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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Daglow, Don L.  Blessing of La Llorona, The  1982 APR  nv  born in San Francisco, now lives in southern California; wrote one of the original Star Trek computer games; programs computer games for Mattel Electronics
Dalmas, John  Picture Man, The  1984 AUG  ss  (1926- ) story about psychic photography; ps. for John Robert Jones, lives in CA; has degrees in forestry & plant ecology, has pub. work on forestry; 1st pub. sf was novel The Yngling(ANA 1969 OCT-NOV; 1971 fixup), & sequel Homecomimg(1984)
Dalzell, Bonnie  Pages From a Twenty-Second Century Zoologist's Notebook, Part 1: Saddle Rabbit, The  1975 NOV  fa  (1944- ) 1st story in 22nd Century Zoologist series; born in Pasadena, has BA in Paleontology from the Univ. of California(Davis), MA from the Univ. of California(Berkeley); presently at Berkeley working on her PhD in Zoology
   Pages From a 22nd Century Zoologist's Notebook, Part 2: Solution to the Red Meat Problem, The  1976 MAY  fa  2nd & last story in 22nd Century Zoologist series; shared credit with Rick Sternbach for F&SF's 1976 APR cover art
Damonti, Henri  Notary and the Conspiracy, The  1962 DEC  ss  trans. from the French by Damon Knight; Damonti is a ps., for a criminal & divorce lawyer from Strasbourg, France; ps. comes from an old Arsène Lupin novel; writes radio plays for children; has story "Olivia" in 13 French Science Fiction Stories(1965)
Dance, Clifton  Brothers, The  1952 JUN  ss  Clifton L. Dance Jr; his 1st pub. story; a physician; he also has a short story, "A Matter of Ethics," published in F&SF 1954 NOV, under the pseudonym J.R. Shango
Daniel, Tony  Locust  1991 JUL  ss  grew up in Alabama, but now lives in Seattle, WA; 1989 graduate of Clarion West; has 1st sale "The Passage of Night Trains" in ASI 1990 m-DEC; 1st novel Warpath(1993); Earthling(1997); coll. The Robot's Twilight Companion(1999; N-2000 LOC)
Daniell, Sally  Extraordinary Child, An  1966 OCT  nv 
Dann, Jack  Camps  1979 MAY  nv  (1945- ) N-1979 NEB; 1980 BSF, LOC; has BA social/political science; 1st stories pub. sf, w. George Zebrowski, "Traps" & "Dark, Dark the Dead Star" in IFS 1970 MAR, JUL; also in F&SF w. co-authors Malzberg, Dozois, Jack C.; see iv in LOC 1999 MAY(#460)
   Black Horn, The  1984 NOV  nv  has novels Starhiker(1977 fixup), Junction(FAN 1973 NOV; N-1973 NEB; 1974 LOC; exp. 1981), The Man Who Melted(1984; N-1984 NEB; 1985 LOC), The Memory Cathedral(1995; W-1996 AUR; N-1997 DIT), Counting Coup(1997), The Silent(1998)
Dann, Jack & Jack C. Haldeman II  Sentry  1988 FEB  nv  2nd & last story in their John Stranger ser., pub. as fixup novel High Steel(1993); Dann & Haldeman have a novella, "Echoes of Thunder," pub. in 1991 as part of a Tor double with Harlan Ellison's "Run for the Stars"; Dann has coll. Timetipping(1980)
Davenport, Basil  More Brave New Worlds Than One  1959 FEB  br  (1905-1966) guest book columnist; discusses Aldous Huxley: Brave New World; George Orwell:1984; Ayn Rand: Atlas Shrugged; Nevile Shute: On the Beach; Davenport has book An Introduction to Islandia(1942); edited anth. Deals with the Devil(1958)
   Books  1965 APR  br  Judith Merril(ed): The Ninth Annual of the Year's Best SF; Davenport has sf criticism books Inquiry into Science Fiction(1955), The Science Fiction Novel: Imagination and Social Criticism(1959; rev. 1964); edited anth. Invisible Men(1960), & 4 others
David, Peter  Archetype, The  1999 FEB  ss  (1954- ) lives on Long Island, NY; has written for Marvel Comics in The Incredible Hulk; has loup-garou novel Howling Mad(1999); novelizations, Star Trek: The New Frontier: Dark Allies(1999), The Quiet Place(1999); Next Generation: Triangle(1999), etc
Davidson, Avram  My Boy Friend's Name Is Jello  1954 JUL  ss  (1923-1993) his 1st pub. sf story; born in Hog Hill section of Yonkers, NY; an Orthodox Jew, he served as a U.S. Naval Hospital Corpsman with the Marines 1942-45 in the South Pacific & China, & with the Israeli forces in the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War
   Golem, The  1955 MAR  ss  attended New York Univ., & Yeshiva Univ., & Pierce College in 1950-51; 1st story pub. "Dan Cohen" was to Jewish Life Magazine, 1947 OCT, as by A.A. Davidson; he had over 20 stories, poems & articles pub. in Jewish Life in the late 1940s-1950s
   King's Evil  1956 OCT  ss  in this story, Davidson speculates as to the whereabouts of King George III one afternoon in October 1788, & presents selections purporting to be from The Memoirs of Dr. Mainauduc, The Mesmerist, & describing a quack magnetic cure for scrofula(Wessells)
   Summerland  1957 JUL  ss  see The Avram Davidson Website, at, run by The Avram Davidson Society(founded 1998 APR), & at this site, the bio-bibliographical essay by Henry Wessells, "'Something Rich and Strange': The Writings of Avram Davidson"
   Mr. Stilwell's Stage  1957 SEP  ss  has ss "The Necessity of His Condition" in EQMM 1957 APR, based on his research into antebellum Dred Scott slavery case, W-Queen's Award; "the acceptance of this story(even before it won) marks the turning point in my career as a writer"(Wessells)
   Negra Sum  1957 NOV  ss  has short story "Now Let Us Sleep" in VSF 1957 SEP, which is a morality play on the conflict between primitive & developed cultures, set in the context of interstellar travel(Wessells)
   I Do Not Hear You, Sir  1958 FEB  ss 
   Grantha Sighting, The  1958 APR  ss 
   Up the Close and Doun the Stair  1958 MAY  ss  has short story "Or All the Seas with Oysters" in GAL 1958 MAY, W-1958 HUG, which tells a tale of the life cycle of safety pins, clothes hangars, & bicycles, & has become a science fiction classic(Wessells)
   Great Is Diana  1958 AUG  ss 
   Or the Grasses Grow  1958 NOV  ss  in the late 1950s, Davidson lived for a time on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village, moving by late 1961 to West 110th Street opposite the Cathedral of St. John the Divine
   Woman Who Thought She Could Read, The  1959 JAN  ss 
   Certifcate, The  1959 MAR  ss 
   Montavarde Camera, The  1959 MAY  ss 
   Author, Author  1959 JUL  ss 
   Dagon  1959 OCT  ss  this story, and his short story "The Dragon Skin Drum" in The Kenyon Review, 1961 JAN, draw upon his wartime experiences in China for their exotic setting
   Après Nous  1960 MAR  vi 
   Sixth Season, The  1960 JUN  ss 
   Fair Trade  1960 JUL  ss 
   Climacteric  1960 AUG  vi 
   Yo-Ho, and Up  1960 DEC  vi  has story "The Affair at Lahore Cantonment" in EQMM 1961 JUN, W-1961 EDG, in which a conversation in a British pub turns to a romantic rivalry & murder in colonial India, & the involvement of "Ruddy Kipling"(Wessells)
   Sources of the Nile, The  1961 JAN  nv  this story is set in a Madison Avenue advertising milieu & looks at how fads & trends come about(Wessells); also in F&SF with co-author Sidney Klein, & with co-author Randall Garrett, & with co-author Morton Klass
   Vat, The  1961 OCT  vi  married writer Grania Kaiman (Davis) in early 1962, with whom he has collaborated on novels & short stories, incl. here in F&SF
   Singular Events Which Occurred in the Hovel on the Alley Off Eye Street, The  1962 FEB  ss  has coll. Or All the Seas with Oysters(1962); true crime essays, most reprinted from Cavalier, coll. Crimes and Chaos (1962)
   63rd St. Station, The  1962 MAR  vi  editor of F&SF from 1962 APR to 1964 NOV, which won a 1963 HUG for Best Professional Magazine; during the latter part of his editorship at F&SF, he was living in Amecameca, Mexico, & receiving manuscripts there
   Editorial  1962 APR  ed  Avram Davidson introduces himself, the 4th and newest editor of F&SF
   Editorial  1962 MAY  ed  stresses F&SF will not have a letters column, fanzine review, etc, but will keep an open mind to changes, and will listen to readers' opinions & suggestions
   Miss Buttermouth  1962 MAY  vi  has 1st novel Joyleg(FAN 1962 MAR-APR; 1962) w. Ward Moore, comic nostalgic view of the U.S., which tells the story of the finding of a Revolutionary War veteran still alife in the 20th century, who has became immortal from drinking a special brew(Clute)
   Editorial  1962 JUL  ed  relates the letter of an author(Mr. Bob Leman of Bethal Park, PA) of a rejected story; Leman eventually has over a dozen stories pub. in F&SF, the first in 1967 JAN
   Books  1962 AUG  br  Joseph Payne Brennan: Nine Horrors and a Dream; Heinrich Kley: The Drawings of ...; Isaac Asimov: Fact and Fancy; H.L. Gold(ed): The Sixth Galaxy Reader; Wallace West: Outposts in Space; James White: Hospital Station; Charles Haas: Adel Hitro
   Editorial  1962 AUG  ed  an anonymous letter by The Flea
   Editorial  1962 SEP  ed  Milford Science Fiction Writers' Conference, and past memories of Science Fiction
   Introduction to Theodore Sturgeon's "When You Care, When You Love"  1962 SEP  in 
   Introduction to James H. Schmitz's "These Are the Arts"  1962 SEP  in  Schmitz was born in Hamburg, Germany, to American parents; came to America at the outbreak of WWII, flew in the Army Air Corps in the South Pacific Theater; now lives in Inglewood, CA; an engineer
   Editorial  1962 OCT  ed  a dip into the Question Box - a few answers
   Introduction to Brian W. Aldiss's "A Kind of Artistry"  1962 OCT  in  Aldiss is the literary editor of the daily Oxford Mail, the president of the British Science Fiction Association; editor of Penguin Science Fiction(1961), More Penguin Science Fiction(1963), & Yet More Penguin Science Fiction(1964)

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