971 DEC  sces  isomerism, Part 1 of 3; optically active substances; Universe is electronically left-handed, which may have had interesting effects on the development of life; Part 2 in 1972 JAN(#3149), Part 3 in 1972 FEB(#3160)
   Science: 3-D Molecule, The  1972 JAN  sces  isomerism, Part 2 of 3; optically active substances; Louis Pasteur's discovery that racemic & tartaric acids were mirror-images of one another, Kekule structures; Part 1 in 1971 DEC(#3130), Part 3 in 1972 FEB(#3160)
   Science: Asymmetry of Life, The  1972 FEB  sces  isomerism, Part 3 of 3; optically active substances; asymmetric compounds exist in nature only in living tissues or in matter that was once part of living tissue; Part 1 in 1971 DEC(#3130), Part 2 in 1972 JAN(#3149)
   Science: Lost in Non-Translation  1972 MAR  sces  Bible, The Book of Ruth(a Moabite woman); the non-translatable word of Moabite - black; perhaps Ruth was a black woman; this essay is based on his book, The Story of Ruth(1972)
   Science: Moon Over Babylon  1972 APR  sces  calendar reform, Part 1 of 2; our seven-day week & its peculiarities - it all began with the Babylonians; Part 2 in 1972 JUN(#3208); has 9th coll. of F&SF science essays, The Left Hand of the Electron(1972)
   Science: Academe and I  1972 MAY  sces  personal look at his dual role as a writer & teacher; mentions Neil Goble: Asimov Analyzed(1972), by which Goble earned his MS degree; answers some questions that he is over-frequently asked
   Science: Week Excuse, The  1972 JUN  sces  calendar reform, Part 2 of 2; why not a new one?; possible new & better ways to have a calendar; Part 1 in 1972 APR(#2185)
   Science: Tragedy of the Moon, The  1972 JUL  sces  Moon; suppose the Earth lacked a moon what would happen?; see sequel science essay "The Triumph of the Moon" in 1973 JUN(#3365)
   Science: Doctor, Doctor, Cut My Throat  1972 AUG  sces  hormones, their discovery; in particular, those from the thyroid gland
   Science: World, Ceres, The  1972 SEP  sces  asteroid Ceres, information & facts, as well as its history

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