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Author  Story Title  Issue Date  Type  Comments
Gage, Joseph H.  Achilles Had His Heel  1951 OCT  ss  (1904- ? ) 1st & only story in F&SF in a series of Western tall tales set in the town of Bonedry(more stories in series was promised)
Gaiman, Neil  Curiosities: The Manuscript Found at Saragossa, by Count Jan Potocki, 1804  1998 SEP  br  (1960- ) Jan Potocki(1761-1815), from Poland, book pub. in French in 1804, cut & trans. in English in 1960; fantasy with a complex plot, a series of alternate worlds nestling within one another(Clute); made into movie The Saragossa Manuscript(1965)
   Curiosities: Lud-in-the-Mist, by Hope Mirrlees, 1926  1999 JUL  br  Hope Mirrlees(1887-1978), her only fantasy novel, repub. in 2000(U.K.); the people of Lud sever ties w. the nearby & unpredictable land of Faerie, causing an illegal traffic in fairy fruit, & the disappearances of Lud children(Clute); see NYRSF 2002 MAR
Galef, David  Tour de France  1991 MAR  ss  (1959- ) Prof. of English at the Univ. of Mississippi; has fiction pub. in Punch, Shenandoah, The Village Voice, Cosmopolitan; has trans. Even Monkeys Fall from Trees and Other Japanese Proverbs(1987); 1st novel Flesh(1995); novel Turning Japanese(1998)
Gallagher, Stephen  Nightmare, With Angel  1983 NOV  nv  (1954- ) story exp. into horror novel same name in 1992, background for it came from a good deal of traveling in western U.S.A.; lives in England, has written scripts for British TV & radio; in the 1980s he started to become well-known for his horror
   Boy Who Talked to the Animals, The  1985 FEB  nv  Gallagher wrote the script for the well-received UK radio series, "The Last Rose of Summer," which he adapted as his first novel The Last Rose of Summer(1978), and its sequels Dying of Paradise(1982), & The Ice Belt(1983), both as by Stephen Couper
   No Life for Me Without You, Vodyanoi  1985 SEP  nv  Gallagher wrote episodes of the UK TV series Dr. Who, two of which he novelized, Doctor Who and Warrior's Gate(1982), & Doctor Who – Terminus(1983), both as by John Lydecker
   To Dance by the Light of the Moon  1986 JAN  nv  has movie novelization, Saturn 3(1980); novel Chimera(1982), a variation on the Frankenstein myth in which the monster is a hybrid apeman created by a government DNA research project(Clute)
   By the River, Fontainebleau  1986 AUG  ss  has novels Follower(1984), Valley of Lights(1987), Oktober(1988), the latter about an experimental drug that allows the protagonist to control other people's nightmares
   Like Clockwork  1987 MAR  ss  has novels Down River(1989), Rain(1990), The Boat House(1991), Red, Red Robin(1995)
   Ribbon of Darkness, Over Me  1989 AUG  nv  see interviews in Stan Nicholls: Wordsmiths of Wonder(1993), & in INZ 1998 FEB
Galouye, Daniel F.  Sanctuary  1954 FEB  nv  (1920-1976) journalist for the New Orleans States(sister newspaper of the Times-Picayune); naval test pilot & patrol plane commander during WWII; 1st story pub. sf "Rebirth" in IMG 1952 MAR; has 1st novel Dark Universe(1961; N-1962 HUG)
   Pliable, The  1956 MAY  nv  has colls. The Last Leap and Other Stories of the Super-Mind(1964 UK), Project Barrier(1968 U.K.); novels Lords of the Psychon(GAL 1959 APR, as "The City of Force"; 1963), Counterfeit World(1964 UK; vt Simulacron-3, US; 1973 German movie World on a Wire)
   Flight of Fancy  1968 APR  nv  retired from journalism & writing in 1965 due to his wartime injuries; came back to write novels The Lost Perception(1966 UK; vt A Scourge of Screamers, 1968 US), The Infinite Man(1973)
Garcia y Robertson, R.  Cast on a Distant Shore  1989 APR  nv  (1949- ) wn. for Rodrigo Garcia y Robertson; lives in Mount Vernon, WA; an historian, with a PhD from UCLA; has taught at UCLA & Villanova Univ.; 1st story pub. fantasy "The Flying Mountain" in AMZ 1987 MAY; story inspired by evolution & mimicry
   Auld Religion, The  1990 JAN  nv  1st story in Anne of Northumberland ser., to be part of his 1st novel, The Spiral Dance(1991 fixup), historical fantasy novel set in Elizabethan England, follows the attempts of Princess Anne to regain her throne thru witchcraft aided by a werewolf(Clute)
   Spiral Dance, The  1990 MAY  nv  N-1991 LOC, novelette; 2nd/last story in Anne series, to be part of fixup novel The Spiral Dance(1991), "follow(ing) the Witch Law of 1563 ... (it was) as common for a woman of Scotland to be executed for witchcraft as" for a fatal traffic accident today
   Four Kings and an Ace  1990 NOV  na  set in a mythical San Francisco sometime between the Gold Rush & the Great Quake, a young Chinese girl named Boy Toy passes thru the Golden Gate & into a series of perilous adventures
   Siren Shoals, The  1993 AUG  na  a man travels through space with 9 grandmothers in his head, tucked in his 360 megaRAM implant, each once ruled a star system, & he has to rely on 1 & his wits to survive
   Wendy Darling, RFC  1994 APR  nv  N-1995 HUG, novella; most of this story is true: the Les Cigognes, the musical 56th Squadron's 10-day defense of London, the deadly fog in Flanders following the Halloween bombings
   Gone to Glory  1995 JUL  nv  N-1996 LOC, ss; has sf adventure series, The Virgin and the Dinosaur(stories "The Virgin and the Dinosaur" & "Down the River" in ASI 1992 FEB & 1993 OCT; exp. 1996), Atlantis Found((1997), about professional time traveler Jack Bento & company
   Happy Hunting Ground  1995 DEC  na  story is part of his novel, American Woman(1998), & "is based on Kiowa lodge tales, & 19th century accounts of the 'Buffalo War'—most of the people in it are real—they did what they said, & saw what they saw. I just put their stories together"
   Moon Maid, The  1996 JUL  nv  "historical-fantasy, where the 'fantasy element' is historical(based mainly on Herodotus & Diodorus) & the 'non-fantasy' parts are invention"; story becomes part of novel Atlantis Found(1997; rvw F&SF 1997 AUG), sequel to The Virgin and the Dinosaur(1996)
   Princess of Helium, A  1998 SEP  na  N-1999 LOC, novella; STU; 1st story in Llenor series; on the planet Ariel, the young female captain Llenor of a family airship, has the unenviable task to try to mate two Hive Queens of hypertense xeno Bug Warriors
   Strongbow  1999 AUG  nv  has coll. The Moon Maid and Other Fantastic Adventures(1998); historical novel American Woman(1998), about a white woman with magical powers who is married to Cheyenne warrior, & witnesses the Battle of the Little Big Horn
Gardner, James Alan  Reaper  1991 FEB  ss  (1955?- ) N-1992 AUR; lives in Waterloo, Ontario; technical writer for Univ. of Waterloo; has story "The Children of Crèche" in WotF v.6(1990); 1st novel The Expendables('97; N-1998 LOC); Commitment Hour(1998), Vigilant(1999), Hunted(2000), Trapped(2002)
Gardner, Martin  No-Sided Professor  1951 FEB  ss  (1914- ) 1st pub. in ESQ 1947 JAN; mathematician, conjurer, journalist & author; has BA in philosophy from the Univ. of Chicago; has book on science, The Ambidextrous Universe(1964; exp. 1979; rev. 1982); has book The Annotated Alice(1960)
   Royal Historian of Oz, The  1955 JAN  bio-1/2  2-part article on the creator of Oz, L. Frank Baum(1856-1919); see addendum p.83 of F&SF 1955 OCT; has books In the Name of Science(1952), Science: Good, Bad and Bogus(1981), & Notes of a Fringe-Watcher(1988), which debunk pseudo-science fads & cults
   Royal Historian of Oz, The  1955 FEB  bio-2/2  has Mathematical Games column in Scientific American, 1956-81, coll. in The Unexpected Hanging and Other Mathematical Diversions(1969), Mathematical Carnival(1975), The Incredible Dr. Matrix(1977); has books The Annotated Snark(1962)
   Chronological Checklist of Works of Fantasy by L. Frank Baum, A  1955 FEB  bib  chronological listing of his books; Gardner has ser. of logic puzzles in ASI, 1977-86, coll. in Science Fiction Puzzle Tales(1981), Puzzles from Other Worlds(1984); coll. The No-Sided Professor(1987); More Annotated Alice('90); novel Visitors from Oz('98)
Garnett, David S.  Da Capo  1973 FEB  nv  (1947- ) U.K. writer, has BS in Economics; editor of NWS #217-20; has pub. books under ps. David Lee, & David Ferring; has 1st novel Mirror in the Sky(1969), novels The Starseekers(1971), Time in Eclipse(1974); as Lee, novel Destiny Past(1974)
   Warlord of Earth  1978 JUL  ss  has novels The Forgotten Dimension(1975), Phantom Universe(1975); coll. Cosmic Carousel(1976); as David Ferring, has novelization of horror film, The Hills Have Eyes Part 2(1984), & Konrad fantasy gaming series, Konrad(1990), Shadowbreed(1991)
   Still Life  1986 MAR  nv  N-1987 HUG, short story; has edited anth. The Orbit Science Fiction Yearbook 1(1988), #2(1989), #3(1990); Zenith: The Best in New British Science Fiction(1989), Zenith 2(1990); reincarnated the mag. in anth. form, New Worlds(1991), New Worlds 2(1992)
Garrett, Randall  I've Got a Little List  1953 NOV  pm  (1927-1987) 1st poem in F&SF in his comic verse series; army brat as a child, ex-Marine, wounded at Okinawa; 1st story pub. was a Probability Zero vignette "The Absence of Heat" in ASF 1944 JUN; has used many ps. incl. Gordon Aghill & Ralph Burke
   Infinite Resources  1954 JUL  ss  became a member of the prolific Ziff-Davis(AMZ, FAN, etc) authors, with Robert Silverberg & Harlan Ellison in the 1950s; has used house ps. Alexander Blade, Richard Greer, Ivar Jorgensen, Clyde Mitchell, S.M. Tenneshaw, Gerald Vance, Leonard G. Spencer
   Blaze of Glory  1955 DEC  pm  2nd poem in F&SF in his comic verse series, 1st about poor Willie; collab. w. Robert Silverberg under ps. Robert Randall in Nidor ser. of novels, The Shrouded Planet(ASF 1956, JUN,AUG,DEC; 1957 fixup), & The Dawning Light(ASF 1957 MAR-MAY; 1958)
   Backward, Turn Backward ... (Upon learning that Pluto is due to cross inside Neptune's orbit in 1979, ...)  1960 JAN  pm  3rd poem in F&SF in his comic verse series; collab. w. Laurence M. Janifer, as Mark Phillips, in Malone trilogy: Brain Twister(ASF 1959 SEP-OCT as "That Sweet Little Old Lady"; 1962), The Impossibles(ASF 1960 APR-JUN as "Out Like a Light"; 1963)
   Hot Argument  1960 FEB  pm  4th poem in F&SF in his comic verse series, 2nd about poor Willie; Malone trilogy ends with Supermind(ASF 1960-61 NOV-FEB as "Occasion for Disaster"; 1963); also collab. w. Larry M. Harris(Janifer) on a bawdy comic fantasy, Pagan Passions(1959)
   Pop!  1960 MAY  pm  5th poem in F&SF in his comic verse series, 3rd about poor Willie; has novels Unwise Child(1962; vt Starship Death, 1982); & Anything You Can Do ...(1963, as by Darrel T. Langart), about a battle between a superhuman & an alien(Clute)
   Mustang  1961 NOV  ss  wrote biography of Pope John XXIII; Garrett has Leland Hale series in INF 1957 OCT, 1958 AUG, & FUN 1960 FEB; also has McGuire series in ANA 1961 JUL & 1962 MAR; has used ps. Darrel T. Langart, Jonathan Blake MacKenzie, & Seaton McKettrig in ANA
   Spatial Relationship  1962 AUG  ss  has series of 8 vignettes as spoofs on Reginald Bretnor's Ferdinand Feghoot series(as by Grendel Briarton, in F&SF since 1956): "Through Time and Space with Benedict Breadfruit" as by Grandall Barretton in AMZ 1962 MAR-OCT
   Zap!  1963 JAN  pm  6th poem in F&SF in his comic verse series, 4th about poor Willie; Garrett has also written a ser. of poems titled "Parodies Tossed" in 1956 in var. mags.(SFS, FUT, SFQ), in which he pokes fun at famous authors' most well-known works(e.g. van Vogt's Slan)
   La Difference (with apologies to H.H. Holmes)  1963 JAN  pm  7th & last poem in F&SF in his comic verse series; H.H. Holmes is a ps. used by Anthony Boucher
   Books  1963 MAR  br  Gordon R. Dickson: Necromancer
   Witness for the Persecution  1966 FEB  nv  has series on detective Lord Darcy: novel Too Many Magicians(ANA 1966 AUG-NOV; 1967, N-1967 HUG), & colls. Murder and Magic(1979), Lord Darcy Investigates(1981, N-1982 LOC); all asembled as Lord Darcy(1983), & The Complete Lord Darcy(2002)
   Anthony Boucher  1968 AUG  obit  a tribute to the late Anthony Boucher
   Color Me Deadly  1973 OCT  nv  in 1970s Garrett took up the priesthood for awhile; after abandoning it, he married his 3rd wife, writer Vicki Ann Heydron, with whom he collab. on their Gandalara seq.(mainly written by Heydron), beginning with The Steel of Raithskar(1981)
   Final Fighting of Fion Mac Cumhaill, The  1975 SEP  nv  N-1975 NEB, novelette; novels also in Gandalara seq. incl. The Glass of Dyskornis(1982), The Bronze of Eddarta(1983), The Well of Darkness(1983), The Search for Ka(1984), Return to Eddarta(1985), & The River Wall(1986)
   Horror Out of Time, The  1978 MAR  ss  has colls. Takeoff!(1980), Takeoff Too(1987), which collects his humorous work, & The Best of Randall Garrett(1982; ed. by Robert Silverberg); see biolog/obit "Randall Garrett, 1927-87" in ANA 1988 SEP; Isaac Asimov writes about Randall in I. Asimov(1994)
   Leigh Brackett Hamilton 7 December 1915 - 18 March 1978  1978 AUG  obit  personal reminiscence of the first & last times he saw Leigh Brackett

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