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Cadigan, Pat  Second Comings—Reasonable Rates  1981 FEB  ss  (1953- ) N-1982 LOC, short story; wn. for Patricia K. Cadigan; lives in Kansas City, "a full-time sentiment writer for Hallmark Cards"; 1st story pub. sf "Death from Exposure" in Shayol #2 1978; editor of semiprozine Shayol #1-7, 1977-85(W-1979, '83 BRG)
   Coming of the Doll, The  1981 JUN  ss  N-1982 LOC, short story; has 1st novel Mindplayers(1987 fixup; N-1987 DIC; 1988 LOC); Synners(1991; W-1992 CLA; N-1991 NEB; 1992 LOC), cyberpunk novel deals w. a disease in which computer viruses which pass for AIs begin to cause human deaths(Clute)
   Day the Martels Got the Cable, The  1982 DEC  ss  has colls. Patterns(1989; W-1990 LOC; N-STO), Home By the Sea(1992; N-1993 LOC), Dirty Work(1993; N-1994 LOC); has joint coll. with Pat Murphy & Karen Joy Fowler, Letters From Home(1991), each contributing six stories
   Another One Hits the Road  1984 JAN  nv  N-1985 LOC, novelette; has novels Fools(1992 fixup; W-1995 CLA), made up of three novellas set in a world where mind piracy is endemic(B&C); Tea From an Empty Cup(1998), an SF virtual reality/mystery novel(B&C)
   Two  1988 JAN  nv  N-1989 LOC, novelette; has a new baby, "Bobzilla, Scourge of the Midwest"; see interviews in Journal Wired 1990 SPR, Albedo One #5 1994, INZ 1998 JAN, & in LOC 1990 FEB(#349), 1992 NOV(#382), & 1995 JUL(#414)
   True Faces  1992 APR  nv  N-1992 HOM; 1993 HUG, LOC, nv; story to be pub. in Resnick & Greenberg(ed): Whatdunits(1992); has novelization Lost in Space: Promised Land(1999), a movie based on the TV series(1965-68, 83 ep.); ya novella The Web: Avatar(1999), #11 in the series
   Ten SF/Fantasy Genre Films That Should Not Have Been Made  1998 JUL  misc  Dune; Alien Resurrection; Event Horizon; Independence Day; Field of Dreams/Waterworls/The Postman; Jurassic Park/The Lost World; Michael/Phenomenon; Mimic/The Relic; Star Trek 2, 3, 4 ... 39; The Jackal; Cadigan has website
Cador, C.A.  Shadowed Waters, The  1980 APR  ss  Caradoc A. Cador, of Irish, Welsh, Cherokee & Peruvian extraction; lives now in San Francisco; his 1st story pub. "Payment in Kind" in Gnostica 1975 AUG; also in F&SF with co-author Marc Laidlaw("Bait," in F&SF 1981 AUG)
Cador, C.A. & Marc Laidlaw  Bait  1981 AUG  nv  (? - ?; 1960- ) Caradoc A. Cador & Laidlaw also both in F&SF by themselves; Laidlaw a student at Univ. of Oregon, 1st story pub. sf "A Hiss of Dragon" with Gregory Benford in Omni 1978 DEC
Cady, Jack  Ride the Thunder  1970 JAN  ss  (1932- ) 1st pub. in Overdrive(a trucker's mag.), in 1967; born in Columbus, OH; teaches English at Univ. of Washington; horror writer, has one sf novel The Man Who Could Make Things Vanish(1982), a dystopia set in a near-future right-wing U.S.A.(Clute)
   Night We Buried Road Dog, The  1993 JAN  na  W-1993 NEB, HOM; 1994 SFC; N-HUG, LOC, WFA; on strength of story, he won a National Endowment for the Arts grant; "Jack takes the familiar theme of phantom cars & ghostly drivers, & turns it into a treatise on love & loss & the importance of the past"
   Our Ground and Every Fragrant Tree Is Shaded  1994 SEP  ss  has novels The Well('80), The Jonah Watch('81), McDowell's Ghost('81), Inagehi('94; N-'94 DIC), Street('94), The Off Season('95; N-'96 LOC); colls. The Burning('73), Tattoo('78), The Sons of Noah('92), The Night We Buried Road Dog('98; N-'98 STO; '99 WFA)
   Kilroy Was Here  1996 JUL  na  N-1997 HUG, LOC, STO; death stalks the residents of a V.A. hospital, when they decide to fight back; dedicated to Wesley Baker, Bill Deen, Jim Hall, Don Farmer, Fran Ross, Mieko Riggleman; has eBook coll. Ghostland(2001); entry in C.A., vol.72, p.180-181
Calin, Harold  Hills of Lodan, The  1961 APR  ss 
Campbell, Ramsey  Proxy, The  1979 MAR  ss  (1946- ) English horror writer; 1st professional story pub. "The Church in High Street" in Derleth(ed): Dark Mind, Dark Heart(1962); 1st book coll. The Inhabitant of the Lake and Less Welcome Tenants(1964); 1st novel The Doll Who Ate His Mother(1976)
   Old School, The  1989 DEC  ss  has novels that W-BFA's, To Wake the Dead(1980), Incarnate(1983), The Hungry Moon(1986), The Influence(1988), Midnight Sun(1990), The Long Lost(1993); coll. Alone with the Horrors(1994; W-1994 STO, WFA); see iv's WRT 1991 SUM, CMD 1991 FLL
Cantine, Holley  Double, Double, Toil and Trouble  1960 JAN  ss 
Capote, Truman  Master Misery  1962 JUL  nv  (1924-1984) 1st pub. in HRP 1949 FEB & in his coll. Other Voices, Other Rooms(1948); won O. Henry Prize at age 19, has 1st coll. The Tree of Night, novels House of Flowers, & The Muses Are Heard(1956); famous for true crime novel/movie In Cold Blood(1965)
Caraker, Mary  Out of the Cradle  1987 JUL  nv  this story to form the basis of her 2nd novel, Water Song(1987 fixup), about a water planet threatened by a changing climate(B&C); lives in CA; 1st story pub. sf "The Vampires Who Loved Beowulf" in ANA 1983 JAN features her series character Morgan Faraday
   Lumisland  1987 SEP  ss  has 1st novel, Seven Worlds(1986 fixup), about Morgan Faraday, a tough female Space Exploratory Forces agent, who is entrusted with the task of improving communications between humans & other species(Clute); sequel, The Snows of Jaspre(1989)
   I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing  1990 JUN  ss  has BA in English from Williamette Univ.(Salem, OR), & an MA in English from San Francisco State Univ.; see Biolog in ANA 1990 OCT; has ya sf novel The Faces of Ceti(1991), about two teenage girls who search for a food source to save their space colony
   Sandwalk, The  1991 MAY  ss  has sf/mystery novella, I Remember, I Remember(1991 chap), about a woman who awakens from suspended animation aboard a colony ship without any memory of how she got there
Caravan, T.P.  Random Sample  1953 APR  vi  (1926- ) ps. for Charles Muņoz, ps. is variously spelled TP Caravan, & also appears as such in F&SF; a Prof. at the College of the City of New York
Caravan, TP  Censors, The: Sad Allegory, A  1963 AUG  vi  see F&SF 1963 NOV, p.128: a reader writes, this story was pub. with the same byline in OWS 1956 FEB as "The Immortality of Professor Bickerstaffe"; Caravan replies OWS editor didn't buy earlier version of story, but had pub. it without his knowledge
   Court of Tartary, The  1963 DEC  ss  also in F&SF as T.P. Caravan
   Blind Date  1965 APR  ss 
Card, Orson Scott  Mortal Gods  1979 JAN  ss  (1951- ) lives in Salt Lake City, editor of Mormon Church's mag., The Ensign; 1st story pub. sf "Ender's Game"(ANA 1977 AUG; N-1978 HUG, LOC, novelette; exp. into novel & sequence 1985; W-1985 NEB; 1986 HUG); Card W-1978 JWCA, Best New Writer
   Closing the Timelid  1979 DEC  ss  has Worthington Chronicle seq., Capitol(1979), Hot Sleep(1979), The Worthington Chronicle(1983), The Worthington Saga(1990 omni); novels A Planet Called Treason(1979; N-1980 LOC; rev. vt Treason, 1988), Songmaster(1980 fixup; N-1981 LOC)
   Fringe, The  1985 OCT  nv  N-1985 NEB; 1986 HUG, LOC, novelette; 1st & only story in F&SF in Carpenter or Fringe ser.; other stories in ser. in ASI 1986 FEB, 1987 JAN, & coll. in The Folk of the Fringe(1989); tale of Mormon survivors in a near-future post WWIII America
   Books to Look For  1987 MAY  br  a new column of short book reviews, by Card, who has pub. reviews in Science Fiction Review, etc; Ken Grimwood: Replay; Harry Turtledove: Agent of Byzantium; Sheri S. Tepper: The True Game Series(9 novels); Card's list of the Best F/SF Novels of 1986
   Books to Look For  1987 JUN  br  John Barnes: The Man Who Pulled Down the Sky; Rebecca Ore: Becoming Alien; Pamela Sargent: The Shore of Women; Gwyneth Jones: Divine Endurance; Card has novels Hart's Hope(1983; N-1984 LOC), A Woman of Destiny(1984; vt Saints, 1988), Wyrms(1987)
   Books to Look For  1987 JUL  br  Frederik Pohl & Elizabeth Anne Hull(ed): Tales from the Planet Earth; John R. Maxim: Time Out of Mind; Geoff Ryman: The Warrior Who Carried Life; Elizabeth Mitchell(ed): Under the Wheel: Alien Stars Vol. III
   Books to Look For  1987 AUG  br  David Foster Wallace: The Broom of the System; George R.R. Martin: Sandkings(graphic adaptation); Michael P. Kube-McDowell: Emprise, Enigma, & Empery(Trigon Disunity trilogy); Alfred Bester: The Stars My Destination; Carolyn See: Golden Days
   Books to Look For  1987 SEP  br  Nancy Etchemendy: The Watchers of Space, & its sequel, The Crystal City; Algis Budrys(ed): L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Vol. III; Andrew Weiner: Station Gehenna(exp. from F&SF 1982 APR)
   Books to Look For  1987 OCT  br  Robert Charles Wilson: Memory Wire; Judith Moffett: Pennterra; Lloyd Alexander: The Illyrian Adventure; also in Card's Ender Wiggins ser., Speaker for the Dead(1986; W-1986 NEB; 1987 HUG, JWC, LOC, SFC), Xenocide(1991; N-1992 HUG, LOC)
   Books to Look For  1987 NOV  br  Chet Williamson: Ash Wednesday; Bob Shaw: The Ragged Astronauts; Stephen King: Misery; Lucius Shepard: Jaguar Hunter; Kim Stanley Robinson: The Planet on the Table; also in Card's Ender ser., Children of the Mind(1996; N-1997 LOC)
   Books to Look For  1987 DEC  br  Vladimir Voinovich: Moscow 2042; Patricia Geary: Strange Toys; John Crowley: Aegypt; Michael P. Kube McDowell: Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Book 1: Odyssey; Janet & Isaac Asimov: How to Enjoy Writing; Stephen Brust: The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars
   Books to Look For  1988 JAN  br  Kathryn Cramer & David G. Hartwell(ed): Christmas Ghosts; Peter S. Beagle: The Folk of the Air; Michael Blumlein: The Movement of Mountains; Roger Reynolds(ed): The Future Focus Book of Lists II: The Sequel; Card has coll. Unaccompanied Sonata(1981)
   Books to Look For  1988 FEB  br  Michael Bishop: The Secret Ascension; two stories on audio cassette, Theodore Sturgeon's "Thunder and Roses," & S.C. Sykes' "Rockabye Baby"; see letter by Michael Bishop in 1988 MAY, p.85, in reponse to Card's review here of his novel
   Books to Look For  1988 MAR  br  Gene Wolfe: The Urth of the New Sun; Jack L. Chalker: When the Changewinds Blow; Card has Alvin Maker Saga ser., Seventh Son(1987; W-1988 LOC, MYT; 1989 DIT; N-1988 HUG, WFA), Red Prophet(1988; W-1989 LOC; N-1988 NEB; 1989 HUG, MYT)
   Books to Look For  1988 APR  br  Ben Bova: Welcome to Moonbase(nf); Tim Powers: On Stranger Tides; Warren Norwood: True Jaguar; Lisa Goldstein: A Mask for the General; Thomas Gavin: The Last Film of Emile Vico; briefly, Michael Shea: Polyphemus
   Books to Look For  1988 MAY  br  David Zindell: Neverness; Robert Silverberg(ed): Worlds of Wonder; 3 computer games - Starflight, Exodus: Ultima III, Bard's Tale; Terence M. Green: The Woman Who Is the Midnight Wind; see Card's interview in The Leading Edge #23 1991
   Books to Look For  1988 JUN  br  Charles de Lint: Jack the Giant Killer; Mary Stanton: The Heavenly Horse from the Outermost West; Parke Godwin: A Truce With Time; also in Card's Alvin Maker ser., Prentice Alvin(1989; W-1990 LOC; N-1989 NEB; 1990 HUG, MYT)
   Books to Look For  1988 JUL  br  Paul Preuss: Starfire; Stephen King: The Tommyknockers; Leigh Kennedy: Faces; Harry Turtledove: A Different Flesh; also in Card's Alvin Maker ser., Alvin Journeyman(1995; W-1996 LOC), Heartfire(1998), omnibus Alvin Wandering(1998)
   Books to Look For  1988 AUG  br  essay: why juvenile or young adult sf is so important, or should be, to us; William Sleator: The Boy Who Reversed Himself, Singularity, Into the Dream, Interstellar Pig, & Blackbriar; see Card's iv's in LOC 1987 JUN(#317), & 1992 JAN(#372)
   Books to Look For  1988 SEP  br  Michael Bishop: Unicorn Mountain; Ellen Kushner: Swordspoint; Isaac Asimov: Prelude to Foundation; Terence M. Green: Barking Dogs; Card has anth. Dragons of Light(1980; N-1981 BRG, LOC, WFA), Dragons of Darkness(1981; N-1982 LOC)
   Books to Look For  1988 OCT  br  William Sleator: The Green Futures of Tycho, & Fingers; Ian Watson: Queenmagic, Kingmagic(abridged version a novella "Queenmagic, Pawnmagic" in F&SF 1986 SEP); Suzy McKee Charnas: The Silver Glove, & The Bronze King
   Books to Look For  1988 NOV  br  Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman: The Darksword Trilogy: Forging the Darksword, & Doom of the Darksword; Tom Deitz: Fireshaper's Doom; Card has coll. Cardography(1987; N-1988 LOC); has writing credits for movie The Dig(1995)
   Books to Look For  1988 DEC  br  Bruce Sterling: Islands in the Net; R.A. MacAvoy: The Grey Horse; Card has film novelization, The Abyss(1989); Card has anth. Maps in the Mirror(1990; vt in 4 vols., The Changed Man, 1992; Flux, 1992; Cruel Miracles, 1993; & Monkey Sonatas, 1993)
   Books to Look For  1989 JAN  br  young-adult f/sf reviews; Daniel M. Pinkwater: Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars; Pamela Sargent: Alien Child; Peter Dickinson: The Changes: Vol. 1, The Devil's Children; Vol. 2, Heartease; Vol. 3, The Weathermonger; E.L. Konigsburg: Up from Jericho Tel

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