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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Asimov, Isaac  Science: Victorious General, The  1984 JUL  sces  Einstein's Special & General Relativity Theories, Part 2 of 2; the various tests that the General Relativity Theory has passed; Part 1 in 1984 JUN(#5166)
   Science: Coming Full Circle  1984 AUG  sces  heart & blood vessels through history; Isaac Asimov had triple bypass surgery in December 1983
   Science: Different Years of Time, The  1984 SEP  sces  chronology, arbitrary 'squeezed' or compressed years, Part 1 of 2; e.g., The Earth Year: Earth formed(Jan. 1), primitive bacteria(Apr. 1), dinosaurs(Dec. 14), 1st hominids(Dec. 31, 4:30 PM), recorded history(last 35 seconds of year); Part 2 in 1984 OCT
   Science: Different Years of the Universe, The  1984 OCT  sces  chronology, arbitrary 'squeezed' or compressed years, Part 2 of 2; compressed years of a bigger scale, e.g., The Universe Year: Big Bang(Jan. 1), life begins on Earth(Oct. 6), hominids appear(Dec. 31, 9:40 PM), etc; Part 1 in 1984 SEP(#5211)
   Science: Far As Human Eye Could See  1984 NOV  sces  far future of the Earth, stars, our Galaxy, the Universe; also, black holes, & closed and open universes; see addendum in 1985 APR, p.116, a correction to a math error in this essay
   Science: Made, Not Found  1984 DEC  sces  elements & the periodic table: filling in the gaps in it through history, by making or isolating the elements; has edited nf book, with Karen A. Frenkel, Robots: Machine's in Man's Image(1985)
   Science: Far, Far Below  1985 JAN  sces  Earth's interior, thru history; from the 'hollow Earth' theories to present-day knowledge; has 18th coll. of F&SF science essays, The Subatomic Monster(1985)
   Science: Salt and Battery  1985 FEB  sces  electricity & the battery thru history, Part 1 of 4; animal electricity, static electricity; the development of the electric battery; Part 2 in 1985 MAR(#5292), Part 3 in 1985 APR(#5304), Part 4 in 1985 MAY(#5316)
   Science: Current Affairs  1985 MAR  sces  electricity & the battery thru history, Part 2 of 4; electric cells, chemical cells, Lechanché cell, Daniel cell, fuel cell, Jacques cell, storage & secondary batteries, accumulators, lead-acid storage batteries
   Science: Forcing the Lines  1985 APR  sces  electricity & the battery, Part 3 of 4; electrical currents from magnetic lines of force; electricity & magnetism, electrical generators, house electricity; addendum on p.116, correction to math error in "Far As Human Eye Could See," in 1984 NOV
   Science: Arise, Fair Sun!  1985 MAY  sces  electricity & the battery, Part 4 of 4; electricity produced by light, selenium solar cells; historically, the photoelectric effect; Part 1 in 1985 FEB(#5279), Part 2 in 1985 MAR(#5292), Part 3 in 1985 APR(#5304)
   Science: Rule of Numerous Small, The  1985 JUN  sces  stars & planets, what's the difference between the two; the smallest or dimmest star known; addendum, on p.152, an even dimmer star has been found since this essay was written, star VB 8B; see sequel essay, on the largest star, in 1986 MAR(#5454)
   Science: Poison in the Negative  1985 JUL  sces  vitamins, Part 1 of 5; the vitamin-deficient diseases of scurvy, beri-beri, rickets, pellagra; diseases first became well-known during the Age of Exploration; the first steps in treatment & in discovering vitamins; Parts 2-5 in 1985 AUG-NOV
   Science: Tracing the Traces  1985 AUG  sces  vitamins, Part 2 of 5; the isolation of the various vitamins, determining their structures, & their synthesis; Part 1 in 1985 JUL(#5341), Part 3 in 1985 SEP(#5372), Part 4 in 1985 OCT(#5383), Part 5 in 1985 NOV(#5397)
   Science: Goblin Element, The  1985 SEP  sces  vitamins, Part 3 of 5; the most unusual vitamin of all, B12; how it was isolated & its structure determined; Part 1 in 1985 JUL(#5341), Part 2 in 1985 AUG(#5358), Part 4 in 1985 OCT(#5383), Part 5 in 1985 NOV(#5397)
   Science: Little Leaven, A  1985 OCT  sces  vitamins, Part 4 of 5; "going seemingly off-the-subject," with an essay on enzymes, incl. organic catalysts leaven, or yeast; chemical ferments, such as pepsin & trypsin; Parts 1-3 in 1985 JUL-SEP, Part 5 in 1985 NOV
   Science: Biochemical Knife Blade, The  1985 NOV  sces  vitamins, Part 5 of 5; the connection between vitamins & enzymes - many coenzymes have vitamins in their structure; how coenzymes were discovered; Part 1 in 1985 JUL(#5341), Part 2 in 1985 AUG(#5358), Part 3 in 1985 SEP(#5372), Part 4 in 1985 OCT(#5383)
   Science: Discovery of the Void, The  1985 DEC  sces  space, interstellar space, or the void, Part 1 of 2; how empty is space? how far does Earth's atmosphere extend?; what makes up outer space?; what makes up nebulae? & the black 'starless' regions of the Milky Way?; Part 2 in 1986 JAN(#5424)
   Science: Chemistry of the Void  1986 JAN  sces  space, interstellar space, or the void, Part 2 of 2; the elements & molecules that make up interstellar dust & space, and how it was found out; Part 1 in 1985 DEC(#5411)
   Science: Time Is Out of Joint  1986 FEB  sces  time, how it was measured thruout history; why the solar day & the sidereal days are not the same length; has nf coll. The Dangers of Intelligence and Other Science Essays(1986)
   Science: Superstar  1986 MAR  sces  stars, the largest stars; a sequel to essay "The Rule of the Numerous Small" in 1985 JUN(#5328), on the smallest stars; largest is R136a in the Tarantula Nebula
   Science: Moon and We, The  1986 APR  sces  Moon, the lunar influences on Man; 'moonshine,' werewolves, & tidal influences; lunar cycles & superstitions; has nf book Futuredays: A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000(1986)
   Science: Minor Objects, The  1986 MAY  sces  asteroids & comets, incl. Apollo objects or near-Earth asteroids; how to distinguish between the two
   Science: Second Lightest, The  1986 JUN  sces  isotopes & radioactive isotopes, Part 1 of 4; the Nobel Prize-winning chemist Harold Clayton Urey, the isotopes of hydrogen, neon, uranium, thorium, lead; the tiny chemical property differences betw. isotopes of an element; Parts 2-4 in 1986 JUL-SEP
   Science: Labels on the Molecules  1986 JUL  sces  isotopes & radioactive isotopes, Part 2 of 4; deuterium(hydrogen-2), & heavy water, via the history of the study of metabolism & the use of isotopic labels; Part 1 in 1986 JUN(#5497), Part 3 in 1986 AUG(#5525), Part 4 in 1986 SEP(#5542)
   Science: Consequences of Pie, The  1986 AUG  sces  isotopes & radioactive isotopes, Part 3 of 4; radioactive tracers & how they were first used; radioisotopes formed by bombarding atoms with alpha particles; Part 1 in 1986 JUN(#5497), Part 2 in 1986 JUL(#5514), Part 4 in 1986 SEP(#5542)
   Science: Enemy Within, The  1986 SEP  sces  isotopes & radioactive isotopes, Part 4 of 4; tracers, specifically Carbon-14; naturally occurring radioactive isotopes found in the human body, & probably causing the occasional cancer or mutation; potassium-40, hydrogen-3; Parts 1-3 in 1986 JUN-AUG
   Science: Relativity of Wrong, The  1986 OCT  sces  right & wrong are not absolutes, but "fuzzy concepts," e.g., the flat Earth, the spherical Earth, the pear-shaped Earth beliefs, etc
   Science: Unmentionable Planet, The  1986 NOV  sces  planet, Uranus; the planet with the ill-pronounced name; new information on it from Voyager 2(closest approach January 24, 1986)
   Science: Dead-End Middle, The  1986 DEC  sces  stars; novas & white dwarfs from binary stars; fusion process in biggest stars us. ends at iron-56, the dead-end middle, as the average particle mass of its nucleus is lowest among the elements(0.99884); most of iron on Earth from exploded white dwarfs
   Science: Opposite!  1987 JAN  sces  antimatter & antimatter particles, Part 1 of 2; their discovery, beginning with the work of Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac(1902-1984); Part 2 in 1987 FEB(#5614); has 19th coll. of F&SF science essays, Far As Human Eye Could See(1987)
   Science: Sail On! Sail On!  1987 FEB  sces  antimatter, Part 2 of 2; modes for interstellar travel discussed & compared - chemical reaction, radioactive breakdown energy, fission, fusion, & antimatter propulsion systems; Part 1 in 1987 JAN(#5601)
   Science: Incredible Shrinking Planet, The  1987 MAR  sces  planet Pluto; how its size kept diminishing since its discovery in 1930, as new ways of studying it were utilized; has nf book Past, Present, and Future(1987)
   Science: Light-Bringer, The  1987 APR  sces  elements, phosphorus, Part 1 of 2; the 1st element discovered by a known person, German chemist Hennig Brand in 1674; Part 2 in 1987 MAY(#5655)
   Science: Beginning With Bone  1987 MAY  sces  elements, phosphorus, Part 2 of 2; its role as an essential element of life, & how this was discovered; Part 1 in 1987 APR(#5640); has nf book with his wife, Janet Asimov, How to Enjoy Writing: A Book of Aid and Comfort(1987)
   Science: New Stars  1987 JUN  sces  stars, novas, Part 1 of 3; how novas were viewed as through historical times; what we know of them from the historical records; Part 2 in 1987 JUL(#5687), Part 3 in 1987 AUG(#5700)
   Science: Brightening Stars  1987 JUL  sces  stars, novas, Part 2 of 3; how & what we have learned about novas, from the year 1604 up to 1909, ending with the mystery of the Andromeda nebula; Part 1 in 1987 JUL(#5673), Part 3 in 1987 AUG(#5700)
   Science: Super-Exploding Stars  1987 AUG  sces  stars, novas, Part 3 of 3; how the study of the 1906 S Andromeda nova led to a wealth of information about novas, supernovas, & the size of the universe; note at end of essay, a new supernova appeared in Large Magellanic Cloud - see 1987 NOV essay(#5744)
   Science: Sacred Poet, A  1987 SEP  sces  poetry, the effect and power of poems; examples, "Old Ironsides," "The Star-Spangled Banner," "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," "The Battle Cry of Freedom"
   Science: Very Error of the Moon, The  1987 OCT  sces  Moon; the possibilities of how our Moon originated, & the most probable way; first thoughts in 1759 by Georges de Buffon, then new ideas in 1974 by William K. Hartmann
   Science: Asking the Right Question  1987 NOV  sces  stars, supernovas; how the study of the February 23, 1987 supernova in the Large Magellanic Cloud aided the study of the neutrino; history of neutrino research; does the neutrino have mass?; follow-up to essay in 1987 AUG(#5700)
   Science: Road to Humanity, The  1987 DEC  sces  humanity & evolution, Part 1 of 2; humanity, when & how did it come into existence?; what was the key event?; starting from the beginning, evolutionary steps 1-19 of 26 along the road to humanity; Part 2 in 1988 JAN(#5774)
   Science: Standing Tall  1988 JAN  sces  humanity & evolution, Part 2 of 2; how the hominids & man evolved, evolutionary steps 20-26, & what differentiates/distinguishes man; his beautiful, blue-eyed, blonde-haired daughter Robyn is compared! to bears, chimps & T. rexes
   Science: Unrecognized Danger, The  1988 FEB  sces  element radon; how it is overlooked, then finally discovered, its properties & dangers to our health; has 20th coll. of F&SF science essays, The Relativity of Wrong(1988)
   Science: Radiation That Wasn't, The  1988 MAR  sces  N-rays, their 'discovery' by Rene Prosper Blondlot in 1903, & how they were eventually proved to be false & delusional; see the false discovery of cold fusion in essay "Hot, Cold, and Con Fusion" in 1990 JAN
   Science: Iron, Cold Iron  1988 APR  sces  element iron, Part 1 of 2; its history & its role in man's history; magnetism, compasses, & man's exploration of the Earth; Part 2 in 1988 MAY(#5834)
   Science: From Pole to Pole  1988 MAY  sces  element iron, Part 2 of 2; history & study of magnetism, Earth's magnetic field & inner core; questions about the Earth's magnetic poles; Part 1 in 1988 APR(#5819)
   Science: Is Anyone Listening?  1988 JUN  sces  overpopulation, where & to what is it leading to, predictions & projections; a sequel to essays "The Power of Progression" in 1969 MAY(#2781), "Crowded!" in 1967 MAR(#2465), & "More Crowded!" in 1980 MAY(#4445)
   Science: Longest River, The  1988 JUL  sces  rivers, the Nile River; how the Nile River helped bring on & how it affected the Egyptian civilization; compared to the same effect of the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers on civilizations; see earlier essay on rivers, "Old Man River" in 1966 NOV(#2422)
   Science: Fire of Life, The  1988 AUG  sces  fuels & fire, Part 1 of 3; fire, how it brought life to Earth, & man to what he is today; getting fire from natural causes, & from solid fuels - wood, charcoal, coal; Part 2 in 1988 SEP(#5890), Part 3 in 1988 OCT(#5903)

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