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Haber, Karen  Madre de Dios  1988 MAY  ss  (1955- ) her 1st pub. story; wn. for Karen Lee Haber Silverberg; lives in San Francisco, CA; married to Robert Silverberg since 1987; has Fire in Winter seq., incl. her 1st novel, The Mutant Season(Silverberg's 1973 ss; exp. 1989), The Mutant Prime(1990)
   His Spirit Wife  1990 AUG  ss  also Fire in Winter seq., Mutant Star(1992), Mutant Legacy(1992); Thieve's Carnival(1990), a prequel to Leigh Brackett's The Jewel of Bas(PLS 1944 SPR), both pub. in a Tor double; The War Minstrels(1995), Woman Without a Shadow(1995), Sister Blood(1996)
Haldeman, Jack C.  Mortimer Snodgrass Turtle  1978 JUN  vi  (1941-2002) also in F&SF as Jack C. Haldeman II; lives on Florida's Gulf Coast; fulltime writer; 1st story pub. sf "Garden of Eden" in FAN 1971 DEC; has 1st novel Vector Analysis(1978), which deals with an interstellar plague(SFC)
Haldeman, Jack C. II  Spring Fever  1980 JUL  ss  also in F&SF as Jack C. Haldeman; has Star Trek tie-in novel, Perry's Planet(1980); has novel Spaceways #11: The Iceworld Connection(1983), with his wife Vol Haldeman, & Andrew J. Offutt, all under the collab. ps. John Cleve
   Cube Root  1984 MAY  vi  has with his brother Joe Haldeman(also in F&SF), fixup novel, There Is No Darkness(1983; N-1984 LOC), a series of adventures about a group of space vadets & a hinterland hick who eventually save the Universe
   Rats in Space  1985 MAY  ss  has novel The Fall of Winter(1985), a scientist tries to find why a colony planet's terraforming project has gone bad; w. Harry Harrison: Bill, the Galactic Hero on the Planet of the Zombie Vampires(1991), a humorous sf novel, Vol. 5 in Harrison's ser.
   Lonesome Homesick Blues  1992 FEB  vi  story inspired by seeing a blurry UFO picture, someone "said it looked like a 1957 DeSoto hubcap"; has na w. Jack Dann "Echoes of Thunder" in 1991 Tor double(Stranger ser.); has informal ser. of sf sports stories; also in F&SF with co-author Jack Dann
   By the Sea  1992 JUL  ss  see his website at; married to writer Barbara Delaplace; see his obit & appreciations in LOC 2002 FEB(#493), & SFC 2002 APR(223)
Haldeman, Jack C. II & Jack Dann  High Steel  1982 FEB  nv  (1941-2002; 1945- ) N-1982 NEB, short story; N-1983 LOC, novelette; 1st story in their John Stranger series, about an American Indian orbital construction worker who holds the key to alien contact; becomes fixup novel High Steel(1993)
Haldeman, Joe  To Howard Hughes: Modest Proposal, A  1974 NOV  ss  (1943- ) wn. for Joseph W. Haldeman; born in Oklahoma City, has BS in Physics & Astronomy from the Univ. of Maryland; combat engineer in Vietnam 1967-69; 1st story pub. sf "Out of Phase" in GAL 1969 SEP; see iv's in LOC 1994 MAY(#400), 1997 JUL(#438)
   Manifest Destiny  1983 OCT  ss  has 1st book, non-sf novel War Year(1972), set in Vietnam; 1st sf novel The Forever War(ASF 1972-75; 1974 fixup; W-1975 NEB; 1976 DIT, HUG, LOC), & sequels Forever Peace(1997; W-1988 HUG, JWC; N-1998 LOC), Forever Free(1999; N-2000 LOC)
   Images  1991 MAY  ss  N-1992 LOC, ss; has novels Mindbridge(1976; N-1977 HUG, LOC), All My Sins Remembered(1977 fixup; N-1978 LOC), There Is No Darkness(1983; w. Jack C. Haldeman II), Tool of the Trade(1987), Buying Time(1989; N-1990 LOC), The Long Habit of Living(1989)
   Graves  1992 OCT/NOV  ss  W-1993 LOC, NEB, ss; WFA, shfi; has Worlds ser., Worlds(1981; N-1982 LOC), Worlds Apart(1983; N-1984 LOC), Worlds Enough and Time(1992; N-1993 LOC); The Hemingway Hoax(1990; N-1991 LOC); coll. None So Blind(1996; W-1997 LOC), etc
Hale, Edward Everett  Hands Off (Worlds of If: I.)  1952 FEB  ss  (1822-1909) Worlds of If: Early Alternate Histories; 1st pub. anon. in HPM 1881 MAR; editor, clergyman, abolitionist; has colls. The Man Without a Country and Other Tales(1868), Sybaris and Other Homes(1869), The Brick Moon and Other Stories(1899)
Hale, Robert Beverly  Big Nasturtiums, The  1952 JUN  pm  (1901-1985) 1st pub. in NYM, 3 FEB 1951; artist, grandson of Edward Everett Hale; born in Boston; went to, taught at Arts Student League; curator at Met. Museum of Art; has children's book Snowland(1971); several books on anatomy artistry, great masters
Hamilton, Edmond  Sacrifice Hit  1954 NOV  nv  (1904-1977) wrote 1st story at age 14 "The Plant that Was Alive," didn't sell; 1st story pub. "The Monster-God of Mamurth" in WRT 1926 AUG; has coll. The Horror on the Asteroid & Other Tales of Planetary Horror(1936); married Leigh Brackett in 1946
   Pro, The  1964 OCT  ss  writer of space opera, has Interstellar Patrol ser. (WRT 1929-34), colls. Outside the Universe(1964), Crashing Suns(1965); has Captain Future series(CFU 1940-44, & STS 1945-46, 1950-51) as by E.H. and 2 as by Brett Sterling, & pub. in paperback in 1968-69
Hamm, Thelma D.  Gallie's House  1953 SEP  vi  (1905-1994) working name for Thelma D. Hamm Evans; wife of fan & writer E. Everett Evans(1893-1958); 1st story pub. sf "The Last Supper" in IFS 1952 SEP; see obit in LOC 1994 JUL(#402)
Hand, Elizabeth  Justice  1993 JUL  nv  (1957- ) 1st story pub. sf/f "Prince of Flowers" in TWZ 1988 FEB; 1st novel, in Winterlong ser., Winterlong(1990; N-1990 DIC; 1991 LOC), AEstival Tide(1992; N-1992 DIC; 1993 LOC), Icarus Descending(1993; N-1993 DIC); novelization 12 Monkeys(1995)
   Last Summer at Mars Hill  1994 AUG  na  W-1995 LOC, NEB, WFA; N-HOM, HUG; lives in Lincolnville, ME, a few miles from a real Spiritualist community; has coll. Last Summer ...(1998); novels Waking the Moon(1994; W-'95 TIP; '96 MYT; N-'95 WFA), Glimmering(1997; N-'98 CLA, LOC), Black Light('99)
   Books  1997 AUG  br  essay: novels of idea; Candas Jane Dorsey: Black Wine; Christopher Priest: The Prestige; Angela Carter: Burning Your Boats, the Collected Short Stories of Angela Carter; see Hand's entry in CANR, vol.84, p.178-179
   Books  1997 DEC  br  essay: alternate history is flourishing; Michael Swanwick: Jack Faust, & A Geography of Unknown Lands; Don Hutchison(ed): Northern Frights 4
   Books  1998 APR  br  essay: in an odd reversal "mainstream has ... seen its banks overflow with ... fabulists ... (& sf/f) books this year ... have been distinctly understated"; Howard McCord: The Man Who Walked to the Moon; Jean Hegland: Into the Forest
   Books  1998 AUG  br  essay: "occupational hazard to reviewing & criticism ... (is) overpraising books"; Karen Joy Fowler: Black Glass; Jack Vance: Ports of Call
   Books  1999 JAN  br  essay: what led to America's dream of man in space, why did the dream die?; Howard E. McCurdy: Space and the American Imagination; Hand worked for nearly 10 years at the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.
   Books  1999 MAY  br  essay: "Stephen King has finally arrived as an author to be taken seriously"; Stephen King: Bag of Bones
   Books: Still More Stories for Boys  1999 SEP  br  Bruce Sterling: A Good Old-Fashioned Future; Kit Reed: Seven for the Apocalypse
Hansen, Joseph  Ballad of the Red Giants  1960 MAY  pm  (1923- ) 1st pub. in ATL, in 1959; has ser. about gay death-claims investigator Dave Brandstetter: Fadeout(1970), Gravedigger(1982, N-Shamus), Brandstetter and Others(1984, coll.), Country of Old Men(1991, W-Lambda); uses ps. Rose Brock, James Colton
Harburg, E.Y.  Fashion Note  1970 AUG  pm  (1898-1981) 1st pub. in his coll. Rhymes for the Irreverent(1965); Edgar Yipsel Harburg, poet & lyricist; co-wrote score for The Wizard of Oz(1939), Finian's Rainbow(1968); coll. At This Point in Rhyme(1976); see John Lahr: The Business of Rainbow(1978)
Hardesty, Steven  Turnabout  1985 MAY  ss  (1946- ) his 1st sale; has novel, Ghost Soldiers: A Story of the Vietnam War and the Supernatural(1989), in which the ghosts of American soldiers killed in Vietnam "resume the battle in which they died—and win"
Harmon, Jim  Depths, The  1962 DEC  ss  (1933- ) working name for writer & radio producer James Judson Harmon; lives in L.A. after moving from Mt. Carmel, IL; 1st story pub. sf "The Smuggler" in SWY 1954 APR; has nf books The Great Radio Heroes(1967), The Great Movie Serials(1972 w. D.F. Glut)
Harness, Charles  Heritage  1950 FLL  nv  (1915- ) also in F&SF as Charles L. Harness; Charles Lockhart Harness, patent attorney(retired in 1981) & writer, born in Texas; 1st story pub. "Time Trap" in ASF 1948 AUG; has 1st novel Flight Into Yesterday(STS 1949 MAY; exp. 1953; vt The Paradox Men)
   Bugs  1967 AUG  ss  has novels The Catalyst(1980), Firebird(1981), The Venetian Court(1982), Redworld(1986), Krono(1988); has novel Lurid Dreams(1990), in which an out-of-body time traveller meets up with Edgar Allan Poe; Harness lives in rural Maryland
Harness, Charles L.  Poisoner, The  1952 DEC  ss  (1915- ) also in F&SF as Charles Harness(F&SF 1950 FLL); has novella pub. "The Rose" in AUT 1953 MAR(#31), which depicts a conflict between science & the arts over the course of future human evolution; novella also in coll. The Rose(1966 UK)
   Child by Chronos  1953 JUN  ss  began a series of patent office spoofs in ASF as by Leonard Lockhart in 1952; series was collab. with Theodore L. Thomas, also a patent attorney, then left for Thomas to continue alone(1954-62), all as by L.L.; has 2nd novel The Ring of Ritornel(1968)
   Chessplayers, The  1953 OCT  ss  has novelette "An Ornament to His Profession" in ANA 1966 FEB & novella "The Alchemist" in ANA 1966 MAY, both N-1966 NEB; 1967 HUG; & novella "Probable Cause" in Knight(ed): Orbit 4(1968), N-1969 NEB
   Wolfhead  1977 NOV  no-1/2  story of Jeremy Wolfhead, in a post-holocaust world 3,000 years from now, who discovers he has latent destructive psi powers, which he uses to rescue his wife from the Undergrounders, the residue of the U.S. govt.; novel reviewed in F&SF 1979 APR
   Wolfhead  1977 DEC  no-2/2  says "started writing (sf) in 1947 to clear up the obstetrical bills that followed my daughter's entrance into the world ... stopped a few years later because she would ... cry for me to come down & play. When she left for college I began writing again"
   Fall of Robin Arms, The  1984 MAR  ss  has novel Lunar Justice(1991); coll. An Ornament to His Profession(1998); see Biolog in ANA 1981 MAR 30, & iv in LOC 1998 DEC; in iv, says he was born in Colorado City, TX; in 1942 earned BS, & in 1946 a law degree from George Washington Univ.
Harper, Rory  Triage  1988 FEB  ss  a Texan, has just become a fulltime freelance writer; 1st story pub. sf "Petrogypsies"(in John F. Carr & Jerry Pournelle(ed): Far Frontiers, vol. 2 1985), which was expanded into a novel in 1989, an alternate world tale w. aliens & the Texas oil business
Harris, Joseph  Score for Timothy, A  1968 NOV  ss  (1929- ) Joseph Earl Harris, lives in Aiken, SC; headmaster of the Episcopal School, Mead Hall; has had poems pub. in The Literary Review, The Georgia Review, The Prairie Schooner, etal
Harris, Larry M. & Donald E. Westlake  Question, The  1963 MAR  vi  (1933-2002; 1933- ) Harris reverted in 1963 to his old family name - Laurence M. Janifer(& in F&SF as such); Westlake mystery writer, 1st story pub. sf "Or Give Me Death" in USF 1954 NOV, has N or W several Edgar Awards, also in F&SF as ps. Curt Clark
Harris, Rosemary  Hamlin  1961 SEP  ss  (1923- ) Rosemary Jeanne Harris; has young adult fantasy, Reuben seq., The Moon in the Cloud(1968), The Shadow on the Sun(1970), The Bright and Morning Star(1972); novels The Seal-Singing(1971), A Quest for Orion(1978), & sequel Tower of the Stars(1980)
Harris, S.  Cartoon  1981 SEP  ct  working name for Sidney Harris; born in Brooklyn, NY, "pre-W.W.II, & have freelanced virtually all my life. In fact, I never had a job"; illustrates a book by Harold J. Morowitz: Ego Niches: An Ecological View of Organizational Behavior(1977)
   Cartoon  1981 OCT  ct  Harris, "in the 1970s, came across American Scientist Magazine, & started doing cartoons dealing w. science ... Since then I've had numerous coll. of my science cartoons, & they can be found at my website:
   Cartoon  1982 OCT  ct  Harris says, "I try to write ideas every day, generally for a couple of hours at night, going through newspapers (mainly the NYT) & magazines, looking for subject matter. I don't write ideas for others, but some in the past were purchased by NYM & PBY"
   Cartoon  1983 FEB  ct  has science cartoon coll. Einstein Simplified: Cartoons in Science(1980) - in which "the last page depicts the entire universe in its actual size"
   Cartoon  1984 JUL  ct  has science cartoon colls. Science Goes to the Dogs(1985), From Personal Ads to Cloning Labs: More Science Cartoons from Sidney Harris(1992)
   Cartoon  1985 JUL  ct  has cartoon colls. Can't You Guys Read? Cartoons on Academia(1991), Chalk Up Another One: The Best of Sidney Harris(1992)
   Cartoon: Age of Reptiles, The  1985 AUG  ct  has cartoon colls. So Sue Me! Cartoons on the Law(1993), There Goes the Neighborhood: Cartoons on the Environment(1996)

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